"Go after!"


Chapter one thousand one hundred and forty-four Raid experts are blocked at both ends
Walking all the way in the cosmic channel, Xu’s mind is getting more and more shocked.
After four or five hours, I walked back all the way and passed by the cosmic passage. There were fifteen nodes in such a long cosmic passage, and all kinds of trench convoys were endless.
Where are the Eldar going to send such a huge army to the sun this time?
All the way back, I can’t understand it.
This retreat has once again seen the grandeur of the cosmic passage.
The passage of the solar universe was explored in just two hours.
However, the cosmic passage on this side of the Milky Way looks like it has no end.
Its return encountered seven branch channels of the cosmic channel.
There are three branches of the cosmic channel, and the bottom of the channel is 15 minutes away, which is like entering a dead end.
The end point of the branch channel is a cosmic channel node, but this cosmic channel node is in a closed state or has natural identification, and not everyone can enter.
The other five branches of the cosmic channel seem to have no end, but they don’t know where to go.
At the longest, a branch channel retreated and quickly explored for 30 minutes, and then returned to the original road. This exploration has no end and no purpose.
It’s still important to get down to business now
These branch channels are a little narrower, and the widest place is only over a kilometer, and the branch channel star map indicates that there are very few nodes in the universe channel.
It looks more secretive.
Xu retired at this time only to find that compared with the Eldar or the three blue star Terrans, they know too little about the cosmic channel.
Maybe Xiao Liu should know a lot.
However, Xiao Liu will be the head of heaven, staying in a seven-guard heaven guard body, which is currently in the chain of dimensions.
It is not convenient to communicate with Xu tui at any time.
Xu tui feels that she can try to change her form so that she can communicate with Xu tui at any time.
Xu tui didn’t know that he was the one who explored this way, but he suffered from the pursuit of people behind him.
The chief confidential officer, Tu Chengshan, brought the cosmic channel tracking, and among the retreating troops, he was able to sense that Tu Lingsu cast tracking occultism, and there were five people in all.
Not everyone in the earth vein can sense the extraordinary ability of the earth spirit, and only pure practitioners can sense the earth spirit and cast the tracking secret.
Five people, including Tu Sanli, Tu Chengshan, Tu Qian Shan and Tu Ning, were tracked in the original body.
But the more you chase, the more dispersed your breath becomes.
The cosmic channel is too cruel to track the secret method and suppress the earth spirit element
In the end, it is the tracking expert Tu Sanli who can determine the direction 100% when he is at the fork in the road.
In this case, the commander-in-chief can divide his forces.
Divide the large group into five tracking teams, and we can divide our troops and send a tracking team to track at the uncertain fork in the road.
But also consider the problem of strength ratio.
A tracking team should be equipped with at least two nine-satellite stars and one who can track the occult arts of induction earth elements.
Fortunately, the chief confidential officer Tu Chengshan personally led a team to chase and mobilize the nine-guard stars.
However, most of these tracking teams going to the fork in the road went deep for about half an hour and ruled out the possibility.