The virtual explosion of powerful spiritual force first forms an origin, and then the powerful impact of virtual explosion tears the virtual explosion.
A long black line has no end with the spiritual force sky exhibition, as if it were a huge cutting line to completely separate heaven and earth.
After a while, the black line gradually contracted, healed again and returned to calm.
"Poof …" Five elements of people spit it out after licking their chests.
He felt a little incredible that this little …
Jiang Feng is also uncomfortable, and his feet repeatedly retreat, and his chest is dull, and he feels that his blood is rising and he wants to pour out of his mouth.
But Jiang Feng stuffy hum a forced operation spirit force will press this feeling back.
"Damn …"
The constant trembling of the five elements obviously made him more angry than getting up in pain and grief.
Self-cultivation for thousands of years is greatly assisted by fairy essence.
In order to get lucky and enter the realm of life and death.
And this Jiang Feng lived, not to mention being a hundred years old and not even repairing at the age of 50, but he was evenly matched.
He came as a proud man.
It is impossible to say that he is not angry now that he has been pressured by Jiang Feng.
Look at Jiang Feng eyes as if to jet fire.
How did he know that Jiang Feng was the six celestial deities-the smiling moon deity?
If you do it, don’t say anything about life and death.
Even in life and death, it is not enough to give him shoes.
"Small … who are you! ?” Five elements clench their teeth
"I heard the calluses. I’m the one who killed you!"
Jiang Fenggen didn’t give him a chance to suddenly and violently take out two long swords, and his hands waved into the wind and stirred up.
"bang! Bang! Hey! "
Flint is a series of collisions.
After some consumption, Jiang Feng, a five-element man, both had some exhaustion and more or less some scars.
I never thought it would be like this.
Five elements of people bitten to grind their teeth and looked at the elders.
Death, injury, injury, escape, the scene is more chaotic
Yan Xu Zongzong holds the idea of dying. If he succeeds, he will die. Everyone is fiercer than fierce and biting.
They don’t intend to lose their lives at the Five Elements Gate.
What’s more, the five elements called for helpers, and they were also some Uzbek people. Most of them had scattered and fled when they saw something bad.
A few people really Shou Yuan will try their best to continue to enter the Five Elements Gate.
Have to crustily skin of head and cover up the virtual cases desperately.
"Damn it! There is no way to think about that trick until now! " Five elements take a deep breath, put their fingers on their mouths, bite and drop a drop of jingxie.
"This is …"
Jiang Feng was one leng some bad feeling.
The foot immediately rushed away and did not give the five elements a chance to display, but it showed that the five elements moved faster
As soon as jingxie comes out, his hands quickly knot.
Chapter 746 Blood lore array
"Ten thousand blood lore array! !”
In the five elements of the population, the palm of one’s hand sank into the void, and the blood-red spiritual force suddenly diffused towards heaven and earth.
There was also a tremor on the ground, and the blood of the former brother who died in battle was greatly absorbed and flowed into the ground
Layers of red clouds filled the whole sky.
"This ….. this is how to return a responsibility! ?” Everyone looked up and found that something was wrong
It’s a pity that it was too late, and the red clouds suddenly disintegrated, and the bloody red nets were overwhelming from the five elements of the door.
Fishing nets generally cover the whole world.
"Damn it! What did he do! ?” People looked up and their faces were blank.
The momentum alone makes them feel scared.
"This is ten thousand blood lore! ?” Can afford to play Xing Yang Yunshui raised his head and jerked his face.
"The five elements are crazy, and even this evil array is put to use." Yang Yunshui’s eyes are full of horror. "Today, the fat man feels a little uncomfortable after eating a bad belly. Let’s go first!"
Yang Yunshui said that he immediately fled into the virtual and wanted to escape.
However, before his shield bleeding, the red silk thread directly bounced him back and made a turn and screamed.
"Damn it! Five elements, we have a grudge. You let me go, fat man. I will definitely remember your kindness when I go back! "
"Hum! Yang Yunshui, you are also a master of the temple at any rate. Do you think you have this remark now? ?”
The five elements’ eyes are extremely cold.
At this time, the patriarch of Yan Xu looked blankly at the bodhi old zu and asked, "Is this bloody lore array very powerful?" ?”
"This is an ancient large array, and it is natural that you don’t know it!"
"I have heard that in ancient times, geniuses were rampant in life and death, and there were countless fighters."
"I didn’t know how much life and death have been refined!"
When I heard the life and death, I couldn’t help but think of the five elements.
And the five elements of people are just half a step in life and death. The real life and death situation can’t know how powerful it is.
Even this kind of character can refine, so how terrible is this circle?
"But it is also very expensive to launch a bloody earthquake!"
"You must constantly raise blood to meet the requirements!" The bodhi old zu didn’t expect the five elements to be so crazy.
"poof! Poof! Poof! "
Five elements of the door, some brothers actually hurt themselves, and their swords were directly inserted into their hearts.
With a ferocious face in a pool of blood
Exhausted blood flows into the law force of localization.
"What are they doing! ?” Someone’s face is full of shock
Flower bodhi old zu nai shook his head. "They should cultivate human life to launch a large array."
The bodhi old zu Hua didn’t deliberately depress the bass, and everyone could hear clearly.
The complexion has changed greatly, and even the elders who are invited to help out have panicked at this moment.
"Five elements! What do you mean, even if you want to destroy the imaginary Sect first, at least let us out! " An old man looked up at the five elements and fought back his anger.
"At the beginning, I promised you that you could live in front of Heaven. If you can live, I will naturally not obstruct it!"
Five elements of human face are full of cunning.