Turned to look and found that the princess of Luo Cha was looking at herself with a smile on her face. Today, she didn’t look like she wore a white veil yesterday and made a little beauty.


"Why can’t I come? I also want to go to Huaguoshan and listen to Mr. Lu’s sermon." Princess Luo Cha said with a smile on her face
The little monkey’s eyes turned round and round before saying, "Then you don’t hurry to curry favor with me. When we get to Huaguoshan, my grandson will protect you. If anyone dares to bully you, report my name."
At this moment, the little monkey looked majestic and agarwood knew that he loved to brag again, but he didn’t expose it, but smiled at him.
The big ship is riding roughshod all the way, but it is about to see Huaguoshan when it encounters difficulties. A pair of shrimps and crabs will drill out of the bottom of the sea and force the ship to stop.
I saw an ugly sea patrol hag jump out of the sea and shouted, "The former convenience is the blessed land of Huaguo Mountain, where can ordinary people dare to trespass on the fairy mountain?"
The boatman looked at the ferocious hag in the middle and didn’t dare to neglect him at once. He shouted, "Don’t be angry, general. We are waiting to go to Huaguo Mountain to seek truth, but mortals still hope that the general will do us a favor and let us go."
"Hum, what do you take the general for? I patrol the sea, and naturally I have to distinguish good from evil. I have to check the ship before I can release it." Hag said proudly.
Then he rode the waves, and when the planking came, he saw Princess Luo Cha’s face flashing with obsession. He wanted to make a fortune, so he left Hag and suddenly changed his mind.
With a serious face, he said, "It’s insincere for a wise man to dare to come to the immortal mountain to visit the Taoist temple, and it’s hard to find you."
As soon as he took a bite, everyone knew what this guy meant. Aquilaria has been polished for several years, and Princess Luo Cha, who is in charge of thousands of creatures in Luo Cha Island, can’t see that this hag deliberately finds fault.
Therefore, he gave a charming smile. "This general doesn’t know if he can accommodate me. It’s a pity if he comes from Wan Li not far away."
That hag smells as if he is crisp all over, which is the so-called femme fatale. Sometimes beauty is a kind of original sin.
"It’s not impossible for me to bend the rules. It depends on your sincerity," he said, staring straight at Princess Luo Cha.
Chapter six hundred and thirteen White Dragon
Princess Luo Cha gave a brilliant smile when she heard it, so she coveted her beauty. She was so soft that she couldn’t wait to rush home with her beauty.
"But I already have a man," said Princess Luo Cha coily, while her eyes kept looking at agarwood.
The hag looked at the agarwood face and showed a trace of contempt. He said contemptuously, "I can crush a beauty with one finger, so it’s just a waste of time for you to follow him."
"Where there is a husband, he runs with people." Princess Luo Cha said with laughter that the circulation of O, R is amazing.
Aquilaria saw this heart andao a bad thing. He should have thought of this. Princess Luo Cha is a restless guy. He never thought that it would be a dissension here. It seems that he really wants to have a fight with the sea patrol hag.
Sure enough, as he expected, the sea patrol hag was fascinated by the words of Princess Luo Cha and immediately grinned, "That’s not easy. Just wait for me to eat him."
At this moment, the sea patrol hag is fierce, staring at agarwood with a ferocious face, and his eyes are full of cold murder. He can’t wait to get the beauty back.
Aquilaria showed a wry smile and looked at one side to gloat. Princess Luo Cha said, "I don’t want this woman easy virtue for a long time. If the general respects taking it away directly, it will make people laugh if you can’t get out with a common person like me."
When this statement came out, Princess Luo Cha immediately glared at her. She didn’t expect Aquilaria to take the opportunity to say that her beautiful eyes in easy virtue were shining with dangerous light.
At this time, even if he was as slow as a sea-patrol hag, he found that something was wrong with them and immediately flew into a rage. "What an adulterer and whore dare to play with me!"
Angry, the sea patrol hag instantly hit the steel fork in his hand from the sky with a thousand powerful forces. Princess Luo Cha saw this corner of her mouth with a slight curl but did not choose to fight. Instead, she instantly hid behind Aquilaria and said, "Aquilaria will beat him!"
The agarwood language has completely subverted his understanding of Princess Luo Cha by looking at the princess of Luo Cha these days. She was originally a proud and cold woman, but she never thought that the queer spirits might have been suppressed for too long, which was a bit radical.
But at this time, he didn’t say much because the sea patrol hag attack was close at hand, and he could feel the steel fork falling from the sky and bringing air billow.
At this time, agarwood is no longer the fledgling young man with rich combat experience. Finding the right time to avoid the sea patrol hag is bound to get a blow. A huge steel fork will fall off the boat and instantly smash the deck out of a big hole. Agarwood lightly waved his arm and hit the hag with a knife.
The terrible pain made this ferocious hag cry, and the steel fork in his hand was thrown on the deck and made a muffled sound.
"Damn me, I will cut you to pieces!" The sea patrol hag roared in pain, but without his weapon, his threat to agarwood has been greatly reduced.
Aquilaria naturally won’t miss such a good opportunity. Before Haga came out of the pain, he cheated and punched Haga in the stomach.
The intense pain made Hag’s eyes wide open as if he were about to jump out, and his huge body arched like a fish jumping on the shore.
Princess Luo Cha disdained the pie mouth when she saw this. "It’s really overreaching of me to dare to tease such a pustule."
Proud expression as if she defeated hag agarwood. Looking at the people around her, they shook their heads. Looking at the calm agarwood, after all, it’s said that hag agarwood could defeat him so easily. Is it already a fairy middleman?
"Damn you, waiting for the Dragon Palace in the East China Sea will not let you go." Hag said bitterly.