"Let’s just say that my old bones bust is going to be buried. It’s not that we’re timid. If it’s not Konoha who needs to be the master, we’ll fight the enemy to the death so that we can go with Sarutobi Hiruzen."


Utatane Koharu sighed and nai agreed.
They just ordered Chiba to keep their lives, so it’s just justified.
If you turn against only two Konoha executives, you will definitely leave a bad impression on Konoha, and it will be difficult to get rid of the support rate, such as Kay’s one-track mind.
"I know that the two elders don’t believe me from the heart."
Chiba smile looked at two konoha elders.
Utatane Koharu, it’s only when you believe in it that you have a ghost.
"So I call Jiraiya and Gang Shou back! How about a new generation of consultants of Damuye? ! These two people believe that you can trust them! "
Chiba paused for a pretence to make some concessions.
Utatane Koharu hesitated for a moment and Nai nodded and agreed. This is the best way for them or for Chiba.
They are old, and although they have some ideas about the throne of Huo Ying, they are out of their depth.
Jiraiya and Gang Shou’s three generations of proud brothers are the best candidates for the position of Huo Ying, whether they are rooted in Miao Hong’s background or watching them grow up and accumulate prestige and strong strength through wars.
Since Chiba shows a strong desire for the location of Huoying, it is also the best compromise for them to settle for the second time and let Jiraiya and Gang Shou bear the responsibility of the elders.
Chiba’s retreat is also a disguised dismissal of Utatane Koharu and the elders of Watergate Inflammation, allowing more accommodating Jiraiya and Gang Shou to be their assistants.
To tell the truth, Chiba is not as patient as Gang Shou in dealing with two old deathlessly, for fear of hammering these two elders to death when talking about politics.
It’s much easier after solving two stubborn problems.
Then came the post-war reconstruction of Konoha.
The problem of building damage can be easily repaired. There are also many soil escape ninjas, even a wooden escape ninja, and it is not too simple to recover.
But the problem of war wounded is somewhat complicated.
Chiba looked at the desk, and the casualties of civilians and ninjas were bouts. It was not too much loss, and dozens of ninjas died. It was nothing for the big family.
The trouble is that there are hundreds of seriously injured ninjas. Konoha Ninja Hospital is full of people and there are not enough medical ninjas to treat the wounded.
Moreover, the Konoha medical body is also chaotic. Two talented medical ninjas, Gang Shou Ji Yamatonokusushi Ye Naiyu, have left one after another, and Konoha medical ninja has not taken the lead.
In the original work, Xiao Zhong organized Payne to invade Konoha. At that time, it was still the period when Gang Shou was in the shadow of fire, and the medical system had been improved to some extent. The Konoha Ninja Hospital was still so chaotic and worse.
If Gang Shou’s brother KINOMOTO SAKURA hadn’t stabilized the situation, Konoha Ninja Hospital wouldn’t know when it would be chaotic!
"Come and bring Yakushi Kabuto from my home at the Uchibo clan station and say it’s my temporary five-generation order!"
A dark ninja outside the office of Naruto immediately promised that this man had fought with Chiba behind him in the whirlpool white off and Shayin village ninja. At that time, he once shouted Chiba as Naruto, and now Chiba temporarily issued an order for Naruto to execute Chiba’s order without any psychological obstacles.
"Yakushi Kabuto? !”
One side supervision Chiba Utatane Koharu asked doubtfully.
Jiraiya and Gang Shou didn’t arrive these days, and they decided to stare at Chiba intensely. Once they found out that Chiba was bad for Konoha, they immediately jumped out to oppose it.
"After graduating from Yakushi Kabuto Konoha Ninja School, I was recruited by Tuanzang to enter the roots. One year later, after the three generations of Muhuo Ying dissolved the roots, I wanted to come to my side."
Chiba light explained
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Interim Captain
"He once entered the roots so ninja you let him stay around? !”
Watergate inflammation seized Chiba’s handle and asked him, "Now they have no affection for the roots of the reactionary rebel group."
"Ha ha ha …"
Chiba sneer at a tone of indifference continued
"Yakushi Kabuto was the former captain of Konoha Medical Force, and Yakushi Nonou raised a group to hide the orphanage. The money threatened to coerce Yakushi Nonou to carry Konoha’s spy. Later, he thought that Yakushi Nonou knew too many secrets and decided to let her raise Yakushi Kabuto to kill her. This photo sent to Yakushi Nonou every year was fake."
Watergate phlogistic smell speech is silent. It’s a violation of human relations to let the son kill his mother. According to their understanding of the group, they can certainly do it.
Aside from the curse, orochimaru is also a yin survey and chimed in, "Yes, I was very intimidating Yakushi Nonou with Tuanzang."
Water stop caught a glimpse of the mantra orochimaru. Although he knew that the control of Chiba, orochimaru, would definitely not harm Konoha, the mantra orochimaru said that he had a black history and was not ashamed. His face was really thick enough.
"Chiba, hello, orochimaru’s ability can help you ask him not to do anything harmful to Konoha!"
Two konoha elders were choked, and they were ashamed to stay in the office of Konoha. Uchihiro Chiba is strong enough to bear the power of Konoha, and it is also satisfying that Konoha’s crisis head saved Konoha’s credit.
But the only drawback is that he is too young and has no experience in dealing with politics. At that time, when Namikaze Minato was in Huoying, there was no problem with three generations of retired guidance
However, there is a curse around Chiba, and the orochimaru dialect is different. orochimaru’s ability to konoha is obvious to all ninjas. If it is not the problem of orochimaru people, it will not run away according to orochimaru’s genius ability.
Their only confidence is not to curse orochimaru people.
When he left, Utatane Koharu and Watergate Inflammation also spoke a warning spell to orochimaru. They didn’t go home to rest, and there was a big mess waiting for them.
They are prepared to appease Konoha’s key figures and pave the way for Chiba, not because they are so kind, but because Konoha can’t stand another toss.
For example, Japanese clan patriarch Hyuga Hiashi, pig, deer, butterfly, dog and insect, and other clan patriarchs, three generations of apes, flying clan, and other elite konoha such as Kakashi and Kailiu, etc.
Kakashi, Kay, Asma are still in fire nation, and they won’t be able to come back for a while. They are going to visit the Japanese clan.
Riri is a core group of konoha and a hardcore supporter of Huoying School. Their opinions are very important.