Suddenly they feel a little cold.


distant place
The orange cat squatted on the wall for a while and turned away.
It galloped away in the direction of the Assassins’ Guild under the cover of night.
Halfway through, the orange cat suddenly stopped
No …
If the evil spirits are tracked down after personnel in the world, they are likely to get news from the duke’s mansion that the crow had a conflict with the elders who used to poison him.
Then the crow and himself are suspected objects.
Crow hasn’t been out since he returned to the guild.
I told Jean that I would go out to visit my friends before I came out to stab the anti-virus elder.
Visiting friends …
The orange cat pondered for a moment, changed direction and moved on.
In that case, go to Fluttershy. She can’t testify for herself.
The orange cat crossed the street and soon came to another wall and looked across at the red brick hut surrounded by flowers.
This is Fluttershy’s residence.
At this time, the long night has passed and the morning has arrived.
The sky is dim.
I saw that the candlelight door in the house was left unlocked and there was a faint soft music playing.
Occasionally I can hear someone talking in a low voice.
Two gardeners are trimming flowers and plants in the garden outside the red brick hut.
They occasionally listen to a room, but more often they concentrate on their work.
The orange cat hesitated when she saw this situation.
The house is equipped with anti-snooping techniques, and the gods can’t get in.
But this situation is obviously that Fluttershy is entertaining friends.
And it was early in the morning that Fluttershy invited a gardener to trim the flowers and plants.
Would it be too rash to go to see her like this?
The orange cat’s eyes moved and suddenly found a small door at the front door of the hut.
After the door was opened, a line was written.
"pet cats go in and out"
The dog by the door is still sleeping on its stomach.
It sleeps soundly.
Orange cat slightly confused.
-it’s strange that there isn’t this door yet.
He thought for a while and slowly came to nothing.
There is Fluttershy in the virtual city who knows that he can change into a cat.
Fluttershy got a door like this and boasted that she knew she was coming.
….. How is that possible?
The orange cat shook its tail and ran from the wall.
-the night will be over completely, and the effect of "ghost at night" will disappear. He must make a decision quickly.
The orange cat went straight across the street to the red brick hut and listened quietly.
The speech and music in the house are clearer.
After listening for a while, the orange cat actually heard himself talking.
What happened?
Orange cat is more confused.
It simply jumped the steps to the door.
The door is open.
The dog is still sleeping
The orange cat slowly got into the door.
The orange candle in the room is burning quietly.
Fluttershy, take a look on the sofa.
An ancient musician kept playing music and talking to people before putting the machine on the windowsill.
One is Gu Qingshan sound.
One is Fluttershy sound.
Orange Cat, look at the machine and finally look at Fluttershy.
She seems a little tired, sitting cross-legged on the sofa, chatting and turning pages.
The orange cat tentatively called one.
Fluttershy look move.
She stretched herself and said, "You’re finally here. Where are you?"
Orange Cat Change Review Castle Peak
"You seem to know I’m coming," Gu Qingshan said.
"Yes, I have a friend who is the chief of staff of the Duke’s Mansion. She is good at astrology. I just got a message from her that you might need an alibi," Fluttershy said.