Aunt Hao Qingqing Dong personally filled the gunpowder bag and put some broken stones in it, then lit three wooden gun fuzes in turn. Listen to the boom, smoke filled, stones were flying, broken stones were falling and splashing. If you want to hit a fixed target, there is a large list of’ re’ signs across the street.


These three cannons put in the past’re actually swept down more than a dozen faces. If it is a battlefield, it can really hurt more than a dozen enemies. Zhao Dao "What is this? This thing is more powerful than a bowl. This is what you do with firearms. What does it have? "
"Zhao Xiong said that this thing is indeed weaker than the bowl-mouth spear, and even the imperial god spear may not be lost to it." Yang Chengzu was not afraid to expose his shortcomings.
"It’s made of wood and iron. If it’s more powerful than the bowl, there’s a problem, but it’s also because it’s made of wood and iron that its first advantage is safety."
"Yes, it’s a desperate errand to put the spear in the bowl. Who knows when the imperial court made this firearm and exploded it? That thing is for the dead. We can just put less gunpowder when we put the spear, so we don’t explode or blow ourselves up when we explode it."
Liu, the spear hand of Qinglong Mountain, was the first to speak when he heard the word "An". He was responsible for releasing the spear and directly affecting his life. No one knew the pros and cons of this bowl better than him. When he heard that this wooden gun was safe, he naturally supported it with both hands.
Yang Chengzu pointed to the gun body. "This wooden gun is unbearable. It will be broken after two or three guns are fired, but it will just blow a crack and re-hoop it. This is the second advantage of this gun."
He pointed to the wall of the bowl. "This thing is the treasure of our mountain. After all, if you can’t buy a Buddha machine, you can expect the bowl to protect the mountain. But because it is precious, everyone should protect it when fighting, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the war. But like this wooden gun, you can throw it around if you want. It’s just a piece of wood and a few hoops. How much is it worth? Not too much meaning. "
"Besides, although this thing will be blown to pieces if it grows too long, the trees are easy to get. This is the third advantage. It is cheap. We can buy a bowl of flowers to make dozens of wood and close to a hundred wooden cannons. Then we need to buy gunpowder, so we don’t have to buy a bowl of pins. It’s just right to add some good dishes to the leaders in the stockade. If we are at a disadvantage, we can buy more feet and more armor."
"This wooden cannon bowl is the same as firing ammunition, and it is required that everything, whether it is nail crumbs or broken stones, can be used as ammunition. This thing is simple, easy to make and cheap. Our mountain carpenters can do it and it is very convenient to teach people to do it. It is not a problem if we want to build hundreds of doors in our mountain."
Zhao Dao said, "But can this thing build hundreds of doors to resist the loyalist ware?"
"But why should we resist the loyalist ware?" Fire wind burn then took the words "we are the mountain and not rebel loyalist to suppress we retreated to the neighboring province with loyalist desperately? These hundreds of wooden cannons are easy to carry and can be taken out to rob the caravan in a row. What courage do you have to fight recklessly with us? When the time comes, everyone will guarantee that it will be full and return to him. This thing is also a rare weapon. I don’t know how much better than what you are tinkering with and don’t know when it will bear fruit. "
After all, this dry man has regained his arrogance. It makes sense to hear this description. No one wants to fight against the loyalist. When I heard that this thing has a good prospect, I said, "It’s really a good thing. With these many wooden cannons, are we afraid of a ghost?"
Especially those blacksmiths who are dragged to study ware, their skills are not much higher than their craft. They are mostly parents and apprentices. It is a bit overwhelming to let them work or let them do research. Zhao’s research on that thing is really too big for the span of science and technology. These days, they are tortured and miserable. At this time, when they saw this wooden gun, they immediately came out to support.
"It’s good that we can’t understand what the ware is. On the contrary, this wooden cannon is easy to learn, and we can also help to do it. I think it’s time for us to forget about the ware."
Zhao Zhixin’s firearms matter actually represents the development direction. He studies that Mini guns are used to rebel and fight out in the future, while studying this wooden gun is a promising job of holding his peace of mind and engaging in mountain thieves. The biggest future is to win a favor and achieve great things.
"You can’t leave this government dog thief when he is trying to kill everyone’s fighting spirit and make you lose the money to compete with the government. Wake up and don’t be fooled by him, Ji Qingqing. You don’t want to be cheated by him. This man is deceiving you and not sincere to you."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Take Ji Long (3)
These wooden cannons were made by Hao Qingqing along with Yang Chengzu, and they have always been recognized as their own good workmanship certificates. After hearing what he said, he flew into a rage. "Shut your mouth and be jealous of what you can’t do yourself. How can there be such a cheeky person as you? It’s not up to you to worry about Yang En’s business. Why do you care about my business? "
Lei Xiaochen, on the other side of her hair, also said, "Our family’s small door in the mountains is no different from that in the frontier army, where all the imperial court materials are cocoa. We are going to make achievements soon. Master Zhao, your brain is very alive and sometimes you can always come up with many new things. Everyone recognizes you, but this time I will be fair about this firearm, or Yang Baihua has taken the lead. Of course, to be honest, although Yang Zhuangshi can do this firearm, there are some things that we have to consider according to the interests of the mountain."
"Second, the master is quick to talk. Yang is naturally treated well by the old master behind my mountain, and the big lady studies this wooden cannon with me as a confidant, which is just a reward for this kindness and has nothing to do with the public discussion."
When they saw the power of the wooden cannon, they all felt that although they could not compare with the bowl-mouth spear, they could win. It was simple and easy to manufacture, and the price was low. It was a rare weapon. Everyone rejoiced and praised this exquisite design. Everyone came out as a thief to make a fortune, not to work hard. Naturally, the cheaper the better, but the power was a secondary factor.
In the next few days, Yang Chengzu spent all his time in the cottage, chatting with young aunts and aunts, and he was very enthusiastic. I still don’t know where to find the huqin, so that many big girls’ eyes were shining, and the courage was unexpectedly dare to grab the big lady’s wharf and steal a handkerchief to pack wild fruit in Yang Chengzu’s hand. I just let him in by giving him a chance to knock on three windows tonight.
Three days later, a group of young men and women gathered in a circle at the tinker, and there were people in the cheering circle. Yang Chengzu and Hao Qingqing each held a whistle stick. You came and I got into a ball, and both of them were sticks. be adept at was a good means. Two sticks danced like a spinning wheel. These people were fascinated and praised.
Although they stick to each other, they still have to shout "Be careful, I’ll hit your leg" from time to time, which is just teasing rather than really fighting. This kind of martial arts is still a martial arts world, and everyone is used to it.
Yang Chengzu’s physical foundation is as good as others’. Now, although his left arm has not healed, there is no pressure to dance with this club. He is very familiar with the ups and downs these days, and it is not the first time for Miss Yang to dismantle martial arts.
Many kind-hearted aunts in the cottage think that it’s natural for the big lady to find such a husband, and her opinion of Yang Chengzu is particularly good. From time to time, she takes some food clothes to give him food, which also makes her a good name.
Unlike Zhao, Yang Chengzu doesn’t want to teach these people basic physics and basic chemistry. He teaches three-character classics, hundreds of surnames and thousands of words, and then bookkeeping. These are all things that people have learned at that time. In other words, literacy is a special way to let them know words in this era, which can make them feel more benefits than teaching them scientific knowledge.
Long-term investment is always a loss compared with short-term investment, which is a problem of return cycle. Most people in the mountain now think that Yang Bai is more occupied than Zhao Zhuang.
More often, he is chatting about the future of the cottage and the development of the cottage. Qinglong Mountain is not a simple military fortress. The cottage here is more like a settlement.
In addition to following Hao Yunlong to the strongman near the old army, there are also abandoned refugees who owe debts and can’t afford farmers. The people want to make a name for themselves in the rivers and lakes, and the result is that all the lonely Xia and Xia girls are injured.
The walled village is one side of the world. Although there are young men in this world who are bent on building a successful career with one knife and one gun, there are also many who have already broken their heads and want to have a good birthday. The Lord and those middle-aged Chinese are long past the age when they want to bleed and fight for their lives, and they want to eat. Yang Chengzu, the most popular of these people, can often talk for a long time.
Not to mention those big girls and kannika nimtragol, every time he speaks, there are a group of fixed women around him. No matter what he says, he nods and smiles. When he looks at the past, those people will bow their heads and blink if they are bold.
In the scene, the two of them were able to tear down the sticks all the way. After all, Yang Chengzu’s left arm was beaten away by the big lady with a stick, and it was a good thing for the big lady to take a step back.
Hao Qingqing changed his silk handkerchief to cover his head today. He showed a proud figure and flew Yang Chengzu’s stick. He also casually threw a handkerchief out and handed it to Yang Chengzu. "How’s your arm?" The injury is just right, but I dare not overdo it and the injury recurs. "
"Thank you, Miss, my arm is fine." When they saw this, they burst into laughter and humanity. "I’m still waiting for you to sing a song for us tonight." Then I gave a shout and scattered the fire and wind, and Yang Chengzu strolled out of Dazhai all the way to the back of the mountain.
The wild land is remote and full of wild flowers, which is a good place for two people to meet these days. Yang Chengzu came to the grass, took the tarpaulin, spread it, and handed it to Hao Qingqing. "You are tired after eating some sticks."
"Is this really tiring to practice martial arts every day?" She took the food and saw that it was sandwiched with meat biscuits and laughed. "This is uncle’s four girls, right? Her braised pork is the most fragrant in the mountains. "
"I can’t help it."
"You’ve only been here for a few days than Zhao Qiang, so you’ve got acquainted with so many people. He came earlier than you, but his popularity may not be much better than you." Hao Qingqing praised.
"But you just befriend with these people? They are just a group of underlings, and the people are only influenced by the patron of this cottage. It is decided that the result of the consultation will be the castellan, not them. You still have to befriend the castellan leaders more. The consultation will be held in two days, but you won’t go to the castellan’s house. This is outrageous. Look at Zhao running to the leaders’ houses every day, even letting you go of making ware and building a school. "
She suddenly looked at the distance turned and looked at the village wall "why don’t you run? I’ll send you to the mountain. When no one is paying attention, I’ll send you to the mountain. You can go straight to Shaanxi. Anyway, your attendants in the mountain have my photos, and no one dares to harm them. If you settle down, they will be fine. "