That’s a small flying machine.


Small aircraft soon came to the wilderness and slowly fell before Gu Qingshan.
A series of crosstalk sounded from small aircraft.
"No.B217 arrived at the fluctuation site"
"Discovery of extraterrestrial life"
"Identify human beings"
"-friend, who are you?"
Gu Qingshan said, "This doesn’t threaten that outsiders will be directly moved into the virtual turbulence according to my emergency combat instructions-do you still want to ask me who I am?"
"This is a supplementary instruction."
Supplementary instructions?
Gu Qingshan zheng had some speculation in my heart.
Don’t …
He went on to explain that "once there is a fixed-point loss, it can be recognized that the world is connected, and there is a high probability that Gu Qingshan Ge’s friends can’t directly kick out of the world."
-this is the earth world
Who can send this world at a fixed point without the permission of the earth god?
It’s reasonable to think about each other’s explanation like this.
"Why don’t you recognize me as Gu Qingshan?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Because of the brain waves and appearance characteristics, right?" replied.
Gu Qingshan suddenly
He directly canceled the ultimate harmony of all beings and returned to his original appearance.
"Who do you think I am now?" Gu Qingshan asked
No answer
a breath
Two interest rates
Three interest rates
Small aircraft pop up a box and fly directly around Gu Qingshan.
"Please wear this equipment"
Gu Qingshan holds the box in his hand
The box is slowly shrunk and assembled into a mechanical watch that automatically wears his wrist.
The mechanical watch rings.
Tao: "There are too many techniques to impersonate others in the universe, and the judgment will continue."
"How do you judge?" Guqingshan avenue
Didi Didi Didi Didi!
The ring of the watch accelerated rapidly.
In a flash, he said, "Jump!"
Gu Qingshan suddenly disappeared from the original place.
Deep underground
Gu Qingshan in front of a thick and huge metal wall
He touched the metal wall according to his hand.
A metal wall
"Please tell me the name of your armor made by Miss Su Xueer."
"blazing angel" gu Qingshan road
"Please tell me the goat around you"
"Liao Hang" Gu Qingshan shrugged.
"Please tell me the killer around you."
"Ye Fei Li"
"Please tell the poor people around you"
"… Barry and Xiao Miao"
"When you were going to fool around with Anna, you showed her the power of the goddess. What did you say?"
"That’s not fooling around. I said-please give us some light."
"You have a trick that needs to be attacked seven times in a row to exert its power. What is that?"
"Seven Stars Youlong"
"One last question-"