"Hu said we pick empire and inferno friends never hand points to ordinary people is you these girder empire people frame up"


Qu Bi’s words are exactly the same as those of Changning Shoujiang, who was captured by Girder Empire before. I think these guys should all be on the same page.
"It seems that your inferno is indeed a nest of snakes and rats, but I can tell you that it is not feasible for the pick empire to rely on the inferno to achieve success, not to mention that the inferno is the public enemy of human beings in China. Even if you find the inferno to rely on, you can’t defeat the girder imperial army and our human monks."
The pioneer general of the Girder Empire has seen the great power of human monks, and he was confident when he said those words.
"Since it doesn’t make sense, then we will have World War I."
Qu Biyin, the general of the first pass in the Three Stacks of the Luo Empire, assumed a posture of not being afraid of World War I.
"Then fight. There’s nothing to say."
Girder empire pioneer general said and turned back directly.
Then, it is not a matter of time for the imperial army of Liang to camp and attack the city, especially this triple deck and triple deck truck is not so easy to break. The best way is to build fortifications first and then slowly map it.
Seeing the army of the Girder Empire encamped, Qu Bi, the first defender of the Triple Stack, was also in a hurry, so he sent military forces to harass the army of the Girder Empire.
Chapter one thousand and twenty Running around
Qu Bi, the commander of the first pass in Triassic, was also in a hurry when he saw Liang Imperial Army camping a few miles across the moat to build fortifications, so he sent troops and demons to harass and stop Liang Imperial Army from camping.
As for the harassment of Qu Bi, the first garrison commander in the Three Stacks, Ge Shu had already taken precautions. When Qu Bi ordered the army to harass, Ge Shu also ordered the army to fight back.
I have to say that Qubi, the commander of the first triple pass, still gave Ge Shu a big accident for two times, but the accident didn’t last long and was solved by Ge Shu’s clever arrangement.
Then the performance of the garrison commander in the first triple pass is not particularly eye-catching. At least the military god’s skill seems to be nothing eye-catching. Either the third recruit and refuel tactics, the ordinary soldiers will not be able to take the imperial army of Liang, then the inferno will be dispatched, and the general inferno will not be able to take the monk of Liang, then the higher-order demon king will be dispatched.
This tactic is nothing new when it is seen more.
Ge Shu didn’t feel new, but the garrison commander of the first triple pass played happily. However, as time went by, Qu Bi, the garrison commander of the first triple pass, found that the situation was wrong. Because of how he "refueled" the girder imperial army, there was always a coping strategy, and the garrison root of the first triple pass could not take advantage of it.
With the gradual completion of the fortifications of the girder imperial army, it is very difficult for the three-fold defenders to take advantage, because the fortifications built by the girder imperial army are not simple fortifications, but they are also a fighting fortress, although they are not a pass.
With the massive fortifications of the girder empire becoming more and more perfect, the lethality of the Triassic defenders is getting stronger and stronger, and many urban defense equipment can be dispatched.
It will cost more and more to harass the imperial army of Daliang, and they will not dare to leave the city easily at the back.
Real QuBi also afraid afraid of girder imperial army take advantage of it and directly broke his triple first pass.
The triple army dare not come out, but the girder imperial army will not be idle.
Ge Shu ordered the girder imperial army to charge Triassic.
Wooshing wooshing-
With the operation of the siege equipment, strong crossbows, heavy crossbows and boulders flew from the girder imperial army array to the Triassic Chengtou.
When strong crossbows, heavy crossbows and boulders flew to the head of Triassic city, the imperial army of girders had set up several temporary bridges in the moat.
Those temporary bridges are wide enough for the imperial army to cross the moat.
Unexpectedly, the defenders of the Three Stacks did not expect that the army of the Girder Empire would be so fierce as soon as it attacked the city, and it was impossible to tell which side was the feint and which side was the main attack, as if every place was the main attack.
After a short time, the garrison stationed in the first pass of Triassic couldn’t support it, and quickly asked the inferno to help.
Now, those infernos are also afraid of the Imperial Girder Army. Some of them have experienced the failure of the previous cities. It is not simple to know that the military brothers of the Imperial Girder Army are not even simple to kill them. These infernos are as simple as chopping melons and vegetables.
This is the deterrent produced by the previous wars. If those demons fight hard, they may not be able to defeat the human monks, but with fear in their hearts, it is hard to say.
In the triple play, the inferno killed the city, and at the first moment, the high-ranking monks of the girder empire also went out.
Those infernos are the worst and the magic generals. Ordinary human monks can’t stop them.
Xu Ren gave support to the brother-in-law of the girder imperial army and directly flashed his own quasi-melting stars on Sunday.
Immediately after the appearance of the stars on Sunday, there was a lot of pressure on the Triassic Chengtou inferno.
Of course, although the power of Xu Ren’s stars on Sunday is not small, it still can’t limit the actions of those demons. Moreover, his means of transforming stars on Sunday is not harmful to the demon king level inferno, so the demon king level inferno is not so afraid of Xu Ren’s stars on Sunday.
But even if not afraid, the so-called Xu Renlai didn’t intend to rely on this Sunday to resist the inferno attack.
Compared with the inferno, although there is no increase in the strength of the human friar Sunday, the stars will not be suppressed, which is superior to those infernos.
Shen Tengyun and Dongyan also teamed up to give birth to several vines when Xu Ren planned to produce the stars on Sunday.
The vines spawned by Shen Tengyun and Dongyan are no ordinary vines. Those vines have strong vitality, and the vitality has certain restraint for the inferno magic gas.
Real vitality can not only restrain the inferno magic gas, but also help the girder imperial army and monks to supplement their physical and spiritual consumption.
The vitality enveloped the girder, and the imperial army recovered faster physically and faster spiritually.
Even if you are injured, your recovery speed is faster than other places.
After feeling the changes in the surrounding environment, whether it was the girder imperial army or the monks who came with the army was full of shock. Of course, they fought harder and harder.
Seeing the girder imperial army and monks playing more and more conveniently, the more powerful demons could not sit still.
These infernos have also been deployed in Triassic, and as the situation in Triassic is getting worse and worse, those infernos have finally moved their deployment.
A powerful array wave came, followed by a dark red fog in the first triple pass.
After seeing the fog, Xu Ren looked solemn. He knew that the fog was not ordinary fog, but mixed with poisonous magic gas.