Bian Mu suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Move the boss."


Sun Hao nodded slightly and his body gradually turned into a faint ghost and disappeared into the shadow of the magic palace.
Sun Hao, who deviates from a certain direction, flies like a ghost in the East Kunlun.
In the other direction, Zhengyuan and Shuangwang fly side by side.
Liu Bo, the king of God, said in a low voice, "I feel that at least four smells are followed by three of us with strong hostility."
The bloody king said lightly, "Now it’s our Terran home, and we both have a king and a statue at the same time. The newcomers are not particularly fierce. Who can be our opponents to make a fire and start kunlun mirror to kill one or two?"
Terran East and West Kunlun stand side by side. There is Zhengyuan sitting in East Kunlun. Although there is no combined combat power, there are two powerful distractions, Liu Bo, the God King, and Bai Chen, dzogchen, and several goddesses. Their combat power is not weak, and their overall strength is not much weaker than that of West Kunlun.
This time, Zheng Yuan led a team of two kings, Qi Qi, to send out Terran forces.
However, in this operation, the three people intentionally ignored Sun Hao, Sun Chen Xiang, who had a tacit understanding and didn’t have Sun Hao.
Zheng Yuanxiao said, "Accurately speaking, there are at least five directions following us, which is not suitable for explosive war. We can get rid of them, but I think Johnson Morgan should have found help, and he probably knows the approximate location of the destiny ship, and there may be other racial eyeliner around him."
Bai Chen, the bloody king, whispered, "The sand area in front of the bloody river can best cover up the monk’s breath. We can just find a vortex and get rid of them."
Then three monks got into the blood river and began to hide themselves by various natural forces in East Kunlun.
For more than half a year, I drilled the river of blood, crossed the snow-capped mountains and crossed the abyss. The three-person black spots disappeared in all kinds of huge scenes in the nine majestic mountains of East Kunlun.
Sun Hao can perceive that the two great powers of the sea clan have lost their targets one after another and looked at each other in the floating.
Different monks in different scenes in the East Kunlun Mountains are sadly dumped, and they can look forward to sighing.
This is a fight. If you lose, you have to admit defeat.
Although unwilling, these monks still searched around and tried to find three people by their own means, but in the end there was little hope.
Sun Hao also completely lost his perception of three people.
Border grazing guides you to walk casually through the nine veins of East Kunlun Mountain.
Around the nine veins of East Kunlun is the vast territory of East Kunlun, where there are many human countries, many godsworn families and magnificent cities have been built in many places.
There are also aura-filled floating fairy mountains, which are terran ancestral halls.
The magical power of the border shepherd is very strange. After Sun Hao lost his sense of the three people, the dog paws of the border shepherd casually pointed to a direction and barked, "That direction is their ultimate goal. Boss Sun, you can go and wait for them."
The three men still managed to get rid of their opponents and the border shepherd already knew their purpose?
Sun Hao couldn’t help but sigh that the wonders of the world are really multi-disciplinary. Even it is really difficult to have monks or animals with border grazing.
The first day two dog was not Gai, not the kui was Samoyed.
Who’s Samak? I seem to have forgotten!
Sun Hao’s heart was suddenly startled and vaguely recalled a group of white light and a gentle laughing dog.
Just thinking about it instantly, Sun Hao began to forget again, but he didn’t forget it completely. At that moment, Sun Hao felt incredible.
I am now a fit, and I have stepped into the second practice sequence of the virtual world, and I can’t remember it. It’s so weird.
In the strange feeling, Sun Haohao seems to have a little light, feeling that he has caught something very important, but he has got nothing if he thinks about it seriously.
Swinging his head, Sun Hao turned into a virtual ghost and fell to a huge mountain top.
In the heart, the pastoral sound came up. "It should be strange around here. It seems to be full of mysterious taste. I can’t locate it accurately …"
When talking, Sun Haoxu drilled a dog’s head and sniffed around for a few times. He said sadly, "Boss Sun, there is something wrong with this place, and when they come, open the door and go in together. I estimate that the ship with bad luck is similar to the secret land."
Sun Hao took a look around, and it was generally clear that the key to luck would appear in the auction house of WanThe Hunger Island in East Kunlun.
At present, this area is still within the scope of the East Kunlun Mountains. It is difficult for foreigners to hide anything big here from the Terran.
And it is very likely that only Terrans can enter the special scene here.
After judging the situation slightly, Sun Hao merged into the hidden mountain on the rock wall and waited quietly.
In the past half a year, Sun Haohao seemed to be motionless in the petrochemical mountain wall and integrated with it.
On this day, it was like ripples in the sky, and filar silk blood poured out of it. A blood spring was established by the appearance of three monks.
Liu Bo, the king of God, whispered, "I should have got rid of it."
Bai Chen smiled and said, "The art of blood and sea can cover up the occult arts of exploration for two hours. What should we do now?"
Zheng Yuan’s fingers pinch a few times
Sun Hao felt his body shaking slightly, two deputy souls, a cat opening its eyes slightly, and a mysterious breath instantly covered his body.
Zheng Yuan’s eyes looked at the mouth of the mountain and said leisurely, "Tree Johnson doesn’t know how you appeared, but since you can get here, say that you do know something, but there is no doubt that it is inappropriate for me to rob the relics of my Terran ancestors."
In front of Zhengyuan, an unremarkable sapling grows fast in Gao Xiangqian. A tall, thin old man with a withered face has a wrinkled skin like bark. His face has a very reluctant smile. He said faintly, "My tree family can blend with the lucky day ship, and the power source of the lucky day ship is not lacking. There is no shortage of the old tree of the town family-level day ship. It is not in conflict with Zhengyuan to bring back the flying sequoia tree species in the cloud and cultivate it well."
Zheng Yuan’s face smiled faintly and said, "In this case, is it possible to say that Taoist friends can find spiritual trees and the remaining resources after the auction will be completely owned by my Terran?" Hey, hey, to tell you the truth, the location of the fate key is quite interesting. If it weren’t for my Terran Friar arrival, you wouldn’t be able to get in yourself. "
The wrinkled skin of the old tree stirred up a few faint words and said, "If the old tree didn’t catch anything, it couldn’t be less. Otherwise, the old tree will stir up your East Kunlun."
Zhengyuan touched the white beard and said with a chuckle, "This lucky day ship should be a relic left by my Terran in its heyday. Although you can feel the breath of the old tree, you can’t find it without my Terran occultism. But without your occultism, we can’t be lucky now. Just follow me into the cave …"
Chapter 271 Morgan protoss
Cave-in-the-sky "refers to the mountain, the cave man refers to the room, and the emptiness in the mountainside refers to the Dongting; The emptiness in the head means that the bridal chamber is a place where real people live, where people live in the mountains, and where people enter the Penglai Mountain, including * * heaven and earth can’t be a cave. "
The cave is the most mysterious and important training ground for Terran monks. Those who enter the cave can often get unexpected gains and many rare resources.
Sun Haoshi Quge saw the way "Really? Ji Shenshu says, "There are thirty-six caves in the sky with land in the sky."
The cave in the earth is the magical place where the cavern leads to the sky and the mountains.
The cave is different from the secret world and more different from the boundary.
The biggest difference is that the cave and the imaginary world are directly connected. If you want to find a way to enter, there is no restriction, even if it is a fit, you can enter.
Boundaries and secret realms often restrict access to the friar’s highest practice.
Another huge difference is that the density of cave resources is far away, and the concentration of aura in ordinary secret land is even thicker than that in fairy mountain, which is very suitable for practice.
Terrans divide their vast strange caves into thirty-six places. Usually, these caves are hidden in the void and can change their positions. There is no certain way to get in.
No wonder the border shepherd couldn’t find the exact place. Sun Hao’s heart moved. It turned out that there was an ethnic cave here.
The blood-sea-cliff technique has a certain time limit, and it completely gets rid of the tracker Zheng Yuan and doesn’t want to delay.
Jung-won put his hands together and murmured, and began to move the secret tree. Johnson has no conflict of interest with Terran, so it’s okay to take him.
Tree clan is indeed one of the few virtual ship races with no shortage of town clan level. They pay more attention to the present and cultivation of tree species, because it is very difficult for every adult tree clan to find suitable tree species to cultivate adults.
Pure white brilliance rushed out from zhengyuan’s hand to form a white lotus, and a white ruler appeared in his right hand. He gently twisted his hand and drank it in his mouth. "Measure a foot and measure Tianya Dongtiansen for me now."
As he drank the lotus flowers, they flew out with his "measuring ruler" and gently wrapped around a mountain peak.