You can salute respectfully first, and then you will be pleasantly surprised. Miss, are you awake? Has the deputy patriarch finally come through all the hardships after so many years?


Speak a pair of extremely is deputy patriarch pleased.
It makes Baguio feel angry …
What do you mean by that?
I’ve lived here for more than ten years, and you all watched me grow up. As a result, the little old man has been in your mind for more than ten years.
When going to the forbidden area, the pace is faster.
The next time I came to the forbidden area, it was the next time.
Baguio was just a little girl at that time, and she felt that the eerie ghost wind here gave people the feeling that it was possible for a licker to bite you at any time.
But now it feels very different to enter again.
Small flowers with colorful colors were specially transplanted to the dark ground.
Those scary-looking stones have also been chiseled flat and nailed with some simple but heart-warming decorations.
Come to a good haunted house passage. Now it is warm and cool, giving people the feeling that the four seasons are suitable for others to live in.
Go to the end of the passage
It’s a closed Shimen. It should be banned and blocked on weekdays.
But now it’s banned
It should be because the ghost is in the middle.
"It’s really dad. It’s really reassuring that this guy is alone in the same room. I haven’t the slightest resistance. How can he be so relieved?"
Baguio’s heart is somehow empty, but I still summon up my self and spit out the sentence.
Then stepped in.
Whether the decoration inside is specially set up to put the vegetation niche or the dressing table with exquisite materials and exquisite shapes is more important.
It feels like an ordinary girl’s boudoir.
And the most striking thing is probably the girl lying in bed.
Baguio, dressed in water-green clothes, is about one or two years older …
Her hands are in a slim waist, and she looks quiet as if she had fallen into a normal sleep, and her lips are slightly pursed as if she is doing something, which is a beautiful dream.
Mom, did I look so good when I was asleep?
Baguio was the first time to look at herself from this third-party perspective, and then I was surprised to find that I was so beautiful.
That kind of tranquility and peace
I really don’t look like a little witch
"What are you doing here?"
While at the bedside ghost LiZheng holding her in the palm of your hand.
It’s like holding a peerless treasure
He obviously had already noticed Baguio’s movement, looked back at Baguio and asked, "Don’t you still have something to do?"
"It’s the same for my teammates to finish it. I believe in my teammates’ strength."
Baguio’s arrival here was a temporary language lag.
She said vaguely, "I didn’t mean anything else. I came mainly to see another world. If I let you go to another world with your own, wouldn’t you want to see what the world is doing?"
"I don’t want to."
Ghost Shirley is a look at her and look back at the Baguio beside her.
Bitter way: "I want to keep my last warmth now. If it is as possible as you said, I will want to kill that person even more so that we won’t know her. Is she worried that the big lady is suffering and I am falling into the dust?"
Baguio’s heart gave a heavy jump and snorted, "Don’t I don’t know if you’re setting me up?"
Ghost Li asked curiously, "What is a concave person?"
Baguio seriously explained, "It is to make others think that you are very affectionate, you are very vicissitudes, and you are very depressed … Because theoretically, a young girl like me who is inexperienced has no idea about your uncle’s type of vicissitudes, that is, my mind is alert and I have already seen through your plot, otherwise I am afraid that an ordinary girl will love you incurably if she comes here."
Ghost Shirley looked at the lying Baguio, which turned to Baguio.
He looked a little relieved on his brow and said, "You are really different from her, except for two people. It seems that you are very happy. That’s good. We have been so bitter. One of the two Baguio must be happy, right? She will be happy if you are well … "
"She won’t be happy because in my world, Zhang Xiaofan and I don’t come at all."
Baguio said, "I really don’t like that kind of nerd, but my dad doesn’t guard against him like a thief. Now my dad doesn’t guard against that nerd, which shows that the two of us have not come to any extent. But now the little nerd seems to have a good home with his senior sister all day. I am really happy."
"Is that little fan with the teacher elder sister?"