Ji Xian upgraded to a high-tech replicator, and mass technology was used to breed an army of insects and beasts with chip machines …


Step by step, the peak of self-cultivation is notorious, which makes the fairy and phoenix lose heart and makes the beast worship their feet
A high-tech journey to kill immortals is starting, so please take it with you!
The first chapter cloth ordinary
There are no birds and flowers in the city when the sun shines.
There is a news broadcast on the outer wall of a high-rise building.
"This is a satellite news broadcast, and everyone broadcasts a major news."
Bu Pingfan can hear the news broadcast by the host of the giant screen when he walks along the street.
He bit his teeth and licked his lips. They were ferocious and scolded
"Big news every day? Don’t you see us poor people at the bottom seeking welfare? A big fart. "
He was fired by a catering company again, and he was so unhappy that he vented his anger on this huge screen.
He turned a deaf ear to the important news and walked absently.
The next day, a class of a distribution company in Bupingfan successfully passed the interview yesterday and started to work today.
He rode a bottle cart and shuttled through the busy streets to deliver packages, sweating and drenching his clothes.
Unconsciously, his class in this distribution company has been three days. It was dark and thunderous, and he hid under the covers and didn’t want to get up.
Suddenly obedient ring, he quickly connected.
Listen to a quick sound coming from the opposite side of the microphone.
"When will my package be delivered?"
When Bu Pingfan heard the news, he suddenly realized that "the alarm clock doesn’t ring?"
He instantly got up and respectfully replied, "Please wait for the horse to be delivered to you."
After washing, he rode a bottle car and braved the storm to get to the warehouse.
"This kind of weather also send a what? Hey! Can’t stop for a day. "
He held his breath, but life forced him to pack the parcel and go out to deliver it in the rain.
When he wanted to leave, he suddenly heard his colleague stop him. "Ordinary, are you still going out?"
This is the same day that the ordinary guy called Bu came in for an interview with a small Shang Weida.
"Hard luck! Strange hours don’t read and grow up and practice hard "cloth ordinary mouth mumbling.
Then he went on to say, "It’s really extraordinary to call me Bufan instead of Bufan." Soon he left Weida and went out in the rain.
Shang Weida wanted to stop him, but he was far away.
Cloth ordinary soon came to the door of the community urging the parcel to ride into the basement and was suddenly stopped by the security guard.
"Can’t go in today?"
"Can’t go in?"
"yes! You’re not confused, are you Do you still deliver the goods when the 16-level super typhoon hits today? " The security guard looked at the monster and looked at the ordinary cloth.
"Sixteen super typhoons?" Cloth ordinary horse town stop poking his forehead raincoat eyes looked at the security guard.
"You didn’t see the news three days ago. The whole city was broadcasting this important news. You didn’t know it?" The security guard said
Cloth ordinary wonder in my heart but think of work or low gas said
"There’s a very urgent package for the guest inside. I urged the trouble early in the morning and will come out in ten minutes."
When the security guard saw this silly little guy in front of him, it was not easy to bend the rules and let him in for five minutes.
Bu Pingfan quickly went in to find the package and sent it to the urgent person. The man who received the package also complained, "Why is it so slow?"
"Still slow? It’s good to send it to you. "Cloth ordinary thought but didn’t dare to face this man and said.
Mew mew language is far behind the man, and he said with low disdain that "the dead coolie has no manners at all"
Bu Pingfan wanted to be grumpy when he heard this, but he still swallowed this tone after thinking about a company system.
He quickly rode away from the garage to thank the security guard and then left. Suddenly, he heard a thunder and slammed the urging man’s room.
The whole community sounded a fire alarm, and Bu Pingfan glanced at the room from a distance.
"Mouth! See if you still look down on people? "
He didn’t want to watch the fun any more, so he rode to the warehouse to catch him. He finally knew the reason why he hadn’t gone out for a long time when he saw his colleagues in the early warehouse.
So he hurried back quickly without saying a word, and looked up after the big news screen broadcast that day.
See the giant screen or broadcast the news. The scenes are collapsed by the super typhoon.
Suddenly there was a flash and a huge curtain. Seeing this scene, the horse tried to escape.
It’s over! Another super-vortex hurricane came and surrounded the giant screen building with flashes.
Bang! The glass shattered and the sound scattered, and he stared at the scene with ordinary eyes. He froze and could not move.
The hurricane wind was so strong that it rolled up the scattered broken glass in the blink of an eye, and the suction was still not reduced, but it was even more intense.
Blow the car parked at the entrance of the building directly, but ordinary cloth is directly sucked into the vortex by this suction.
He shouted "Help! Dead! Die young! "
A burst of killing pigs came out of his mouth, but he still couldn’t remember anything.
The bottle car he was riding was also sucked up by the wind and kept spinning repeatedly.
The wind speed is extremely strong, so the cars are sucked up and the cloth rotates at the same height.
Cloth ordinary has been blown away by this extremely fast rotating hurricane.
This wind speed lasts for half an hour, and the so-called civil servants dare not approach from afar.
"Haven’t you finished? I’m dying. Can someone help me? " Cloth ordinary also groggy talk in a dream.
Suddenly there was a thunder, a loud noise, an avalanche and a deafening sound.