I thought, why don’t I study all the routes first and get ready to escape? I was thinking that there was a fighting sound outside the door.


I realized that the bed was leaning against the wall. I kept myself as balanced as possible with the wall and listened attentively to what was happening outside the door.
I heard something fall down. Is it that the four fierce beasts are reversed? If this is the case, it must be said that it is a good thing.
I suddenly heard the sound of a key lock outside the door. I forgot to mention that there is always a lock outside my door. I don’t know who has the key.
After the door was knocked, I saw a man enter the room. When he wasn’t looking, I just jumped out of the wall and grabbed his neck. I held all my strength tightly around that man’s neck and didn’t want to relax.
"Xiao Lin! He is Feiyu, let him go! " When there was a familiar sound behind me, my hand strength slowly disappeared
I turned around to believe that my eyes were not mistaken. It was a real one. Behind me, I turned the man around and saw Zhao Feiyu’s red face.
At that time, I had to doubt that I was dreaming. I haven’t spoken yet. I just pulled Zhao Feiyu and ran to the door toward the outside. Haria gave us a post with double knives.
"Why are you here?" I can’t help but ask
"We don’t come who will save you? You disappeared for a month. Do you know that we are going crazy looking for you! " Fei-yu zhao is caught his breath a mouth just can’t help but scold a way.
A month? I’ve been gone so long? As far as I can remember, I think my stay here is only about three days. Maybe I was in a coma for more than 20 days? Isn’t it right
"You’ve lost your soul. You need a lot of sleep these days. You don’t have a clock. It’s estimated that you sleep for a day and a night." Haria seemed to see that I was wrong, but she kindly explained.
I nodded as I ran, but I was even more surprised. How did they know that I had lost my soul?
"Don’t ask more questions about this, just keep running with us." I guess I saw that I wanted to keep asking, but I interrupted.
That’s all right. I buried my head and followed them all the way to see people who fell to the ground and didn’t know whether they were alive or dead. I’m curious. Now they made such a big noise. Why didn’t the four fierce beasts and gods appear to stop them? Do they mean to let me go?
I followed them out of the building in running all the way. After I left, I didn’t want to look back and see what the building looked like after I had been trapped for so long, or if I wanted to run as far as possible.
When I got to the car, I felt tired again. I didn’t talk to the three of them at all, and then I fell asleep again.
When I woke up, I was a plane, and I was still wearing a dress, a frock. The three of them sat quietly dressing their wounds. When I woke up, they let go of their hands and asked me if I was okay.
I waved my hand to show that I was okay, and then said slowly, "I just feel very tired recently. I have nothing to say. How did you find me?"
"The second day after you were taken away, the words from Ying Zheng called, and then your father called my master with the same words. Several of us looked for you everywhere like mad dogs, and finally found out where you might be." Looking at me, I said lightly.
"Where is this?" I looked at them and asked vigorously.
I’m ashamed to say that I don’t even know where I’m being taken …
Zhao Feiyu looked at me very calmly and said, "Heizhugou, you wouldn’t have thought of it yourself. You actually appeared in Heizhugou again. Are you very touched that we are accompanying you this time?"
It’s Heizhugou again. My recliner feels very strong. It’s not long before I was tested by Yin Zhouyang and others. I feel very tired recently. My previous physical strength is not so bad …
"The soul needs to rest most of the time after returning to its place. What are you doing during this time? Are you so easy to fall asleep? Did Yin Zhouyang torture you?" Fei-yu zhao looked at me and asked curiously.
I chuckled, lifted my clothes, pointed to my belly, and said to Zhao Feiyu, I woke up the first day by Yin Zhouyang and they were heartbroken, and the next day I woke up with a chaotic virtual shadow. It’s wrong. I don’t know if I woke up the next day. I can tell you that I don’t even know how I got here these days.
The three of them didn’t speak again. Although my belly wound has healed, I still firmly remember that I put on my clothes and continued to recline and look at the scenery outside the window.
Like changing the subject, I asked them, what happened to the four fierce beasts when you came to save me today?
When I said this, all three of them looked at me with incredible eyes, as if I were telling them jokes. I looked at their expressions and thought, Did I say something wrong?
"You don’t know that Yin Zhouyang is dead?" Look at me and ask seriously
What? Chaos is dead? When did this happen? Why didn’t I know? I didn’t just sleep and wake up. That’s the heavy news. My soul is back. I can’t bear it.
Zhao Feiyu slapped his forehead and said it was over. Mu Lin’s soul was back, and his head was stupid! Haria, is there any way you can save him? Give him some brain fragments. What?
Hariyabi shook her head at Zhao Feiyu seriously …
This cooperation is also very good …
"Lin, do you want to know that if the four fierce beasts are here, will we dare to come with the three of us?" Fei-yu zhao hand forehead looked at my eyes and said seriously.
God frowned involuntarily when he saw Mulin fall to the ground. Although it is not too powerful for chaos to release the virtual shadow, it is not bad for a person whose soul has just returned to his place to completely break up the chaotic virtual shadow.
Chaos went to God and asked God what should we do?
God casually waved and said, prepare some food and fresh water for him. You three will wake up when you do it, and you will stay.
It’s not white to wait until his fierce beast leaves. Why does God want him to stay until there is god and chaos left in the room? God found a chair and looked at chaos and asked, How much do you know about Mu Lin?
"Since childhood, he was gifted as a leader in the division of Yin and Yang, and later he was killed by his biological father Mu Rongxing, and his personality changed a lot after he was resurrected by his husband and baby. He and I can be regarded as generally good at nine-character mantra, but not as skilled as Qu Yi in transportation." Chaos told God what he knew.
God nodded thoughtfully and crossed his legs and continued to ask, besides these, where is he?
"Before rebirth, you can say that he was a private person, but it was easier to get along with his friends, but after resurrection, it was different. Ying Zheng said that Mu Lin was extremely bloodthirsty for a while and became a murderous devil. Not only that, he took his life very seriously. If he was in danger, he would help his companions to save his life." Chaos continued
"Losing something once and getting it for the second time will be more natural than cherishing the fact that I’m afraid Mu Lin is white …" God said that his voice was a little small but he couldn’t hide the loneliness in his tone.
There is no problem with chaos seeing God, that is, while preparing, you can’t leave chaos. God also asks who will win when you fight Mulin in the heyday?
This question made Chaos frown involuntarily. He carefully thought about it. From the first time he played against Mu Lin, the two men were not in phase. Later, if it weren’t for the chaotic power, I’m afraid Yin Zhouyang was really no match for Mu Lin.
"I can’t explain this clearly." Chaos looked at God and replied seriously.
"He has no heart to live. Can you go?" After hearing the chaotic answer, God turned his head with a half smile and asked
Chaos was just about to ask what God meant, but before he could say it, he saw God faster and plunged into his chest. Chaos stared at God and didn’t seem to believe that he would make such a move.
God was surprised by chaos. He dug up the chaotic heart and looked at the red and beating heart in his hand. God smiled faintly or put a bite on the heart.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-four Put
When I learned of Chaos’s death, my mind was clouded. If I didn’t say that I saw it with my own eyes, I really didn’t know whether to believe it.
"We’re all ready for a big fight and then we find that the fierce beast is dead and all the rest are gone. Isn’t that an opportunity for us to rescue you?" Zhao Feiyu held out his hand and said that he was very lucky to give the opportunity, didn’t he?
That means they are stupid Zhao Feiyu, not Haria, not Yu Yi. At most, they are a little slow in reaction and have not degenerated to the point of stupidity.
Since chaos is dead, there are three fierce beasts. I can name these three except Qu Yi. I really don’t know who he is.
"If we go to Nansi, even if they are bold, they will not dare to do it." One tactfully skipped this question and said to me with haha
I nodded to show that I already knew. Hariya handed me some food and water for nothing, and I couldn’t care less about eating it directly.
My dad once taught me that no matter how small or how hungry I am, I should treat it as three bites. Only a gentleman can make a girl like it, so I did what my dad said for 20 years. I’m afraid that this time I will eat vividly and be seen by my dad to kill my rhythm.
Zhao Feiyu and I are also the first to see me eating so boldly. They looked at me and frowned, then coughed and turned their heads without seeing anything.
Now that I have these three friends, I believe there is nothing for me to think about. All I have to do is to adjust my state as soon as possible. Can I help them if they drag me down?
Back to Nansi all day, I just couldn’t sleep until early in the morning. I was kicked out of bed without mercy and dragged to do morning exercises. Although that was our habit a long time ago, I desperately needed sleep. I was pulled up early in winter! I won’t say that kind of sadness!
I was completely awake after morning exercise. After morning exercise, I went to eat breakfast. After eating, I went back to my room and fell asleep.
After this day lasted for a week, my spirit was completely restored. If you don’t call me, I can get up by myself. Besides, doing anything early is not a lifeless look, but very energetic.
I feel very good about this change. After all, people’s spirits and moods are much better. It wasn’t long before I met my dad, who came from Xi ‘an. Just take a look at me and make sure I wasn’t killed by God.
When my father saw me, my memory should be the first time that my father shed tears in front of me. My father hugged me and patted me on the back and kept saying to himself, "It’s dad. I’m sorry, you’re dad. I’m sorry."
There is nothing worthy or sorry about this. I blame myself for being a Mu family, but I don’t regret it. If there is no life, being an ordinary person in Mu family is a good choice, but it is not suitable for me.
Life is a game, what we should do is to play the game well, not let the game play us.
My dad took me that day and said a lot of things, mostly about how anxious my dad was after I was taken away, especially when he saw Ying Zheng and saved me. I took my soul when I fell from the building. At that time, my dad’s heart was almost in his throat. If it wasn’t for the arrogance, his tail caught me. Maybe I would be a mess now. What I can do is to let me fall to the bottom safely.
As soon as my dad said something, I remembered that I had been staying in that place before my soul. I wanted to go out, but I couldn’t say it according to chaotic words. When I was alive for a month, his strength was not low, but when I was alive for a month, was it too stupid?
The most important thing is that my soul has been away from home for a month, and I have nothing to do except rest and recuperate most of the time. I can’t think of him, and I need a place to rest.
"Dad, let me ask you something." After listening to my dad’s words, I interrupted my dad and asked, "When my soul was out of the body, I saw a door. I tried my best to get out, but I couldn’t help it. Do you know where it is?"
My dad was obviously asked this question by me. He was silent for a while, took it out of his bag and turned to the middle page and asked if it was the right door.