Su Yonglin didn’t intend to use white stripes for a long time when he thought of this temporary method to relieve financial tension. He also expected that the people would inevitably sell white stripes for real benefits soon. The white stripes were just cut out of paper and stamped with a seal.


However, it seems that due to the high credibility of IOUs, some areas seem to regard IOUs as currency, which is no longer regarded as a time bomb, and it is necessary for some people to collect and hide it.
At present, there may not be some people with impure minds, and no one has come up with anything wrong, but no one can guarantee that there will be no such people, which inevitably leads to the risk of the birth of counterfeit money.
Chapter 673 White anti-counterfeiting upgrade
This kind of thing is counterfeit money, not to mention the era of paper money, and there are no fewer incidents of casting counterfeit money in the era of metal money.
All kinds of two springs are short of weight, and when thousands of officials and people work together to engage in bad money and drive out good money, they can wash away the people every time, making the people miserable and rushing into the abyss in one fell swoop.
It can be said that this thing is too profitable, which is similar to killing the goose that lays the golden egg. If the people are not prepared, they can make a lot of money after a wave of cleaning.
After a chicken feather … How many people really?
Nature has its own way of stopping losses, not to mention the fact that the ruling class won’t care about such things as the final bloodbath or the wealth of the people.
Even if one or two conscientious officials object, it will not change the overall situation.
The official will play this way, and the people will certainly play this way. Not everyone has a conscience. Who doesn’t take action in this big money job? It is the difference in quantity and difficulty that all real coins must be counterfeited.
Some currencies are genuine and strong, and it is profitable to make them, while others are rotten and profitable to make them.
Su Yonglin remembered the general paragraph of God-
Why do you make counterfeit money?
Because I can’t make real money
For this kind of thing, Su Yonglin thinks that it is not necessary to dialectically think about whether the root will appear, but should consider when it will appear and the coping strategies.
Because Su Yonglin doesn’t have enough money to give up IOUs for a while.
In order to repair the Yellow River, water conservancy projects in various places have been built, and the land of the Central Plains has been revived. The imperial policy of "white stripes" is bound to continue, and it will take a while to "unify" the work by borrowing money.
Although I haven’t received the news of forging white stripes, it is necessary to take precautions.
Su Yonglin felt that it was necessary to upgrade the white stripes in order to avoid the government’s trust being damaged and the future layout being affected by the fake events in the future.
Anti-counterfeiting upgrade
After investigation, Su Yonglin decided to upgrade the anti-counterfeiting, and the white stripe department made a special water pattern paper material.
Waterprint paper, also known as flower curtain paper, can show bright lines or patterns except curtain lines when viewed in the light. The origin of this paper can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty.
In the early days, there were many stationery, poems and calligraphy papers, which were purely reflected by the leisure of literati. The main value was in the artistic level, and only artists with money and leisure would realize this beauty
After Su Yonglin made this decision, he ordered the government to buy out the water-printed paper mill made by the Ministry of Frontier and the craftsmen, and forced the monopoly department to forbid the private ownership and sale of the water-printed paper industry.
The Ministry of Physical Education and Technical Personnel was forced by the government to hire employees of the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry was given the status of an official and the treatment. The Ministry was forced to move to Zhongdu to live and live, so it was supervised and monitored nearby.
And Su Yonglin also asked the people to recycle a large number of water-printed paper, and cut off the water-printed paper before the action.
Well, this kind of paper also belongs to high-grade paper, and it is not expensive, so it can be widely used by the people. Besides literati and other rich and leisure people in staple goods, it is not popular with the people, and the output is not high, and it does not involve much or stir up any waves.
In the end, Xiang Ren and others either joined the Ministry of Industry or got enough compensation to keep silent.
So on the thirteenth day of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Su Yonglin ordered the Ministry of Industry to require the company to make new pattern water-printed paper as complicated as possible, and it was inconvenient to forge this white strip basic material.
Patterns are art, but birds and animals can be used in landscape painting. Generally speaking, they should be complicated, leaving subtle ways that are not easy to be found.
It is best to make people who want to forge despair, so that the cost they have to pay far exceeds the available benefits, thus forcing them to give up counterfeiting.
The writing materials on the back white page are unified to make cinnabar
Cinnabar is either an alchemist or an official. It is generally mysterious and solemn in this era. This color represents the importance of white stripes.
In terms of writing, Su Yonglin also demanded that the prescribed words and characters be uniformly engraved and printed in the warehouse of the Ministry of Finance, and that the Privy Council and the Ministry of Industry must obtain permission from the Ministry of Finance before they can be used.
A new set of white stripes appeared on the 20 th day after Su Yonglin ascended the throne.
He can ignore it. Only when he looks at the sun, he sees that the water painting hidden in Zhongshan is quite graceful, adding a romantic artistic conception to this vulgar thing for no reason.
This feeling is as beautiful as making money into art.
How about making paper money in the future?
Su Yonglin suddenly had this idea.
Although it may be a little higher, it is still a piece of paper. It is more cost-effective to improve the process than to cast copper money
Su Yonglin ordered the award to complete this innovative craftsman and mass-produced a part of this batch of white bars for preparation.
This time, the Privy Council submitted a batch of IOUs to the Ministry of Finance at the request of Shandong local government in order to recruit 100 thousand civilian workers to help the military logistics in Shandong.
After the Ministry of Finance confirmed that it was compliant and feasible, it approved the release of this batch of IOUs into the people.
At the same time, Shandong provinces and regions explained the different styles of new white bars, and exchanged the old white bars for the new white bars in equal amounts. The industry encouraged the people to exchange the old white bars for the new ones to prepare for the one-step elimination of the flow of white bars.
Su Yonglin also made it necessary to exchange old white bars and new white bars for a certain period of time, and the old white bars were directly abolished and no longer allowed to be exchanged, thus speeding up the upgrading of people’s white bars.
It is too simple for an old white strip to be forged.
Taking advantage of the war, Su Yonglin led the government to prepare a lot of things, and did not wait for the victory of the war and the acquisition of the new year’s money.
Although this war must be won, there are too many things that the government needs to do.
At the same time, Haizhou Frontier Week in Shandong Province also learned a lot of information about Song Jun’s movements through the second action group of Tianwang Army, which went deep into the Song Ministry.
Judging from Song Jun’s dynamic intelligence, Song Jun didn’t finish working as an intelligence worker
Obviously, they already know that the army is in Haizhou knot and have prepared for large-scale action, and correspondingly strengthened the water army’s guard force in Jianghuai area and the guard force in Zhenjiang and Jiankang on the south bank of the Yangtze River.
Judging from the arrangement of the army, Song Ting clearly judged that the army planned to attack from Haizhou, break through the Huaihe River and the Yangtze River defense line and set foot on the land in the south of the Yangtze River.
It’s not surprising that they have strengthened their defenses in Zhenjiang and Jiankang.
According to military intelligence, it can be known that the number of Song Jun in Zhenjiang is about 50,000, and the number of Song Jun in Jiankang is about 70,000.
Both armies are paid, that is, they eat more while eating less.
So it seems that Wang is really an idiot.
As for the navy, the number of patrol and alert warships in Song Jun’s Huai River area is only a few dozen, while the number of warships in the Yangtze River defense line in some combat navy divisions exceeds 200, and the number of navy divisions is about 3,000
There are more than 300 warships and more than 7,000 sailors in the state water army. The main force of the Song Jun Navy is still moored at the port of Dinghai County and has not taken action.
Judging from this, it is obvious that Song Ting recognized that the navy had raided from the sea to Lin ‘an, which may require the state navy to become the Great Wall of Lin ‘an City.
The first world war was sixty-three thousand for the army and the land and water army and ninety thousand for the land and water army in Song Jun.
The gap between the forces of the two sides is not too big, and it is barely even. However, considering that Song Jun has the advantage of home court, it is possible to send more troops at any time, and it is still necessary to make a quick decision.
Chapter 674 Su Changsheng social cow force disease
On the ninth day of Wednesday, the pre-war mobilization meeting was called, and the commanding officer and instructor department of the barracks attended.
During the conference week, the current military layout of the Southern Song Dynasty was explained, so that officers and instructors had a general understanding of the war situation.
After understanding, we will announce the specific tactical allocation in the next week, such as what the first division does, what the second division does, what the third division does, what the cavalry does, and so on.