With that, Zhu Houzhao looked at the Valley Avenue. "Valley accompanied you and went to report to the Queen Mother, saying that I asked her to preside over the big court meeting on the day of civil and military officials!"


Valley big slightly one leng to react toward Zhu Houzhao nods "the old slave to"
After Gu Da left, he saw that Chu Yi handed the middle copy to Zhu Houzhao and said, "Look!"
At Chu Yi in doubt, Zhu Houzhao took Chu Yi and handed me a few copies of the throne. After reading them, he couldn’t help laughing. "Are they really dying? I have already said that Zhu’s family is unforgivable for assassinating God, but these people still jointly name me?"
These days, the atmosphere in Beijing is very strange, just like the calm sea, which contains all the waves.
On this day, a will in the palace suddenly shook the heart with every move in the palace.
The empress dowager ordered all the officials of Beijing civil and military officials to enter the palace on Sunday to attend the grand meeting presided over by the empress dowager.
Dozens of officials in Jiao Fang Mansion can’t help but focus on Fang Mansion. These people look a little nervous one by one.
They are all drawn by Chu Yi, branded by Chu Yi, and these officials can be said to occupy most of the important positions in the DPRK, but after all, they are unstable. Once they are supported by Chu Yi or something unexpected happens in the day, then these people will definitely be unlucky first.
During this period, rumors are flying all over the city, and it is natural to make people feel uneasy when they die and fall into a coma.
Now the queen mother has made a will to preside over the convening of the great court meeting. It seems that this move almost confirms the preface not long ago
If there was no accident, how could the queen mother call the grand court? Since the queen mother was forced to call the grand court, it can be said that there was an accident.
Jiao Fangshi knows not too much, but Jiao Fang, the representative of Yan Party, naturally wants to stabilize the mood of all.
Hear JiaoFang gently cough a "although you said the palace out of the will, but it doesn’t mean that the day is really out of the accident, everyone from random condition is not ridiculous"
An official couldn’t help smiling bitterly when he heard this. "It’s not that we are in a mess. This situation has to make us think more."
Jiao Fang waved his hand and said, "Even if you are in a hurry, you don’t know the whereabouts of the governor. If you want to come to the Japanese court, you can announce it, but if we all want to hold our ground."
Compared with Jiang Mianfu, the panic in Jiao Fang Mansion has gathered some civil and military etiquette, and the faces of these officials are all excited.
On weekdays, they were forced by Chu Yiwei’s potential energy to be careful, so they dared not show their dissatisfaction with Chu Yi, and watched the potential in their hands be taken away by an official of Jiao Fangshou’s Yan Dang.
It is naturally impossible to say that these people are not wronged, but Chu Yi’s fierce name deterred them from showing any thoughts.
Now, however, these people no longer hide their resentment.
An assistant minister’s face is full of excitement. He gritted his teeth and said, "Don’t waste my humiliation. Now it’s really god’s eye that the bad king finally died …"
Jiang Mianwen can’t help but gently cough a word. If you hear it, once you get there, it is definitely a death sentence.
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two The dynasty will change
Assistant Minister Zhu could not help smoothing his beard and laughing when he heard Jiang Mian’s light cough. "Jiang Ge is always too careful. Which of your colleagues doesn’t hate castration thieves and take a stake in the old man?"
Jiang Mian can’t help but show a wry smile. "The pursuit is also blinded by the eunuch thief. Now that the pursuit has died, you adults still have to leave a few minutes of integrity."
At a glance, everyone heard an suggestion: "It’s almost certain that the Queen Mother’s Day presided over the convening of the Great Court, but everyone should not forget that there is another person who will be a menace to us."
Jiang Mian nodded slowly. "What Zhao’s adult said is exactly what the old man expected. What Zhao’s adult said is that Chu Yi, the eunuch, is a menace."
Zhao Yushi nodded slightly. "Yes, it is Chu Yi, the eunuch. Fortunately, the eunuch left Beijing. Otherwise, our actions will not be so smooth."
An official sighed lightly, "Although I said that the old man also wanted Chu Yi, the castrated thief, to die, I have to admit that Chu Yi’s means and ability are still a pity, but it is reviled by the killing people."
Zhao Yushi looked at Jiang Mian and said, "The Great Court of Japan must force the Queen Mother to seize Chu Yi’s castration and seize the opportunity to seize the capital army and then slay Chu Yi so that we can set our hearts at rest and establish a new king!"
I’ve been sitting there for a long time, and I haven’t heard much. Zhai Gong slowly got up at the moment.
As Muzhai Gong got up, all eyes fell on Muzhai Gong. Although Muzhai Gong was an official, his hope was higher than that of everyone in the field.
See MuZhai male got up and all nature is to look at MuZhai male.
Xie Qian’s eyes swept over the crowd and said slowly, "I won’t say much about what you need to do. I have done everything. It depends on whether the big event of the day can become an old lady. Please come here!"
With that, Xie Qian went to worship at all.
A crowd hurriedly avoid where dare to live by such a gift.
When Xie Qian was seated, an official in each seat said, "Do we really want to support Lixing to offer the king when Muzhai Gongxing is sick?"
Xie Qian smiled slightly. "Isn’t it a good thing for you to offer Wang Sick?"
They smell speech first one leng followed by reaction to come over face suddenly color.
The emperor is sick, so naturally, these ministers will be able to share more potential from the emperor. If he is a healthy and energetic emperor, he will be diligent in governing. Wouldn’t it be that they will be greatly constrained by heaven?
On the contrary, a sick emperor naturally doesn’t have much energy to deal with state affairs, so that the big and small things in the DPRK will naturally be handled by them.
Zhao Yushi’s eyes flashed with light and he looked at Xie Qian with admiration. "Mr. Muzhai really has foresight and I can’t wait!"
Xie Qian sat there with a smile on his face. Did he plan it at present? What can he choose to offer the king? In the final analysis, it’s not that Xing Xian Wang is sick. He came to see Xing Xian Wang as an emperor or not, and he can live for a few more years. But once he became an emperor, it would be good to have a life span of three or two years. The most important thing is to offer the king’s knee. A few years ago, Zhu Houzong, who was less than ten years old, died.
Zhu Houzong, that is, whether Emperor Jiajing was an eye or a small child later, was naturally the main weak minister and strong minister. It can be said that Xie Qian’s calculation is that it is no exaggeration for several emperors to say that he is an old fox in the coming decades.
Even a group of officials in the field even realized at most that Xie Qian chose Xing Xian Wang Xinjun because Xing Xian Wang was ill, but no one realized that Xie Qian was even calculating Xing Xian Wang You.
One night passed, but I don’t know how many secrets were hidden in this dark night.
A red sun slowly rises for a new day.
The people in Beijing were surprised to find that there were many official cars in the streets, and these cars went straight to the Forbidden City one by one.
People who are well-informed have already got the news early, showing off their news to people around them.
"I don’t know, the queen mother ordered all the officials in the capital to call the big club to rush to the Forbidden City one by one!"
"No, shouldn’t this big meeting be presided over by God himself? Why did the Queen Mother come forward?"
Many people show doubts.
The man a face of complacent way "don’t you know that? Positions even really seriously ill, otherwise how can the queen mother presided over the big court … "