It is precisely because of this that he now dislikes Huaguo Mountain more and more and despises the Four Holy Places!


"Come and inform everyone to get ready for battle. We will attack the four holy places! Didn’t they have a beastmaster there? Good. I’m going to pull this guy out. I’ll see if he’s better or I’m better! "
The reaction of the three-eyed fox family is different. There are almost no small moves here. It’s not that they don’t want to do something to declare themselves, but at the moment they are in danger themselves! What? It’s simple. The remains of the BM are hidden. The former BM used the power of the remains to spoof a wave! The strong light not only shone on the whole psychic world, but also purified the dark breath in the air, and even the dark scared tree was burned by these lights!
Brilliant moon dark scared tree pillar strength was also seriously injured by this unexpected light! So now he can constantly save himself! You know, it was a god attack! Although there is no harm to the general psychic beast, the damage to the dark beast like him should not be too high!
Although Huang Yue hasn’t moved a little yet, he has also calculated the damage. Shu Maotou has also calculated the four holy places. Huang Yue has already planned to attack each other when he is ready!
The Beastmaster meant well, but he didn’t expect that he had done something wrong. His purification technique made someone who had been sleeping wake up, and the psychic animal world would encounter more difficult things.
[In a hidden virtual ship]
"Madam, the warship system has just detected the fluctuation of God!"
"Is it a BM?"
"It’s not according to our guess that someone in this world has been hiding fluctuations, and we can’t finally confirm it until he shows up."
"Wait until the other party appeared to confirm? Doesn’t that mean letting the other person tell us who he is? Is there no better way for us to know his identity before? " Xiao Bury a frown, and a feeling of anger and self-power emanated from her. Other members of the ship felt their bodies sink.
They never thought that a gentle and kind lady could have such power.
"This …"
"Don’t hesitate to say whether there is any way! You know, Shu Mao, your young master and my husband are facing him now. The enemy is a god. Aren’t you worried about his safety? "
"Yes, I know what to do!" The reporter’s forehead was cold and sweaty, and he was white. What kind of small burial will become their commander in chief? It turns out that small burial actually has such strength.
Is it strange that the natural awakening phoenix blood has such power?
On the other hand, in addition to the small burial, they detected the fluctuation of God, and people in a certain palace also noticed the fluctuation.
[a palace]
"Sir, that man suddenly made a noise just now. I think he will wake up completely. It seems that we haven’t had waves in these years!"
"Well, help me keep an eye on this guy. If he moves before, we will stop him! If he doesn’t do it, then he is my son’s prey! It is better to avenge yourself or report it yourself! "
"Yes, I know!" The housekeeper replied very seriously.
Shu Mao naturally didn’t expect that the move of BM would cause him so much trouble, but he didn’t either. At least he asked himself that he was ready and now he could have a final battle with them!
After Shu Mao became the "King of Beasts", all the psychic animals felt a great pressure when they looked at him. Even the psychic animals like the snake clan elders felt the pressure from the position! That’s from blood pressure, that’s from equal pressure, but it also means that Shu Mao is indeed a BM! All psychic animals do have an expectation.
Shu Mao didn’t know this coercion at first, but he didn’t know it until he opened his mouth and asked.
"Why are you still sitting? Get up quickly! "
"You …" Elder Ape quickly changed his name and wanted to say "you are small", but he suddenly thought of Shu Mao’s present status and immediately changed his mouth. "Your body weight is too heavy for us to get up now, Mr. Beastmaster. Didn’t you find that many psychic animals passed out?"
"Ah?" At this time, Shu Mao looked up and looked into the distance. Indeed, as the great ape elder said, many psychic beasts could not bear his coercion and passed out directly.
"But I don’t know what coercion! What should I do? "
"This is like momentum. Only the same race as you will not be disturbed in this way. You can try to take it back, or you will feel tired if you keep it for a long time!"
"Oh, ok, I see. I’ll try!"
Shu Mao’s talent was not built. Soon he found a solution to the problem. He probably thought about it. The so-called coercion should be a sense of mental oppression. He tried to bring his spirit back, but he didn’t expect it to be true.
However, he suddenly recovered his spirit, but it also brought a lot of trouble. Before that, he had been desperately resisting this pressure. Zhima Immortal never thought that Shu Mao would put the coercion away so quickly. Without observing her, he directly let his spirit department go out. Not to mention that he also attacked the snake clan elders in front. She "countered" the snake clan elders and vomited a big mouthful of blood. Both of them passed out together.
Chapter 77 Troop transfer
The movement of the three-eyed fox family has never been able to hide from Shu Mao. Their intelligence system has just been obtained by Shu Mao. It didn’t take long for Shu Mao to know about the movement of the three-eyed fox family and think about their purpose.
"Go and invite all the elders here. We’re going to make a big move this time. It’s not a good thing to defend blindly, so I decided to take the initiative!"
Gang Shou nodded her head after hearing Shu Mao’s statement. She found that her younger brother’s power was increasing day by day, which means that his strength is improving day by day so that people around him can feel his progress.
"Shumao, here we come!"
The Ape Elder pushed the door open, and his shoulders were covered with Zhima Immortal and Deep Immortal Snake Elders, who also pushed the door and pushed into the slug clan elders. She has always lived in Gang Shou since she came to the psychic world, and she has always had a busy name, saying that she contacted Gang Shou. What did she actually do? Only Gang Shou and herself knew.
"Well, since everyone is here, let’s discuss the enemy’s movements! This is the enemy’s road map. We are under investigation, so they didn’t find that the accuracy of this information provided by our people is still quite high. Of course, because we didn’t arrange enough people to March, it would really cause us some trouble. "
Zhima shouted directly, which is also her characteristic. "Then we will send some psychic troops to investigate their movements!"
"It’s not that we don’t want to arrange troops; we also have psychic beasts that we are very good at; but compared with the enemy; we obviously don’t have the advantage; it’s very likely that our troops will be embezzled by the other side. It’s for this reason that I don’t send reconnaissance troops; although it’s inconvenient for us of move; when we really fight; it’s all in the rivers on the ground; in addition; even if we don’t send troops; we can detect some situations; such as chakra fluctuations and so on; so it’s very simple for us of find them."
"Well, well, then tell me about our action quickly. I heard that you are going to take the initiative this time? I also want to meet those ugly guys for a long time. "
"Well, this is their route of action, and an ambush may be set up near this route of action. In this case, why don’t we predict an enemy’s movement and then directly take them by surprise?" Shuimen was the first to throw out his own answer.
"Well, the idea of Watergate is really beautiful, but it is also very troublesome. That is, we guess that there may be a lot of places, so we need a lot of soldiers to spread out and ambush, which can be said to weaken our attack power to a certain extent, strengthen our attack power, that is, reduce unnecessary prediction points, and we need to make more detailed guesses! This means that we need more information! "
Gang Shou put the teacup in his hand and affirmed Shu Mao’s words. "Yes, it is easy to think about the other party’s action route, but it also needs a lot of information to make a more detailed and accurate prediction."
"So I decided to let orochimaru’s adult and snake clan elders help us detect each other’s actions together! You are all snakes, and your body temperature is naturally cold, so you can better avoid enemy detection. I think this must be handy for you who are best at hunting? " Tree mau and smiling asked at the same time to orochimaru and snake clan elders.
After seeing orochimaru, the elders of the snake clan saw orochimaru nod, and she also nodded to pick this up.
"Good luck!"
"But why don’t we toad gens to do this? We also want to do something! " I don’t want to be idle now, especially if my sworn enemies already have work to do. Wouldn’t it make them laugh if I were idle again?
"Deep adult you and Jiraiya adult I have already arranged! You need to get orochimaru’s information and then go to places where the enemy may pass by to ambush and prepare for a series of battles, just like the battle at the foot of Qianhuaguo Mountain! "
"You mean let’s bury mines?" Jiraiya’s face lit up, and Jiraiya has liked it since the battle. The fighting style is simple and easy, and the pressure is really very convenient for a lazy guy like him, isn’t it?
"Yeah, that’s what I’m going to do! But you have to know that if we finally predict two places, you will run two places in a short time. If it is three places, you must also run these three places, and so on. You don’t want you to be relaxed! "
"Okay, I see, but what if the enemy doesn’t run to the place we predicted?" Nine sinai asked with a frown.
"Well, I didn’t expect you to think about it. What should we do if the enemy doesn’t go where we predicted? It’s really simple. We have to guide the enemy into our encirclement, and that’s our success!
By that time, Lord orochimaru, you will have a place to lead the snake clan troops. You really don’t need to make an attack when investigating, but if the enemy doesn’t drill into the trap honestly, you will have to trap the enemy into our trap. "
"No problem, don’t worry, we snake people are all good hunters. Do some traps and don’t be too relaxed."
"That’s good. Are there any questions? Without words, we can go out for the first time! You can also join your own hands. "
About five minutes later, everyone (that is, orochimaru and the snake family) returned to their seats again to start the second agenda.
"Very well, the snake family answered just now, so this time it is not the snake family! Elder ape, it’s not easy for me to give it to you. Let’s discuss it together! "
"Don’t worry, Shumao, we will finish this well!" Although I don’t know what it is yet, the elder took it for granted.
Chapter 7 Snake clan strength
Cold-blooded killer is insidious in snake nature. Their hunting skills should not be too high. They have several magic weapons to survive.
First, their cold body temperature can make them adapt to most environments (of course, not in too cold places);