Norman still kept that posture just now, but the difference is that there is no blood drop in the position where his palm is facing.


All the blood drops melted away after three thousand world forces, and finally they were exhausted.
Fang Xiangru looked at Norman’s silent eyes and flashed a trace of regret.
He found himself thinking too much just now
The mysterious sea clan didn’t take countermeasures. He actually ran away in a panic!
If he didn’t think too much before, it would be great if he helped just now. Even if the mysterious secret law of the sea clan can’t leave the leading sea clan in the end, it’s all right if he can leave a few other sea clans. Maybe he can ask something out of it. No one even knows who is behind the scenes. That’s right. Fang Xiangru doesn’t believe that these sea clans are uninvited and it’s a little coincidence that Xiao Bonian chose the same place.
But at the thought of Fang Xiangru, some secretly blame the human in front of him. If his hands were not so heavy, he could leave a little alive, so now they wouldn’t be so passive.
Fang Xiangru’s mind is quite a lot, but Qin Hao’s mind is simple. When the overall situation is set, he suppressed a word for a long time and finally emerged.
"A human being can be so strong!"
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Chapter four hundred and nineteen LiuMengSheng
The northern territory is bigger and more desolate than Norman imagined.
The dragon flies very fast, flying hundreds of miles in less than half a day-actually, it is "462 miles", which is the accurate data given by the Knights Templar-but it still hasn’t arrived in Lin’ an or seen the "city". The buildings are all wilderness.
Perhaps for the dragons, the concept of human "city" is applicable to them.
Norman sat Zhou Chengzhuo back so think.
He is the one who came with Fang Xiangru at the moment. Fang Xiangru, Qin Hao and Ji Rexi are flying to the southwest.
They have left the emerald green.
I ran away from the rear of the sea clan, fearing that there would be another accident, so I didn’t dare to stay for a few dragons and immediately set off for Lin’ an
These dragons can fly, which is what they can do, but Norman can’t. If you keep flying spells for such a long distance from Fei Lengcui to Lin ‘an, it will cost a lot of magic. What’s worse, Norman has just gone through a hard struggle, and the magic consumption will be even more untenable. So Fang Xiangru let Norman sit on Zhou Chengzhuo and be carried by him.
From this, we can see that Fang Xiangru’s attitude has changed obviously. Whether he has completely believed Norman’s rhetoric or not, Norman has won his great respect and accepted Norman just now, so that his own people can carry Norman.
Is this a dragon’s thorough foothold?
Norman is thinking
And at this time has been flying silently Fang Xiangru suddenly spoke.
"There are dragons"
As Fang Xiangru opened his mouth, several dragons stopped at once. Norman also looked ahead and soon saw some small black spots flying in the distance.
It’s five dragons
Those dragons are flying at a high speed, and it takes a short time from when they appear in sight to when they are near.
In the near future, the five dragons slowed down and finally stopped floating dozens of meters away.
"Prime Minister!"
The five dragons cried out one after another, and it was a surprise to hear them. One dragon didn’t show up, so he watched quietly.
It’s a perfect silvery white dragon with elegant posture. It looks like it’s already some years old-well, yes, Norman can tell their age from the dragon’s appearance.
Fang Xiangru and Ji Ruoxi also nodded with them one by one, and these new dragons soon all threw their targets at Norman. It seems that there is nothing wrong with indecision in their eyes. There is a human here, and this human has been sitting on the back for weeks.
It’s a shame for the dragon to let a human sit on his back. Why would Zhou Fushe want to? And Fang Xiang and the princess didn’t stop it?
One dragon didn’t show surprise.
Still the silvery white dragon.
His line of sight is that Norman stayed here for a while, and his emotions such as understanding and regret flashed through his eyes and he turned his attention to Fang Xiangru again.
This is the dragon form of Shen Daizong?
Norman noticed this silvery white dragon strange heart flashed such an idea.
He thought that Shen Daizong would behave like this only if he knew his identity.
The abnormal performance of the silvery white dragon not only attracted Norman’s attention, but also attracted Fang Xiangru’s attention.
"Liu situ"
Fang Xiangru looked at the silvery white dragon and said hello. His eyes were generally calm and deep in his eyes with some thoughts.
The silvery white dragon also responded to a "square phase" in a moment.
Fang Xiangru looked at him again and suddenly said, "Is it you?"
This words say puzzling absent-minded several dragon smell speech is zheng JiReXi eyes flashed a bit suddenly.
Liu Stuart calmly replied "Yes" to Fang Xiangru’s inexplicable words.
Fang Xiangru a moment suddenly drink up "take Liu Mengsheng! If there is resistance, shoot! "
This sudden Tathagata command made these newly arrived dragons feel stupid or Qin Hao Zhou Chengzhuo. The two of them have experienced the Battle of Emerald Green, and they have some clues. Without saying anything, they immediately read the spell and bared their teeth at the same time and entered the fighting state.
"Take Liu Mengsheng!"
Fang Xiangru repeated that a few new dragons had to react and retreated a little far away from Liu Mengsheng, and read the spell together.
This piece of magic fluctuates on a large scale.
Want to fight again?
Norman muttered impatiently in his heart, but it seems that this should not happen. In terms of quantity, these dragons can easily end this battle just by playing a game.