As soon as Erpitz walked out of the office of the Secretary of the Navy, he bumped into him and pulled him up. Franz hippel listened to hippel’s prediction of the war situation for decades. The official career of the official was sophisticated. Erpitz not only failed to show the responsibility of the Secretary of the Navy, but also warned with a heavy face. "hippel should be at Cape Jed instead of the Berlin Naval Headquarters!"


"Marshal, you are the Imperial Navy Minister. You are responsible for hundreds of thousands of naval officers in the Empire. You can’t blind your judgment because of personal prejudice." hippel, who has always been gentle and graceful, rarely started a fire. When he met Erpitz, his eyes turned red and he pleaded warmly. "I can’t find a supporter. General Ingenohl won’t allow the first reconnaissance fleet to leave Jed Bay. General Mueller’s attitude is even worse. Marshal, the morale of the ocean fleet is low. Because these successful submarine wars have gradually reached the peak, you don’t want to let a fiasco instantly return us to our
The strategic quality of Navy Secretary Erpitz is not bad. He has been spoiled by several victories in hundreds of years. The British will never allow the Royal Navy to be insulted. Their revenge will be as fierce and bloody as thunder.
Perhaps it was because Erpitz didn’t want the emperor’s new favorite, General Ingenohl, to have a conflict. Perhaps the name Heidi Selim made Erpitz hesitate. The silent corridor fell into a long and embarrassing silence.
"The world’s second-largest ocean fleet huddled in the depths of Jed Bay, but let a 36-year-old young man and several dilapidated cruisers top the front …" After cruising back, the deputy commander of the first battle cruiser sub-fleet, Lampard School Lion, battle cruiser, faced the main deck of the Orkney Islands and Scarpa Bay, which were already faintly visible, and screamed, "You can’t kill those annoying submarines and light cruisers with battleships and patrols!"
"Not necessarily!" David Betty leaned against the bow of the ship, next to the armored turret of the formidable 343 mm main gun, with a famous 555 cigarette in his mouth.
The second gun The third chapter naval battle in the fog (3)
The third chapter naval battle in the fog (3)
At 4: 49 on 23rd, 1914.
Just before Lebanon, the dark Helgolan Bay was calm and moist, and the fog in the air gradually condensed, and it didn’t take a moment to cover the whole bay.
A British fishing boat near Shazhou, Dogel, carefully tugged at the net to catch fish with a faint light.
Since the beginning of the war, the Royal Navy has lost a former feared ship in less than 20 days. Three old armored cruisers and three D-destroyers lost three armored cruisers in one breath on December 12. On June 16, the majestic King George, a former dreaded ship, struck a mine and sank in the northern part of the Dover Strait. Since then, the channel fleet has been mired in mines and submarines. After the loss of three D-destroyers, Harriet’s fleet has narrowed its defensive circle and restricted its range to 100 nautical miles to guard against the Germans’ submarine fleet like wolves. General Jellicoe’s conservative policy is to guard against Scarpa Bay’s passive response. The ocean fleet is far from the North Sea. Peaceful hope, so the only result of the British was that the first cruiser squadron, the Burhan, crashed into the German U-15 submarine on March 13. The tragic plot obviously made the cow feel uncomfortable. The people and newspapers accused Churchill of being overwhelmed by the Navy Department.
On the contrary, German ships are rampant in the North Sea. Submarines and destroyers chase and destroy all the flagships that dare to hang rice. So the proud British finally realize that the North Sea is a terrible war zone, not Lake Annis. Even if their fishing boat mast is hung with Nelson’s Z flag, the imperial navy will have a hundred years of glory, and their enemies will never feel a trace of pity because of it. Just like a few days ago, a Satan apostle named Heidi Selim ordered the expulsion and detention of all British ships in the 2-nautical-mile defense circle of Helgolan Bay. German submarines and destroyers with a speed of more than 3 knots were frequently dispatched.
"Roy, why are you dawdling? Hurry up and close the net. It’s time for the German patrol boat to come!" The captain of the fishing boat looked nervous and urged him to take back the fishing net at the age of sixteen.
Sixteen-year-old Roy turned a deaf ear to his father’s roar. He stared at the North Sea in the fog and kept talking about the emperor.
"Roy, do you want to … beg for …" The captain just grabbed the cane and slipped from the fisherman’s rough hand, and the ship’s rail stumbled and fell straight into the sea. The captain opened his mouth wide and opened his eyes as if he were twitching like a demon, and unconsciously sang the English Song, which had been sung by the British for centuries.
"This is because of our high Lord.
He dried up the profound.
He and we carve out the ultimate road to the world! "
At 4: 51 a.m. on 23rd, 1914, Dogel Shazhou in the south of Beihai.
Light cruisers, destroyers and submarines came from the direction of Harwich Port in three linear phalanxes. Taking advantage of this dense sea fog, one ship after another quickly passed through the Dogel Shoal and did not hesitate to go deep into the Helgolan Bay, which was dubbed by British fishermen as the Dragon Pool and Tiger Cave. The number was dazzling and magnificent enough to make the captain of that small fishing boat excited.
"Wow" Abraham Xianlin class light cruiser D type L destroyer E submarine! Haha, it seems that the Harriet fleet and submarine detachment stationed in Harriet Harbor are finally going to take revenge! " The old captain obviously knows a lot about Chinese warships. He narrowed his eyes and reported every ship from him through the model and name of the warship. The old captain enjoyed showing off. He was shocked that there were still a few big ships in the more distant waters. Even through the thick sea fog, he could clearly see that the captain of the fishing boat experienced that they were at least 20 thousand tons.
"Son, that’s the big fleet. Damn it, the big fleet is finally out!" The old captain was obviously bullied by the Germans during this period. He jumped up and down with excitement and clenched his fists and cheered. "The Satan apostle Heidi Selim put an end to the era of German ships’ reckless pursuit of British fishing boats. Gone are the two tragedies and hatred in the Dover Strait and the Dogel sandbar. This time we must get it back together with interest! Haha, German ghosts will definitely regret provoking a battlefield war! "
The signal flag and signal light were lost in the sea fog, so an old D destroyer broke away from the large formation and came over. The young British sailors put up their loudspeakers and shouted to the small fishing boat
"This sea area has become a war zone, please return to Hong Kong as soon as possible!"
"Dad, let’s go home …"
"If you don’t go back, I want the big fleet here to come back victorious!" Young Roy seems to be afraid of the old captain’s anger and patted Roy on the back, shaking his head firmly. "I want to witness with my own eyes that our fleet tore the poor self-esteem of the Germans, making Helgolan Bay an ocean fleet and making the vast and rich North Sea our fish pond!"
"Damn it, the night shift is really torture …" Watchtower German sailors yawned and complained to his companions.
"The West Lyme School warned that the British would take revenge in the near future, which made us always vigilant." The companion nodded and said, "It’s not that I don’t believe the commander. It’s said that the British ghost hasn’t come yet …"
At 5: 05 on 23rd, 1914, the last breath of the night, four night-duty destroyers (g192g193g194g195 respectively) of the second detachment of the first sea patrol fleet escorted the light cruiser Cologne back to Hong Kong, and the fog was thick. The officers and men of the observation posts of Helgolan Island were more or less lax and careless. The sailors didn’t know that it was only 1.5 nautical miles away from them. Three British submarines were desperately raiding in the east sea, and they just passed by death.
At 5: 14, Brigadier General Reginald Tyrwhitt’s Harriet fleet consisted of four cruisers, thirty-two destroyers, Brigadier General Jed Case’s third submarine detachment, and Brigadier General William Goodnow’s first light cruiser squadron, six Burham-class light cruisers. Taking advantage of the fog in Helgolan Bay, the German airship and aircraft were promoted to avoid the warning fleet of the outermost defense line in Helgolan Bay and successfully lurked to the scheduled location in the northwest of Helgolan Island.
Britain’s "miscellaneous brand" attack fleet has considerable strength. The temporary commander Brigadier General Tyrwhitt has a total of 1 cruiser, 32 destroyers and 3 submarines, as well as five capital ships of David Betty’s first battle cruiser fleet. According to the intelligence of the British Admiralty and the investigation of the specific strength of Heidi-Sillem defense circle command by Jed Case submarine detachment, Brigadier General Tyrwhitt has "known it like the back of his hand".
Heidi-West Lyme Defense Command has 16 destroyers, two minesweeper detachments, 14 minesweepers, the first U-shaped submarine fleet, 9 submarines (led by the Hamburg light cruiser) and 4 light cruisers attached to the command (Major General Leib Li Xite-Maas, the second reconnaissance fleet, transferred troops from Cologne, Mainz, Strasbourg, As far as the paper data is concerned, Brigadier General Tyrwhitt is suspected of occupying the advantage of quantity and quality, and Heidi Selim’s warships are not in the right place. Except for two light cruisers, Mainz and Strasbourg, and several patrol boats returning to Hong Kong, most of his troops are scattered in the vast Helgolan Bay.
The British war plan is quite bold. The three submarines of Brigadier General Jed Case’s submarine detachment will take the bait and be responsible for attracting the defense forces near Helgolan Island into the encirclement formed by Harriet’s fleet and the first cruiser squadron. William Blunt reconnaissance cruisers Terror and the second, 3 destroyer detachment was in charge of dealing with German light ships, while Tyrwhitt commanded the Xianlin light cruiser to deal with German cruisers two nautical miles behind the seven light cruisers, while Jones led the Explorer light cruiser and the first destroyer detachment to outflank and try to encircle the German fleet David Betty, the first battle cruiser sub-fleet, and fell to the last distance to attack the fleet for 20 nautical miles. It was not David Betty who was afraid of death, but Secretary of the Navy Churchill. Hill, Minister of the First Sea, Jellicoe, Commander of the Grand Fleet, and Brigadier General Reginald Tyrwhitt, the temporary commander of the attack fleet, have been demanding the facts. David Betty is brave and brave. Everyone knows everything about the British navy. From the Nile River to the Far East, David Betty has always been a leader. Although he is not lacking in strategy, people’s impression of his courage and bravery has been deeply rooted. Everyone is afraid that David Betty will be hot-headed and join the fray to make the First battle cruiser Sub-fleet suffer losses.
In the early period of World War I, there was not much difference in the naval strength between Germany and Britain. Any mistake on both sides could lead to the collapse of the situation. In this tense and stalemate period, the negative thought of protecting the ship and protecting the people was not only popular in the German Admiralty, but also very proud of the Royal Admiralty.
At 5: 45, three submarines of the third submarine detachment shared the bait. They were eager to fight. Jed Case led the advanced expedition to the depths of Helgolan Bay. Jed Case was far from the ambition of the Crusaders in those days, but a tragic psychological road. Thirty minutes passed, and Brigadier General Jed Case ran wildly. Almost 30 meters of red cliffs hanging on Helgolan Island in the North Sea could be seen in the periscope, but even a small German fishing boat did not meet the bait in this long journey of several nautical miles. There is no predator to lure the bait. The Jed-Keyes submarine is in a hurry in the narrow cabin. Helgolan Bay is the hinterland of the ocean fleet. There are many guns. If you are not careful, everyone may ruin this dangerous sea area!
Brigadier General Jed Keyes can bury Heidi Sealem’s slack defense while eagerly expecting a daredevil to crash in.
Real Jed Case wronged the otaku. When Jed Case ran like a doomsday flower, four cruisers of the second detachment of the first sea patrol fleet escorted the handover and returned to Hong Kong in a hurry. The German fleet failed to find the British submarine. On the contrary, the British submarine soldiers were anxious and failed to find the German destroyer. Both sides passed by through the sea fog.
At 6: 24, Brigadier General Jed Case still couldn’t find anything that could be called a hunter, so he decided to cross the rubicon and made a decision that made the British who were overwhelmed by the ocean fleet in 1916-1917 stunned-the submarine floated to Helgolan Island and fired!
The second gun The third chapter naval battle in the fog (4)
The third chapter naval battle in the fog (4)
Otaku had a long dream, in which there was a little girlfriend crying in her previous life, Catherine felt dejected and Anne fell in love for a lifetime; In the dream, President Lao Lai Xie respected and taught Erpitz to suppress his confidants Auden and Lei Deer mercilessly, and there were still 19 years of peak satisfaction and the end of the winter in 1912; In the dream, mother Hathaway warned her father Fresi that she was sorry for her son before she died, and her daughter Avril Lavigne was frolicking with sand sculptures on the beach.
Suddenly, a boom gun came to my ears, and even the glass windows shook. Several people ran around the beach and shouted at the beach. Avril Lavigne turned around and covered her delicate and lovely ears. Blood oozed from her fingers and she dyed her white dress red.
"no! Avril Lavigne! " Wang Haidi looked up from her desk full of chart documents, and her forehead was covered with cold sweat. She was in shock. "Fortunately, this is a nightmare … but … the gun seems to be real!"
The office door was hit, and Lieutenant Lauren and Lieutenant Shearer came in panting, pointing to the northwest and panicked. "The first Englishman called!"
"panic an egg!" Years of experience in martial arts made Wang Haidi calm down instantly. He burst into swearing and grabbed his military uniform coat while walking towards the office door and asked his staff about the specific situation.
"Three British submarines took advantage of the night to cross our blockade and lurk in the northwest waters of Helgolan Island. They shot at a logistics warehouse in the coastal highland in the northwest corner of Helgolan Island. The losses are still being counted." Wang Haidi’s demeanor calmed the flustered psychosomatic staff officer of Captain Lauren. He picked up some important information and said, "The guns of the coastal artillery units of Helgolan Island fought back, but the sight was not good. The three British submarines have retreated to the northwest. Major Mikron, the captain of the Cologne, has led the second of the first sea patrol fleet.
"Who let them go after? !” Is about to step into the door of the operations room, Wang Haidi missed stopping, and his eyes were sharp and sharp. The pale face of all the young staff officers in the operations room swept away and he was furious. "Can’t you see the lure of the enemy into such a trap?" !”
Captain Lauren blushed instantly and faltered. I didn’t know what to say. Haidi knew that it was not the time to investigate the responsibility. He gave Lauren a hard look and blurted out several instructions. "Lieutenant Shearer ordered to report to the Ocean Fleet Command that the number of British attack fleets was not found in the northwest waters of Helgolan Island. The second detachment of the first sea patrol fleet of our command had no casualties of their ships; Send a message to General hippel’s First Reconnaissance Fleet to abandon the plan A. Our defense headquarters tried to entangle the enemy; Send a message to the Second Reconnaissance Fleet of General Bu Li Xite-Mas to ask for the support of the Second Cruiser Squadron from the Hewan (Helgolan Bay) Defense Command. "
Lieutenant Shearer walked non-stop to the newspaper room. Wang Haidi was full of arrogance and ordered a few heads. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Go to the dock!"
At 6: 23, four destroyers of the first sea patrol fleet, the Cologne, just returned to the dock, and the boiler was not turned off yet. After hearing the guns coming from the coastal highlands, Major Mikron consulted the staff on duty at the headquarters and decided to attack quickly and try to annihilate the three daring submarines.
At 6: 29, the Cologne light patrol and four destroyers of the second detachment re-left the port. Helgolan Bay showed the search formation. The momentum of the roast chicken and the knife rushed to the three desperate submarines. When the pursuit fleet was about to chase the three British E-submarines that were sailing on the water, the British submarine suddenly made an emergency dive to pursue the fleet. After searching for a while, it had to give up the pursuit.
At 6: 49, William Blunt reconnaissance cruiser Terror and 22 destroyers of the 2nd and 3rd destroyer detachments broke through the sea fog and descended on the fleet that was about to turn around and return to pursue.
Mikron realized that they had been ambushed by the British, so he sent a telegram to Hewan headquarters for help while commanding the fleet to retreat. However, the way back was blocked. Jones led the Explorer light cruiser and a destroyer detachment from Hedao to intercept the pursuit fleet, so the prey turned into a large-scale hunter group, and the pursuit fleet was reduced to an escape fleet. The fog in Hewan and the twilight played life and death.
There was a small-scale artillery battle. In the face of the British people, such as Lin Guns, Major Mikron was afraid to lead him. The Corvette Cologne rushed out from the diagonal and sacrificed himself to save the world. In front of the armored destroyer, he tried to cover the second team to break through.
It’s hard for the prey to hook up with the British. Where is William Blunt’s school willing to let go? Calling for friends, screaming, entangled and fighting, and retreating? The German fleet shouted and killed the latest L-type destroyer and the old D-type destroyer. The 76-mm and 47-mm shells were like Kiel’s torrential rain in June, which spilled the G-192 and G-193 destroyers to the second detachment, and were instantly smashed into a sieve by the British. The 600-ton steel hull of the G-192 destroyer was almost completely caught in the fire. The bow of the ship G-193 was hit by a 76 mm shell, and a sea water of more than three meters surged in, and it had a tendency to capsize.
The second detachment of the British destroyer was weak, and the British terrorist and Explorer cruised lightly one-on-one only to lose one. Both the terrorist and Explorer cruised lightly in 1994. The old-fashioned third-class reconnaissance cruiser had a full displacement of less than 3,000 tons, and the main gun was only 76 mm, while the Cologne cruiser belonged to the klbery class cruiser with a full displacement of 44 tons, and its main gun was 15 mm, and its firepower was always earth and it adhered to the style of German weapons-the first-class defense force. The Cologne soon found the British cruiser everywhere.
At 7: 32, the boiler of the light cruiser Mainz, which was on duty at Helgolan Island Wharf, was half burned, and it was ready to start at any time, while the light cruisers Strasbourg, Stralsund and the first and fourth detachments of the first sea patrol fleet, the destroyers and the third detachment of the second sea patrol fleet, and the five lightning strike ships had also started an emergency boiler to raise steam. Although the commander of the light cruiser Mainz, Wang Haidi, a tower man, was in a hurry, but the surface was light and the wind was light, waiting patiently for the support fleet to be completed.
Ever since the otaku Wang Haidi became commander of the defense circle in Hewan and was determined to build an offensive defense circle, the otaku expected the British to retaliate brutally and bloody, but left a gorgeous loophole, hoping that the British could take the initiative to deliver the door. Considering the possible risks, he seconded a light cruiser squadron to the second reconnaissance fleet to strongly encourage Lieutenant General hippel and his first reconnaissance fleet to leave Jed River and station in Jed Bay to strengthen his chips.
Wang Haidi didn’t underestimate the strength of the British, but he obviously overestimated his own advantages. A foggy weather and Captain Lauren’s recklessness disrupted all his plans. Now the second detachment of the first sea patrol fleet and the cruiser Cologne have been surrounded by the British, and the British are definitely more than that. Airships are almost impossible to row submarines in this ghost weather. Although they have the reputation of being a water killer, otaku is not suitable for group battles. They can hope that the second reconnaissance fleet of hippel General battle cruiser and Major General Li Xite Mas can act decisively.
"The commander’s military emergency is not the way to simply get one ready and go out …" Lieutenant Shearer suggested.
"Stupid!" The otaku Wang Haidi rudely scolded me impatiently and explained, "The British tried to eat our Hewan defense circle, adopted refueling tactics, and then they were smashed by the British one by one and gradually eroded. If they missed the main force, last stand had to be dragged to the main force of the ocean fleet at least!"
"Commander, except for the V-117 lightning strike ship, the support fleet has been completed!" The captain of the cruiser Mainz hurried in.
The captain’s voice did not fall. The vice captain of Mainz rushed in with red eyes and said sadly, "Major Mitterrand came … Lieutenant Frank Bailey, captain of the G-193, sank with the ship!"
Wang Haidi put his fist in his trouser pocket unconsciously, and the tightening force was greater than the tendency of spasm. He took a deep breath and shouted with all his strength, "Raise the flagship flag and go!"
"The Navy Department is in a hurry!" The emperor’s attendants rushed in and forcibly interrupted the meeting of the army’s war situation analysis in Charlottenburg Palace. "The British fleet sneaked on us in Helgolan Island. Heidi-Selim School has led all the warships belonging to Hewan Command to the sea battle!"
On April 4, the Imperial Army crossed the Belgian border, and on September 9, Belgium fell and the Belgian French army was driven back to France. On January 21, the Imperial Army attacked the French in northern France in five ways. The Emperor’s military adviser and army general staff officer Yun Palace was in high spirits, and the Emperor explained the ground battle situation in detail.
"What? !” The emperor William, who had just returned to Germany for a rainbow offensive, changed his face. He couldn’t help but get up and hold the corner of the table in the sand table for almost the first time.
"Tell General Ingenohl not to order the ocean fleet to attack!"
"It is reported that General hippel’s first reconnaissance fleet has set out to ensure that in case of loss, he has mobilized the 1st and 2nd Battleship Squadrons of the Ocean Fleet to participate in the battle and have to send arrows!" The attendants answered cadence.
"Who ordered? !” Self-proclaimed protector of the high seas fleet, Kaiser Wilhelm, was trembling with anger by the Admiralty. He growled sullenly
"It’s … it’s Marshal Al Fresi von Erpitz, the Imperial Minister of the Navy!"
On the morning of March 23rd, 1914, Jellicoe will cruise back to the North Sea with the first Battleship Squadron of the big fleet, and Jellicoe will be keenly aware that the main force of David Betty’s first battle cruiser sub-fleet has disappeared as soon as he sets foot in Scarpa Bay.
"Madden, what is this?" Jellicoe slightly sulked to his chief of staff, Major General Charles Madden, and asked.
The commander-in-chief of the big fleet set sail without his permission. General Jellicoe felt that his power was greatly insulted.
"On February 2nd, the Secretary of the Navy Winston Churchill, the Secretary of the First Sea Hill and the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Lieutenant General Frederic Studdy, made a plan to sneak attack on Helgolan Island and encircle the defense circle fleet of Heidi-Silemkh Island. Harriet Fleet and Lieutenant General David Betty, the main force of the first cruiser squadron, were responsible for the support." Major General Charles Madden was so poor that he only listened to Nuo Nuo. "David Betty said that this was top secret action’s tactical information that was not urgently needed for this cruise, and this operation did not need to mobilize the main force of the big fleet.
"This bear child! Since the Admiralty has decided to carry out the surprise attack plan and the sneak attack forces are mostly light ships, how can I stop him from attacking? " Jellicoe was dumbfounded by David Betty Xiaocong and didn’t feel how serious the situation was. But when Jellicoe was about to finish reading the incredibly rough raid plan of the Admiralty, the veteran who had been drifting in the sea for decades was shocked by that kind of relaxation.