King Luo Xi gritted his teeth.


According to the information obtained, the other party’s injury is much heavier than his.
If so, it’s not a gamble!
King Luo made up his mind.
"The scepter will welcome a new owner today!"
He jumped high and flew towards the elephant’s back.
With a flick of a machete, a sharp awn bloomed.
Gu Qingshan looked at the knife mans did not move.
The sword of the Six Realms suddenly broke away from his hand.
Long sword meets machete
King Luo Biao’s look was tight, and the mountain was instantly separated and cut 36 times.
The sword never gave in, and the ghosting was returned to 36 swords.
The wind cuts the sword!
This is exactly what Gu Qingshan is good at!
In Gu Qingshan’s eyes, you can see that the mountain girl is holding the sword of the six sacred mountains and fighting against the king.
However, in other people’s eyes, you can see the sword and the mountain girl figure by chopping.
"So much for this swordsmanship." King Luo Wei sneered.
He suddenly changed his tactics.
Long Dao leaps a flame.
This change suddenly brought a pause to Wanimal.
Mountain girl eyes a folded.
Six realms of Shenshan sword-shaped giant moon white sword-mangling sweeping
The secret sword is cut on the moon
King Luo Biao’s face changed and he quickly waved a knife to block it.
Who knows the sword mans cut half, but completely dissipated and turned into a rapid stab.
King Luo Biao was in a hurry to change his tactics.
Intersection of sword and sword
He finally blocked it!
But another sword shadow pierced his heart from behind him.
The second secret sword
This is the secret sword of assassination.
The mountain girl used Gu Qingshan to assassinate the secret sword!
King Luo Zheng opened his eyes and couldn’t believe looking at the chest sword.
"This is … what jianfa …" He unwilling way.
Suddenly there was a cold woman in the void, and his ear rang.
This sound can be heard by Wang Luo.
"Kill your swordsmanship"
King Luo Biao listened and his eyes suddenly widened.
He pointed to what Gu Qingshan wanted to say.
But life left his body.
King Luo Biao fell and died completely.
The sword of the Six Realms flew back and fell into Gu Qingshan’s hands.
Gu Qingshan studied the sword.