Especially when Chunyu Qiong saw Lu Bu and Larocca behind Chu Yi, his heart sank to Chu Yi’s heart. Even if Chu Yi and his party were alone, he would like to fight with Yu Lin Wei’s elite, but now seeing Lu Bu and Larocca, Chunyu Qiong is naturally shocked.


"What a coincidence to be a surname!"
In the horse and stand ChuYi far looked at Chunyu Qiong face is permeated with a kind of smile at Chunyu Qiong way
Trying to squeeze out an ugly smile on his face, Chunyu Qiong bowed his hand at Chu Yi and said, "It turned out that a captain Chu didn’t know what Chu was doing here?"
Chu Yi glanced at the Luanjia and smiled a little. "Chu has been ordered by the queen to escort Huang Bian to the palace!"
"What this … this is impossible …"
Chu Yi’s words were exported and Chunyu Qiong looked at Chu Yi in astonishment. He was sure that Chu Yi was absolutely irresponsible.
The palace has been closed, even the queen can’t come out, let alone make Chu Yi.
Besides, the queen and the general are brother and sister, and even if they want to meet the emperor and argue into the palace, it is impossible to make Chu Yi such a eunuch.
Think of Chu Yi is also rushing to argue with the emperor. If you don’t let Chunyu Qiong’s heart hang up, it’s a good job. The result can be good. Who would have thought that such a change would happen halfway?
Chu Yi looked at Chunyu Qiong with a cold face. "How can it be said that Chunyu Qiong suspects that a captain is not successful or that you doubt the queen’s decree!"
Chunyu Qiong looked at Chu Yidao with his head held high. "Chu, a captain, don’t make it difficult for me. The general will have to escort the emperor back to the palace to see the general at the end of the order …"
Chuyi Gherardini looked at Chunyu Qiong way "oh so to speak a surname general is to let ChuMou hand back! Then Chu should explain to the queen! "
"You …"
Even knowing that Chu Yi is full of lies, Chunyu Qiong doesn’t know how to refute the other party’s clothes, anger and urgency.
Speaking, Chu Yi’s whip in his hand pointed slightly and said, "Someone will escort the emperor into the palace!"
Chu Yi’s voice fell and he saw a face of excitement. Behind Lu Bu’s horse was a group of foot soldiers walking towards the opposite feather Lin Wei.
These feather Lin Wei kept alert one by one, but looking at the foot soldiers of Xiyuan School coming across the street, they were a little overwhelmed at the moment.
They don’t know what happened in the palace. It is natural that they can’t figure out what is going on when Chu Yi and Chunyu Qiong confront each other like this, and they don’t know what to do when they face the foot soldiers coming step by step.
The feather Lin Wei consciousness toward Chunyu Qiong looked at the past, I hope Chunyu Qiong can give them a definite instruction to resist less or compromise and let them know fairly well.
But at the moment, Chunyu Qiong is also hesitant, especially when he sees Lu Bu striding in and wants to resist, but there is always some lack of confidence.
At this time, a figure appeared, not always a defender, but also a person.
When Taoist Shi appeared, Chunyu Qiong’s eyes lit up. How could he forget Taoist Shi? When Taoist Shi delayed Lu Bu, he didn’t believe that Yu Linwei couldn’t beat the soldiers who had never been to the battlefield in Xiyuan School.
"Shi Daochang helps me!"
Chunyu Qiong shouted at the Taoist priest and shouted at a group of feather Lin Wei at the same time, "All the soldiers dare to stop the driver from killing and forgiving when he heard that the escort emperor entered the palace!"
The bile finally strengthened once. Chunyu Qiong shouted out these words. It was like doing his best to look at Chu Yi with a little provocation.
Chu Yi took a surprised look at Chunyu Qiong and seemed to marvel at Chunyu Qiong’s bravery. At the same time, he also looked at the road flyover that gave Chunyu Qiong confidence.
Take a look at Chu Yi and recognize each other, but the road flyover who ambushed him at the beginning said that he didn’t know the origin of this road flyover, but he could probably guess a thing or two. Now, seeing each other appear, it is obvious that the other side has an unusual relationship with the general, plus Chunyu Qiong, the road flyover in history, almost points out the identity of the other side.
Chu Yi looked at Taoist Shi with great interest and looked a little ugly. At the moment, Taoist Shi is bitter and can’t say if he can. He wants to point at Chunyu Qiong and scold him.
Chapter one thousand and twenty-three The Queen’s lifeline
At the beginning, Taoist Shi escaped from Huang Zhong’s hands only by risks and risks. After returning, Taoist Shi made some efforts to investigate Huang Zhong’s history. Taoist Shi knew better than anyone that Huang Zhong was tough and said that Lu Bu could fight Huang Zhong’s first world war. Needless to say.
If you want to be careful, you will be different from Lu Bu and Huang Zhong. I didn’t expect it to be long before I met Chu Yi again.
But once he took the initiative to ambush Chu Yi and this time it was Chu Yi who took the initiative to open the door.
If you don’t know the terrible words of Lu Bu and Huang Zhong, the Taoist priest may have started at Chu Yi, but now the Taoist priest has been discovered by Chunyu Qiong, and he can’t wait to slap Chunyu Qiong and faint.
Silently pray in my heart that Chu Yi should never recognize him. Although people in history know that this possibility is almost slim, even if he had covered up his face, for the strong, there is nothing to change, but the smell is extremely difficult to change.
The strong people always know people by their breath, but they can change their faces to a certain extent by practicing an easy skill.
Chu Yi recognized Taoist Shi at a glance, but he didn’t criticize Taoist Shi, which means to look at Taoist Shi lightly.
Chu Yi’s eyes let the Taoist priest have a feeling of being completely seen through.
Chunyu Qiong at the moment is looking at that step by step, and the foot soldiers are a little nervous in their hearts towards the Taoist priest, "Taoist priest, do it quickly."
Chunyu Qiong pointed to the road flyover Shi who could stall Lu Bu so that he could command Yu Linwei to take Chu Yi’s hands.
The Taoist priest suddenly looked back and shouted at Chunyu Qiong, "Shut up!"
Chunyu Qiong froze. He actually saw the new consciousness of pitfalls from the eyes of road flyover Shi. Looking at road flyover Shi, it is unbelievable that he obviously didn’t expect road flyover Shi to give birth to pitfalls for him.
When Chunyu Qiong was shocked, Taoist Shi suddenly shouted, "The temple has ordered everyone to stop!"