"I also want to contact my mother quickly," Ye Fei said from taking out is.


Gu Qingshan walks to the top of the mountain
The night wind is very cool slowly.
It would be a pleasant night if the view from the top of the mountain was not too clear and you could see the huge coffin group in the capital at a glance.
Gu Qingshan sat with his back against a tree.
He gave a long sigh.
I didn’t expect this life situation to be more critical than previous lives.
Although three kinds of potions have been released, namely, restoring the potential of fighters, awakening by natural selection and transforming the five elements, the time is really too short.
Will mankind grow up?
Even if you are a sword fairy, you can defeat three-not four hell by your own strength.
I want to be integrated with the spiritual world, but now I can’t come.
Can’t you?
Really at the last minute?
He is suddenly lit up.
Liao Xing came out with a loud voice, "Gu Qingshan, please give me a limit to let the goddess of justice materials and help me build a spaceship!" "
"Come?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Of course! I had to come back once because of the population problem. I will definitely not make this mistake again this time! "
Liao Xing stared and waved his arm. "I’m going to do a big job. The grandchildren in these hell don’t want to touch us!"
Gu Qingshan looked at Liao Hang and looked at his combative appearance.
He smiled and said, "Good Goddess of Justice gave it to him."
The "white" goddess of justice responded.
Gu Qingshan said, "Mr. Liao is really a generation leader."
The goddess of justice said, "I’m sorry that Ge wants to save the planet and he wants to escape."
Gu Qingshan laughed. "I know."
He closed his eyes and tried his best to think about countermeasures.
From his past life to his rebirth in this generation, every war, every fight, every turning point, every achievement method, every practice prop and every event Gu Qingshan slowly passed through his heart.
He tried his best to find a glimmer of life from death.
Time goes by.
Gu Qingshan motionless whole person in deep thinking.
In the face of the theory of death and hell, practitioners have not had much contact with each other in past lives or this life.
This seems to be a futile effort.
Unconsciously, the night passed.
Li Jiang, this is the darkest moment of the day.
It was dark around the top of the mountain, with no stars and no moonlight.
Gu Qingshan, who had been silent for a long time, still didn’t think of a way.
He talked to himself.
"Death … is really a place where the law is focused. What can be related to death?"
Suddenly he remembered something.
Chaoyin once took a drop of forgetting Sichuan water from the black-robed skeleton.
This is something from the grave, a precious treasure that took a thousand years to start with.
"Tide sound" Gu Qingshan calls.
Tide sword shows its shape from emptiness
"What’s wrong with forgetting Sichuan water?" Gu Qingshan asked
Tide sword kept singing.
"You mean you can refine it and melt a part of yourself?"
Tide sound sword point a little bit of hilt continue to sing for a while.
"Refining and chemical industry will soon be admitted to forgetting Sichuan, and you can forget Sichuan and cross all the seas in the river …" Gu Qingshan murmured.
He smiled bitterly and shook his head slowly.
It seems that Forgotten River Water is indeed a treasure.
But this treasure can solve the four hells from the grave.
Man is going to be destroyed.
And so on……
Wait! ! !