Jiang Xue came in from the outside and bowed his head and glanced at the three men frowning and ordered "get the door"


"Director of the three people …?" The rear military personnel also want to ask Jiang Xue’s orders.
Jiang Xue bowed his head and shot each of the three men in the head, then said simply, "It’s time to kill and get the body wrapped in a bag."
Two people talking, two military personnel have hit the door with lock-picking equipment.
A dozen people marched into the room, wearing a pair of underpants, and the middle-aged officer trembled with a gun and shouted, "What do you want?"
Jiang Xueyi waved his hand to the military personnel and directly pressed the officer to the ground, while the latter didn’t dare to hug the fire although holding a gun.
"Wang Ningwei, right?" Jiang Xue bowed their heads and asked.
Yes, this person is Wang Ningwei, the teacher of the 956 division.
Five minutes later, Jiang Xue left the apartment building with all the people and sent Meng Xi a text message "People are finished"
"good!" Meng xihui
More than 12 o’clock in the morning
Wang Ningwei was taken to an abandoned cave-proof chair on the outskirts of Yanbei, smoking a cigarette, and said, "I know that there is a lot of energy behind you, so I didn’t even think I would be alive in the end."
Wang Ningwei was wearing underpants and his forehead was covered with sweat.
"I’ll give you fifteen minutes," Jiang Xue said flatly. "You bite the dough figurine out and I’ll keep you alive."
"Bite … what?"
Jiang Xue’s answer to "Alliance"
Area 4
Li Bokang dialed Zhou Xingli’s words and said with a smile, "Commander-in-Chief, it’s been several days, and there’s no movement in the area. Hehe, it’s a chat."
"Do you have any ideas?" Zhou Xingli asked
"Are our military personnel in the joint zone?" Li Bokang asked.
"I didn’t try to contact Yi Lianshan, but he didn’t want us to meet each other." Zhou Xingli truthfully replied, "This king egg is full of benevolence, righteousness and morality, saying that it is necessary for the Chinese to unify and dedicate their lives. Who dares to stop Gu Taian’s integration plan will become a national enemy …"
"Ha ha!" Li Bokang laughed. "He has a good eloquence."
"What’s your opinion?"
"Qin Yu set a set, but no one bit the hook, which made me very anxious!" Li Bokang bluntly said, "Forget it. Let’s take the initiative to help a group of Qin commanders to help him carry out his plan smoothly."
Fu Zhen didn’t work in the early morning. He sat in his office and looked at the photo of Qin Yu’s leader, his eyes were red.
"Brother, I am eager to follow you to do something earth-shattering, but you suddenly left …" Fu Zhen showed his true feelings and looked at the photo stupefied and said, "Do you know?"
Fu Zhen’s mentality really collapsed, and his family just came to Sichuan to rush to Qin Yu, but now Qin Yu died just after a little improvement.
There are not many people who can make Fu Zhen. He slowly got up and pulled out three cigarettes and lit them. The ashtray filled with cigarette butts was directly given to Qin Yuxiang.
"Didi Lingling!"
At this moment Meng Xi words came.
Chapter 2397 The daylights out of a gun
The next morning, the reception center for senior generals of the 956 division commander Yi Lianshan Army Division called his chief of staff Wang Ningwei over breakfast, but the latter didn’t answer.
"When the fuck are you still playing with women?" Yi Lianshan knows his chief of staff just like a farmer’s uncle knows shit. Whenever there is a short-term loss of contact, he must go to Xiaomi.
Yi Lianshan is a Hucha person. At present, his immediate family does not live in the military compound outside the Ministry. This is a kind of protection for the core generals, which has long been arranged by the League level.
However, in recent days, accidents occurred frequently in the three major areas, which made Yi Lianshan feel very uneasy. The passive participation of the first two regiments was ordered by the League, but at that time, everyone didn’t expect Qin Yu to step on a horse and fall into the sea by plane, and even more unexpectedly, the situation in Yanbei City became tense in a short time, which led to Yi Lianshan’s lack of psychological preparation.
Wu Feng was totally taken away by Sichuan people, and one of his heads would not bite too hard in the face of life and death. That is to say, the governor’s office in Lin now probably already knows that Yi Lianshan instructed the chief of staff to give Wu Feng and Zhang Da a message to let them participate in the war passively.
If Governor Lin’s office liquidates this matter now, Yi Lianshan will be in a certain danger because he has exposed his opposition to Lin Yaozong’s taking the stage and is the highest-ranking outcrop at present.
Yi Lianshan doesn’t want to stay here in Yanbei, which can’t give him a sense of security. He wants to go back to the army, but now there is a meeting here in Yanbei. He is an invited member of the Federation, and he still dares not run, because once he runs, he has a problem.
Yi Lianshan is very depressed that the offensive layer still disagrees.
Enduring the pain in his mouth, Yi Lianshan forced himself to drink a bowl of porridge and eat two bags.
After the meal, Yi Lianshan put on his military uniform and left the residence with his adjutant and guard soldiers.
The reception center for senior generals has a very good environment. The compound has greenhouses, flowers and grass, and it looks full of vitality.
Yilianshan took more than 20 people across the courtyard center and stepped to the parking lot at the gate.
The drivers outside have already checked the vehicles and waited for a long time. As soon as Yi Lianshan came out, he turned left and headed for his car.
The surrounding soldiers are on alert at the scheduled location to surround Yilian Mountain with three floors inside and three floors outside
At this moment, three men came by the right side of the road with their heads down and their faces covered, and the pace was fast.
Yi Lianshan went halfway to the vehicle and suddenly stretched out his hand over his belly.
"Hey, teacher?"
"… my stomach is a little uncomfortable. Wait for me to go back for convenience." Yi Lianshan’s stomach and digestive system are not good, and he often has loose bowels.
"Okay, I’ll accompany you back." The adjutant has long been accustomed to some minor problems in Yi Lianshan and turned to walk back.
In these two sentences, Yi Lianshan has felt a terrible pain in his abdomen, and he is not young. Maybe his gluteus maximus is not as powerful as before, and he has a vague feeling of breaking its banks.
The stronger the feeling, the faster Yi Lianshan walks, and he will return to the main entrance of the compound.
At this moment, the adjutant saw three men coming face to face and noticed that they were hanging their heads and leaking the handle of the automatic rifle.