Chen Yi stayed.


So wouldn’t the subway work?
Chapter one hundred and seventy-four Subway reconstruction project
Spent 100 million yuan to buy fossils for the baiwenhang subway to eat, and it’s just that there’s no benefit, and it’s just that it’s attracted inspection
Chen Yi doesn’t know if they can find the subway strange. I think it shouldn’t be found, but what if it is found?
He rattled his teeth and listened to the little worker’s eyes staring straight, thinking that this guy’s sense of justice is too strong. It seems to be infected. He tried to persuade him to turn around but saw Chen Yi leave the subway with a ferocious look.
"Now students!"
Passing through a corner of a remote park, Chen Yi throws a lizard to make him transform himself and calls Luo Xiaoshan.
It’s already happened, and there’s no way to solve it.
Words quickly put through Luo Xiaoshan secretive laughed "thinking that you have to call me if you are interested in our construction road land? The land has increased by 3% before it was built, and I heard that the original temple incense was not full and all the funds were cheated. Now I am applying for financial assistance at the provincial and municipal levels … "
"You won’t have a problem taking the land, will you?" Although impatient, Chen Yi asked 1.
Although Luo Xiaoshan was still a student, he gradually came into contact with Dad’s business through this matter. At this moment, he was confident. "Don’t say that we have already blown up the temple, but who will give us 700 million yuan to rebuild it?" The money has long been swept away by the imam. "
Laurence family company is not bullying soft persimmon, even if you speak in person, you can’t make it lose so much money in vain
Chen Yi smiled and said, "No problem. Now talk about my business."
"Yes, yes, yes," Luo Xiaoshan patted his forehead with a smile. "I was so excited that I forgot."
Chen Yi snorted twice, "Can your construction company check and repair the subway?"
Luo Xiaoshan said one leng, "Of course not. Where do we have subway projects to do? If you are interested, please find a state-owned enterprise. Jiangning has a subway project. Do you want me to help you connect?"
I have taken over the business for two months, but I have not yet established my contacts, but I always know who to ask for help.
"I want one now," Chen Yi pursed her lips. "Can you find it?"
"How about finding an engineering team from Erjian?"
Erjian is the second construction team in Jiangning, which is quite qualified.
"It’s a date today." Chen Yi hung up and hurriedly found his brother-in-law.
I don’t talk so much to my family. He simply said that the binjiang road subway accident immediately said, "Can my brother-in-law find someone to let me take charge of the maintenance and inspection of this section?"
"Do you want to earn this little money?" Chen Rongjie quite didn’t understand and added, "It is very dangerous to have media attention."
"I don’t want to earn this money …" Chen Yi said that he would not say it here.
Brother-in-law most understand thoughtfully for a moment, "do you have a hand? How soon can it be repaired? What is the project budget? "
He asked a series of questions and asked everything except "what"
In his early years, Chen Rongjie was in a state-owned enterprise class, just like his peers. On the one hand, he used the upgrading of state-owned enterprises as a springboard, on the other hand, he could have more opportunities to learn and experience on his own.
Most of this matter is now in Chen Yitong’s hands. He asked him a seven-dizzy element and finally put it behind him.
However, he is also very serious when he asks for more work.
Chen Yifei also seems to go to Luo Xiaoshan’s VIP Chen Rongjie to find someone to help all the time. He can hear a little anxious outside the words of his nephew.
Jianshekou has always been in the hands of the mayor Fu Han, but Chen Rongjie went to a deputy director of the Construction Bureau and then went directly to the station to find the person in charge.
Jiangning is a city with separate plans, and the municipal party Committee is the alternate member of the Central Committee. Chen Rongjie crossed the threshold of the place class early and went to the high-tech zone to be the chief district party Committee. It is also quite weighty.
When Fu Han finished knowing, he had to do something in the city hall, and he just kept it in mind when he saw it. It is better for the deputy director to get to know each other early.
At the moment, when he was in class, the deputy director of the Construction Bureau and the Transportation Bureau helped him find the person in charge, Chen Rongjie, and pulled three people with a car and went to Jiangning Metro Company III.
Thirty minutes later, he called Chen Yidao again. "Brother-in-law has made things sweat for you."
Chen Yilian praised this kind of thing. It is normal to let others do it for ten days and a half months.