Greeting Li Suiyun, he immediately ordered the left and right sides to have a greeting for drinks and dishes. Li Suiyun said first, "I don’t know what adults are doing to recruit me?"


Phase slightly thoughtfully with a smile and said, "Don’t tell the Taoist that my wife is pregnant and I want to count as a child."
Li Suiyun nodded slightly and proudly said, "Our rules can’t be changed. You have to pay money first before you can tell your fortune."
Xiang Ji nodded with a smiling face and said, "It’s proper." Then he ordered his hand to take fifty gold and put it neatly on the table. Xiang Ji’s wife heard that there were such strangers who also rushed out to meet each other.
Li Suiyun was also rude and immediately took a golden cake and nodded in front of him. "Say what you want!" Phase slightly thoughtfully swing back or so nervous tunnel "Taoist, I want to calculate whether the child is male or female"
Li Suiyun smiled and took the golden cake into his arms and nodded, "I knew he was a boy as soon as my wife came in."
Xiang Xi hesitated and picked up a golden cake and sent it to Li Suiyun. He continued, "The Taoist priest asked the child’s life with this golden cake."
Li Suiyun took a meaningful look at the photo, which took up a lesson. Then he shook his head and sighed, "Your father’s future is great, if it is serious, it will be great, but how bumpy and hard his life and death are. It is really regrettable that he still has a big robbery in his childhood. If he can avoid it, he can fly high. If he is moderate, he will be afraid of his life."
When talking about the future, his wife was impatient and asked urgently, "Is there a way to save Taoist priests?" Then she grabbed a piece of gold cake and sent it to Li Suiyun.
Li Suiyun saw that Mrs. Xiang’s face was full of anxiety and care for her calves. She sighed slightly in her heart and stretched out her hand to push the golden cake back to its original place. She nodded and sighed lightly, "Our rules can’t be broken. It’s ten gold, not a dime, not a little more. I’ve received the reward, so you don’t have to worry about it."
Mrs. Xiang thanked her endlessly, but her face was full of eagerness
Li Suiyun got up and walked around the house for several steps. After a long time, he always sighed, "If your child wants to get out of trouble, you can worship the chief engineer of Huanghe Riverside New Town."
The wife was about to promise not to want to look slightly changed and retorted, "The Taoist priest is so sure that my son is helpful in the new town manager?" Is the Taoist priest familiar with the new town manager? "
Li Suiyun’s heart sneers at andao cunning. This guy has to guard against it tightly for fear that he is the agent of Hou Yi. His face remains unchanged. He sighs, "I once thought that there was a loyal Geng generation on the Yellow River bank who should have said something about the death of the new city manager. If the adults don’t believe me, please return." Say, get up and go, and promise to stop and comfort them.
Li Suiyun, too, stopped and nodded thoughtfully for a moment. "Although the new town manager can protect him for a while and then help him, it can’t hydrolyze the thirst. I have three invisible breath of the talisman here. You will drop blood on each operator and one person will be protected for three hours."
Xiang Xi told his wife to put away the Taoist symbol and was just about to ask her children about their achievements in the future. Li Suiyun had a tired face and stretched out his hand to stop it. "I have repeatedly leaked the secret to my adult, and my life is really broken. At this time, it’s getting late and I need to sit quietly and leave." I got up and ignored everyone’s retention.
Li Suiyun’s fortune-telling in Xiangfu had been reported by agents. Hou Yi and Han Zhuo listened to it as a surprise, but they drank with Chang ‘e, and they were extremely happy. While Han Zhuo was jealous of each other, he sent people to monitor him more, and he sent people to torture the fortune-teller again. Li Suiyun resigned and went straight out of the city. If he didn’t know that his tail behind him, he couldn’t help secretly sneering at those followers. Although they all had fairy abilities, it was ridiculous to follow himself. It was a saint who wanted to follow himself.
He also knows that if these immortals can’t be killed, it will inevitably attract the attention of elucidation and heaven. He has the heart to buy things and pick some straw from the roadside to make a human-shaped Ma Zhuang to blow the fairy tale. The man and the horse are all alive, but they are his own appearance. The horse is also a good horse, roaring and arrogant.
Dummies and fake horses hurried west, and he himself turned into a breeze and went straight to the new city.
Those immortals, like saints, were in a hurry to follow, but they saw that the horse ran really fast, really like lightning, but it had already run for a hundred miles in a moment.
Those people changed their faces in shock, but they were in a hurry to chase them, but the faster they were, the faster the horse was, the slower they were, and the slower the horse was, the more than thirty miles ahead of them.
However, in half a day, the horse has run thousands of miles away, even a swift horse has never had such a speed, and the horse is a little tired and seems to be comfortable.
A man saw that it was getting dark, and the jade rabbit would rise, for fear that it would be dark and he lost the trace of the man and the horse, so he pulled out a sword from behind and peeped out nearly once, but when he saw the light of the sword, he split the man and the horse into two parts like a flash.
All the immortals were taken aback when they saw it, and the immortals themselves were startled. They didn’t expect that they would succeed with one sword. They pressed the cloud head but saw the blood. The man and the horse were lying flat on their backs.
One person’s humanitarian method is exquisite, and the magical power is urgently used to fetch water, and a lamp will be sucked and sprayed. Only then will the illusion be retired, but it is a grass and grass.
Seeing this, the immortals can deceive the eyes and ears of the immortals without being frightened to disgrace. This man is also a little cunning. If he says that he will go out and laugh off the fangs of heaven and man, several people dare not hesitate to hurry back and report the matter to Han Zhuo.
Han Zhuo heard the news and got up and strolled for a few steps. His eyes were full of indifference. It took a long time to hate. "This is Li Daitao’s rigid method. Although it is often used, it can deceive the fairy and the other side. It is not weaker than the fairy."
Nowadays, in the vast land, all the monks have soared to San Xiu after the Mahayana period, although they are not worse than the fairy deeds. Even the patriarchs of various factions will not have such a mood to find us. Worse, I know their identity. If they can hide from my eyes and ears, it happened that this person came quietly and went to the end suspiciously. "
All the immortals are startled with honest and frank’s mouth saying, "If the adults say that this guy can still jump out from the cracks in the stone, it won’t be Han Zhuo’s cold way." Although it’s not jumping out of the stone, it may not be natural. "
All the immortals changed their faces when they heard him say this. If he said this, would this man have anything to do with heaven?
Han Zhuo’s eyes are full of murder and hate. "It seems that some of the people in the face can’t sit still. First, they sent the first beauty from heaven, and then they sent people to play with each other. It’s really a good calculation. This matter must be reported immediately to explain and teach the immortals to know."
People are also surprised and dare not hesitate. They are ready and promised to prepare themselves.
Chapter 70 Cast a net to catch more fish
When Li Suiyun hurried back, he ignored his brothers, but packed his bags and went on. When Kong Xuan saw it, he was slightly surprised and said, "Master, where do you want to go? If you go like this, is it strange that my brother has done something bad?"
Li Suiyun snorted a drink a way. "You ignorant guy, do you still need me to respect this?" You are really hateful. "
Kong Xuan’s fine face was so tight that he said respectfully, "Master, are you going back to the island?"