Looking at the appearance has changed a little, Chiba orochimaru suddenly looked strange.


The immortal mode perceives the state, and he can clearly feel that Chiba is as silent as the surrounding walls from the beginning to the present, that is, just a few steps change.
Orochimaru doesn’t know what benefits Chiba has gained from successfully devouring Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha’s reincarnation chakra, but he knows that even if he has mastered the immortal mode, he may not last ten rounds before Chiba.
A metamorphosis made Chiba Circle Eye step into six levels, from quality to mortals.
But this time, the transformation is to make Chiba soul move towards a higher level. It seems that when it is completed, Chiba soul will equalize the world!
Even if the six levels are still in this world, we can’t really make this world the same height as the whole world of forbearance.
Hui Yeji, who can tolerate the world and has a big barrel of wood.
She is a god who can control the whole world if her two children, Muyuyi and tsutsuki Hamura, have inherited blood from her and have the power to seal her.
Harle enveloped the whole forbearance world, and almost all life was under her control.
The soul gradually degenerates, and Chiba can finally perceive what the former method perceives, that is, the will of Keira Daisuke scattered throughout the forbearance world.
Hide Ootutuki Hagoromo’s will
Chakra is her own strength, but only because Ootutuki Hagoromo inherited the big wooden feather suit from her and then forbearance spread to the forbearance world can ninja humans have chakra.
And these chakra actually contain Hui Yeji’s subtle will.
Resurrection of the hibiscus tabulaeformis requires Harle to extract chakra from all human bodies. In fact, it is to gather the will of the hibiscus japonica.
Hui Ye Ji is immortal, but why is she not like Ootutuki Hagoromo? Her soul chakra is caught in the world because her will and strength are divided too much and scattered.
Chapter four hundred See Ootutuki Hagoromo
"Ootutuki Hagoromo … big barrel wood feather clothes? !”
At a moment in Chiba, an elderly man appeared, wearing a white robe with black gouyu printed on his face and holding a black xizhang, behind which nine black seeking jade were suspended.
"Yes, it is!"
Ootutuki Hagoromo is full of ravines and his face is full of regrets.
Tsutsuki Hamura, the younger brother of Hui Ye Li, inherited the "round eye" of Hui Ye Li, sealed ten tail, his mother, and separated ten tail from nine bijuu before his death.
Zhu Li, the first person in ten tail, was also the first person to unlock the true meaning of chakra, to maintain the goal of peace and order, and to be the founder of "forbearance", the distant ancestor of Uchibo.
After death, chakra is still drifting in the world silently guarding the ninja world.
In the Fourth World War of Endurance, after Ootutuki Hagoromo got the answers from Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha, he presented them with the six-way immortal mode, the round eye and the six-way earth explosion star of Yin and Yang, hoping that they could seal their mother again.
After the resurrection of Huiye, Ootutuki Hagoromo appeared in front of four shadows, and Naruto Sasuke and others knocked down the seal. After Huiye, Ootutuki Hagoromo and the first generation of Gokage used telepathy to summon Naruto and bijuu back to the ninja world.
To his surprise, Asura and Indra reincarnated in chakra and were swallowed up by Chiba.
By the time he noticed and came, Chiba had swallowed up 90%.
Ootutuki Hagoromo hesitated and didn’t stop Chiba from completing it.
He knew that only by reincarnating Indra and Asura in the last ten percent, chakra could seal his mother even by adding six powers to himself.
Then Ootutuki Hagoromo can wait for Chiba to regain her strength and see if Chiba’s attitude is beneficial to forbearance and then decide on a step.
"Find me something? !”
Chiba is a little curious, and now she is also a feather immortal, just like Ootutuki Hagoromo, and Ootutuki Hagoromo is catching up with Daisuke Hiya.
Chakra, Hui Ye Ji, is similar to Chiba except that she is better than Chiba.
"Chiba, do you want to seal ten tail? !”
Ootutuki Hagoromo asked.
"That’s right!"
Chiba nodded.
"That’s good." Ootutuki Hagoromo was relieved to see that Chiba became a fairy and didn’t change his mind.
"I’ll give you my only six powers. Please seal ten tail, which is my mother’s big barrel Muhui night!"
By heaven, the pie in Chiba is nothing but cheap. The principle of zhan wang eggs is naturally accepted with pleasure.
Chiba is also a general inference of Ootutuki Hagoromo’s psychology. He is a nice guy who will support anyone who can seal ten tail’s protection and forbearance.
No matter who Indra and Asura were reincarnated, uchiha madara or Sasuke Uchiha or Naruto Uzumaki swallowed up the reincarnated Chiba, chakra.
To be able to seal ten tail, everything is ok.
Besides, Chiba is a Uchibo family and is also a descendant of Ootutuki Hagoromo.
This is why Chiba has always been very polite, even though Chiba is far more powerful than Ootutuki Hagoromo.
"I’ll go first when you wait for the rest of your self-strength!"
Ootutuki Hagoromo’s body gradually faded to sound and became ethereal.
Regardless of these, Chiba zoomed in on the target.
There is a part of her will in the moon, and there is also a part of it in ten tail’s body, and the black is also part of it. It is because of the great bijuu that all ninjas in the world are very tolerant. If chakra is, she will almost be scattered.
Even Chiba chakra is no exception!
But the soul gradually turned to the final transformation, and Chiba could already feel his body in chakra, which was very subtle and did not belong to his will.
With a cold hum, Chiba’s soul will be expelled from the body with a slight shock. At the same time, Chiba wants her own will to forcibly erase this Hui Yeji’s will.
However, it is a pity that Chiba’s soul has not been completely transformed, and the final transformation has not really reached the level of Hui Yeji. Although it can expel Hui Yeji’s will, it is difficult to erase it.
Just as it is difficult for a current to break a reef standing in the water, it takes a long time to wear it away, unless the current turns into a reef, it turns into a harder reef, so that it can be easily broken.
Now the soul of Chiba has gradually completed the transformation from water to reef, which is also from six paths to the final transformation.
What can be immortal and what can be sealed but killed is finally white at this moment in Chiba.
It is because of Hui Yeji’s will that no one can erase it. Even Ootutuki Hagoromo can erase Hui Yeji’s will and divide it.
Although Ootutuki Hagoromo sealed the big barrel of wood, Hui Ye Ji also replaced Hui Ye Ji as a pillar force in ten tail, but it was body and strength, but he could not reach the level of Hui Ye Ji in terms of soul will.
No one can reach the level of Hui Ye Ji in soul and will, and no one can shake Hui Ye Ji’s will to be immortal.
But the actual root is not really immortal.
Chiba has completely understood what is going on, but no one can erase the will of Hui Yeji to be immortal, but when he completes this final transformation and reaches the equivalent level of Hui Yeji, Hui Yeji will no longer be immortal!
At this moment, Hui Ye Ji’s will seemed to feel Chiba’s threat, and she wanted to get together and kill Chiba before she finished her transformation, but it was too difficult to unite because her will was too scattered.
However, Chiba can still perceive that Hui Yeji’s will is drifting and converging. It seems that she wants to take the initiative to leave the ninja body. chakra gives up these chakra, but it is difficult to do so. This progress is very slow.
Chiba didn’t stop it and didn’t tangle with the scattered Hui Ye Ji’s will.
Because the root does not need to be stopped.
Chiba knows in his heart that it is absolutely impossible for Hui Yeji to recover before he finishes his final transformation!
After he finished his final transformation, what if Hui Yeji really came back to life?
Everything is clear.
As soon as the soul of Chiba began, it finally became white, and the immortality of Hui Ye Ji became white for many things.
"orochimaru? ! You do good deeds! "
Chiba regained consciousness and took control of her body. The first thing she did was to question orochimaru.
Thanks to the experimental bench, Sasuke was lucky, although he was a little weak in breathing, but after all, or Naruto lost his heartbeat
Chapter four hundred and nineteen ten tail’s resurrection
"Chiba, I am also a good person, the whole world! The stronger you are, the better! "
Orochimaru’s face was calm, and his golden pupils were shining with excitement.
"Alas, now I’m lucky I can resurrect Naruto!"
Chiba holds a black xizhang like Tang Sanzang.
Xizhang gently touched Naruto’s forehead, and a small trace of the sun suddenly appeared on Naruto’s forehead. Then to the surprise of Gang Shou and Chiyo’s mother-in-law, Naruto actually recovered his heartbeat and his chest fluctuated.
They watched Naruto die. After losing Kyubi no Youko, Naruto died within a minute.