"Do you want to go in?" LiHuan morning rest to sort out his clothes all show elegant color looked at a group of girls mouth asked.


The girls immediately point their heads like chickens to eat.
When Li Chengzhu regained his sight, he found himself in another area. If he guessed correctly, this should be the Nine palace map world.
This is a dead man! Nine palace map LiHuan morning is the master! It’s definitely not good to fall in by yourself.
But when did the founder decorate Nine palace map’s starting array?
"Don’t make me say it again. I will never show you mercy!" Immortal Emperor took a warm and angry tone, and Boss Li remembered that surging like the sea, and Yuan Shen approached Li Chengzhu’s last line of defense straight.
One-on-one! Boss Li wanted to yell, but on second thought, he was definitely not his father-in-law’s opponent. It would not be too ugly to harass himself and lose.
Give a hint of god’s knowledge, lock the shadow tightly, and do the least evasive action. Most of the spirit is used to confront the father-in-law.
The more you fight boss Li, the more you lose heart.
Compared with my father-in-law, my own god is simply vulnerable. If my father-in-law is a giant in milk, then my own god is Taiping Airport.
It was the immortal emperor, and it was an outlander!
The immortal emperor is also having a headache at the moment. It’s smaller than this. He slides like a loach and gives in with one blow. He can’t touch the edge. I can’t believe how he can fuck himself so flexibly without getting hurt.
"You still run!" The immortal emperor was angry. "If the Yuan God is not strong, the slaves will not be able to build strong strength, and my two daughters may become widows!" "
"fuck! They can only be widows if they don’t run! " Li Chengzhu showed no weakness and held two strands of Yuan God with his father-in-law. In the purple mansion of Li Chengzhu, you chased me and fled in a seesaw battle.
"help!" The shadow can’t catch Li Chengzhu’s figure, and several attacks have brushed his body, but he didn’t hit the angry shadow, and he didn’t care what his identity or predecessor was, and he roared at the virtual reality.
"hey!" LiHuan sounded in the morning sound and then a roar Nine palace map reiki changed dramatically.
Is to avoid the shadow Li big boss horror felt a reiki locked himself without pitfalls, although there is no danger, but that reiki huge but let him a little nervous.
Looked up slightly Li Chengzhu body a cold.
Seeing a big hand in the sky is bigger than a big hand, and it is completely composed of aura. The palm contains great energy, and even the palm print can be seen clearly.
The girls suddenly held up their mouths, and a puff of air was heard.
LiHuan morning at the moment is Nine palace map dominate mobilize this beyond the nine immortals force to deal with Li Chengzhu a real word.
Li Chengzhu tried to hide, but he found that no matter which direction he ran, his big hands were always close to his retreat.
"Day!" Boss Li couldn’t help scolding Li Chengzhu when his big hand covered him and pressed him directly to the ground.
Is this still our ancestor? It’s so bullying. It’s so bullying.
The whole body can’t move, and the aura constitutes a big hand, just like a vise, which will lock itself on the ground.
In the purple mansion, the father-in-law Yuan Shen is approaching the shadow in the line of sight, holding his face and coming to his side step by step.
"Wives help!" Li big boss shouted a very ungrateful.
Mei Kailin tried to move, but was stopped by Gu Linglong.
"Jie Jie ….." Shadow was mad with anger. Although she was stronger than Li Chengzhu, she still ate turtle. Isn’t this a good time for revenge? "help? See who can come and save you! "
Shadow gnashed her teeth when she said this. Boss Li saw cold light from his eyes.
"Seventh Martial Uncle …" Boss Li was pitifully raised by his big hand and blinked at the shadow. "Can you not hit your face?"
"Don’t worry, I hit the key parts!" Shadow answer let Li Chengzhu a chill followed by a severe pain from the vest.
A mouthful of blood gushed out when he couldn’t hold back his mouth. Boss Li smiled miserably. "It’s so fucking cruel!"
"I see where you are running!" Shadow Jie Jie smiled and held Li Chengzhu constantly waving his arms and raising his big casserole fist to greet Li Chengzhu.
"Boom!" On the stereo, the girls fought back their tears and turned their heads to look at it again.