She bent her head and still concentrated on refining the jade dish, showing no alarm.


Is a master of Terran. She tried not to see Gu Qingshan, which aroused the suspicion of Guangzi people.
Gu Qingshan flashed a thought and turned his eyes back to the light-shaped man.
It stands to reason that people who know such a big secret should leave this world at once to start all the causes of the gods.
But it did nothing.
It seems that things have gone beyond all the arrangements and subsequent parties of the protoss.
They’re aiming at Terrans by setting up those successors.
Want to deal with the eternal true god?
Roots are impossible
-that is to say, the protoss has reached a desperate situation to make a final choice.
Gu Qingshan looked as if he were immersed in his own world with his hands on the throne and was thinking about some countermeasures.
Actually, he is waiting.
Wait and see what the light-shaped man will do.
The light-shaped man was silent for a while, so he couldn’t help but debut. "Why don’t we get Jin Yan? Maybe he-"
Gu Qingshan directly interrupted the light-shaped man’s words in a slow and fast tone. "Jin Yan’s mind belongs to him in the future, and I don’t trust him to know the truth."
"What do you mean?" Asked the light-shaped man
Gu Qingshan lowered his voice. "Think about it carefully. What will he consider first once he knows everything?"
Light humanity "benefits everything we know and we face problems together"
"That’s not true. If we bring him from the future, in case it comes to some crucial moment to make a choice-"
"For example, when he wants to save us and kill Gu Qingshan, I think he will definitely give up us to kill Gu Qingshan."
"Because Gu Qingshan came to his future"
"And because we are all dead in the history we belong to, it is not worth saving."
"He shouldn’t be like this, and there won’t be such a clever thing in history."
Gu Qingshan clenched his fist and looked at the light humanity. "Wang shoulders the fate of the whole protoss and must not take any risks. What we want to discuss is what he will do if that happens."
Light-shaped people don’t talk
Gu Qingshan further said, "I won’t share the secret of the eternal abyss with him unless he proves that he is kind to the protoss of our time."
The light-shaped man thought for a moment again and said, "Please release the Golden Flame God and I will take him through some tests to see what kind of choice he will make."
Gu Qingshan had a meal.
What’s going on here?
Is it possible to establish some secret fragments of the protoss era in the ghosting?
But this time can’t consider Gu Qingshan expressionless shouted "come"
Six gods flew into the hall.
"Go and release the Jin Yan God" Gu Qingshan said.
The gods and guards have been ordered to go.
The light-shaped man saluted Gu Qingshan. "I’m going to take him away. If I get the answer as you said, I’ll come back again."
"Go" Gu Qingshan way