The sword of the Six Realms Mountain turns into a cold mountain, and the crow’s hands and feet are chained around.


The chains suddenly cracked.
"Wow, freedom at last."
Crow directly threw the shackles far away and rubbed his wrist happily.
"All right, let’s go!" Gu Qingshan press a way
The crow looked at the dark tunnel and woke up. "The tunnels here are criss-crossed. I have some escape experience. Why don’t I take you to run?"
"No one needs to be more familiar with these tunnels than we are," Gu Qingshan said.
A mass of black fire condensed in front of him, forming a dark flame dog.
"Do you listen to say that your name is crow?" Black dog road
"Hello, what’s your name?" Asked the crow
The black dog opened his mouth and hesitated slightly before saying, "Do you know heaven and earth?"
"Know" crow nods
"I’m the dog with the prefix" Black Dog said.
"Tengu?" Crow wanted to ask.
Black dog breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Remember to the dog, I am a six-track dog, not a licking dog."
Crow silently
He looked at Gu Qingshan calmly and whispered, "Is there something wrong with this dog?"
"It’s okay, he is a little sensitive" Gu Qingshan way
Black dog half looked around, pointing to a fork in the road tunnel way
"Go this way!"
It ran out first.
Gu Qingshan and crow followed.
"Hey this dog still find their way? Reliable and unreliable. "Crow asked uncertainly.
"Don’t worry, this place is familiar." Gu Qingshan said.
Two people and one dog flying fast in the dark tunnel.
Whenever there is a fork in the road, the black dog will not hesitate to rush into the middle road, and Gu Qingshan and crow will follow quickly
They turned several turns and crossed countless forks, and they gradually broke away from the encirclement.
Finally, after running for hours in a row, those murderous growls behind me could no longer be heard.
There is no chase behind him.
Two people and one dog gradually stopped.
The crow gasped, "Actually, they are trying to catch that dragon. We are in trouble."
Gu Qingshan took out three bottles of wine and gave them one bottle each. He covered himself and drank it.
Crows and black dogs also drank up their wine bottles.
"Those blood turned into monsters just now came from huge eyeballs?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Yes, it seems to be very interested in all kinds of species and keeps collecting all kinds of life," crow said
At the black dog Gu Qingshan.
The black dog thought silently for a while and said, "Eye … it may draw knowledge from various life structures to create its own servants."
"It will also create servants?" Gu Qingshan asked
"Of course, the more powerful monsters are, the more reluctant they are to kiss everything, which consumes too much energy and strength." Black Dog said.
The crow listened and looked around and said, "It’s so quiet here."
"Yes, this is a very remote place, and no one usually comes," said Black Dog.
The crow said to himself, "I heard that the giant eyeball has converged and its strength is rushing from the virtual turbulence-it shouldn’t happen to pass by us."
The world is quiet for a while.
Gu Qingshan and Black Dog looked at each other.
"Not good" Gu Qingshan Road