Who would have thought that it was eventually killed by the original owner of the body and took away its identity?


Gu Qingshan’s mind is surging, and several strategies come and go in his mind.
At this time, Li Qiushui has touched his head and comforted, "Don’t be afraid, maybe the patriarch will come back soon."
Zhao Qiong also whispered, "Saburo, you have a good rest. Your sister and I are fine here."
Gu Qingshan listened.
He took a few breaths and burst into laughter.
"Sister Zhao, I see that your bone fragment says that when a person is awakened by a psychic, there will be some special signs. Is that right?"
He was talking to Zhao Qiong, holding his fist gently.
The dim light from him lit up the whole room in the wind.
Zhao Qiong and Li Qiuyu were stuck directly.
Zhao Qiong absentminded, "No … that’s impossible. You’re psychic too fast, just like …"
She didn’t say the latter words, as if afraid that it was a dream.
"Like a peerless strong man"
Li Qiuyu added
She looked at Gu Qingshan with watery eyes. "This is the six sources of power. I can feel it."
Zhao Qiong, however, said, "But I’ve heard that when you reach the state of God, you will suddenly recall the awakening of the past, and some Su Hui Li Saburo-"
This time it’s Gu Qingshan’s turn to stay.
What a big lie.
This statement masks the changes in personality and behavior of those people.
No wonder no one doubted it for so many years.
Suddenly the whole city shook.
Howl! ! !
Roars full of tyranny and murder come from the deepest part of the world.
"No, that doomsday started!" Zhao qiongdao
Li Qiuyu remembered that his brother was going out in a hurry and said, "Saburo, you hide here first, I’ll take a look and come back to protect you immediately."
She was pulled by someone.
Looking back, it was Li Saburo.
"why?" Li Qiuyu asked
"Now the highest psychic realm in the whole school seems to be me" Gu Qingshan said.
He walked past Li Qiuyu and disappeared.
city wall
Li Chundao and Wang Jinlian, all saints of the city wall, kept their eyes fixed on the horizon.
Everyone is surrounded by seven osteologists and various bone fragments, and two people treat injuries.
Gu Qingshan’s sword was measured, which caused them injuries, so that they had to recuperate after a period of time.
This temporary treatment made them recover instantly.
Of course, if those people in Shanhai Qixia make moves, they may be able to cure them quickly.
But they don’t
Howl! ! !
At the end of the day, the roar is deafening. Come again
Gradually a huge figure appeared in the line of sight.
It is so huge that it can cross mountains and rivers almost every step against the sky, and the visual speed is approaching the mountain and sea school.
It’s near
It’s getting closer.
If you look closely, you can see that this is a humanoid monster with chains and broken armor.
Its armor is that those chains are made up of the souls of individual creatures.
I don’t know why, but all souls are glued together to form a set of armor, emitting hundreds of millions of painful screams.
When this monster appeared, it was physical.
The soul of all beings killed by it will not be freed, and it will become its weapons and armor, which will help it grow stronger and stronger and eventually destroy the whole world.
"It’s a pity that the power can’t reach a certain standard, which can’t hurt it. Only you and I can affect it, and no one else can." Li Chundao sighed.
Wang Jin nodded slightly and said nothing.
Li Chundao look at him.
See Wang jinshen still trembling barely sword to maintain the balance of the body.
"Hey, can you?" Li Chundao asked doubtfully.
Wang Jinjianzhu looked calm and said, "I’m kidding. It’s good to be in a stable state like this. How about you?"
Li Chundao said, "After all, we are stronger than you. We can not only be stable, but also walk a few steps by ourselves."
Wang Jinmo praised "a few years older than me is still different."
The earth keeps shaking.
The monster is getting closer and closer.