Leng Europe said, "Don’t worry, I will help them. Even if I can’t get it, there are Tang Daxia and his wife. If the red-haired demon has not left here, I will ask Tang Daxia to find him first."


Meng Hua hurried on after Leng Bing broke up, but it was a pity that the weather was not beautiful. A snowy mountain road was even more difficult. At noon the next day, he climbed a mountain and had to climb a mountain to reach the city.
After the snow, the scenery of Xinqing Plateau is more magnificent. From the perspective, the grassland is as white as Wang Yang sea and white clouds are flat in the mountains. With the rolling waves, there are countless hills and peaks in the sea of clouds, which seem to be many islands in the sea. At noon, the sun shines through the sea of clouds and the peaks are also set with red edges. Unfortunately, Meng Hua is busy with his journey, but he appreciates it.
Walking on the mountain road, I suddenly heard Ma Si Meng Hua look up and meet a middle-aged man in white at the corner of a ravine, as if he were a general.
There is a horse tree beside him, which is the mount that Luo Hai gave Meng Hua. It hissed when it saw its owner.
Meng Hua was taken aback and rushed to Han in three steps and two steps. "How did you get this horse?"
Nahan didn’t answer his question but asked him, "Is your name Meng Hua?"
Meng Hua said, "Yes, I am Meng Hua. This is my mount. How did I get into your hands?"
Han still didn’t answer, but he laughed and said coldly, "So you really are Meng Hua’s hey hey guy. You really have a lot of guts. I heard that you dare to confront Ouyang Chong?"
Meng Hua said, "What is Ouyang Chong again? No matter how high the bad guy is, I will be right with him! "
That Han said, "What a big breath. Hey, hey, it’s probably true to hear you say that Ouyang Chong defeated your sword?" Meng Hua was puzzled. "How can he be so well informed?"
"Who are you?" Meng Hua asked
"You don’t have to care who I am. I’d like to see your swordsmanship when you beat Ouyang Chong!" White Han said

Meng Huasi said doubtfully, "Did you take this horse from Duan Jianqing? Or did he give it to you so that you could drive me and make it difficult for me? " If it is the former, this person is a friend; If the latter is the enemy.
White Han noncommittally said coldly, "I am a heart-stretching you!" You can win my horse and give it back to you; Otherwise, hey hey, I can’t let you go! " Listen to this tone seems to be deliberately difficult with him.
Meng Hua was eager to get the mount back, so he thought, "Let’s beat him first, whether he is a friend or an enemy." So he said, "Well, since you still have to stretch your hand, I didn’t dare to take it!" Brush a sword and stab it.
This trick Meng Hua is a sharp knife, and the sword method is quick. Lun Baiyi praised "Good!" A quiver of the tip of the sword pointed to Meng Hua’s knee "jumping around the hole", which was the only way to save Meng Hua if he attacked the enemy. Meng Hua was forced to turn his sword around and suddenly changed his name to "the mysterious bird strokes the sand" in the swordsmanship.
Famous swordsmanship is different from other schools of swordsmanship, and so is "Xuanniao rowing sand". The three schools of swordsmanship in Qingcheng, Emei and Kunlun all have this trick, but the generals in Meng Hua’s hands are similar but not real.
The white-clothed Han also made a move, "Cross the clouds and cut off the peak", which was a clever move to deal with the "mysterious bird rowing sand", but Meng Hua’s sword suddenly stabbed from his unexpected direction and heard that a pair of swords had already been caught red-handed!
Meng Hualai this recruit can succeed unexpectedly or give each other the last instant to suddenly dissolve and the other sword is still vaguely counter-attacking. I was taken aback and thought to myself, "This person’s swordsmanship essence seems to be a famous Tianshan Ding Zhaoming who can almost rival Biyi’s father Jin Zhuliu Jin Xia? But what skill is so poor that it doesn’t seem to be commensurate with his swordsmanship? "
It turns out that the communication between the two sides is weak. Give Meng Hua a long sword, otherwise he can immediately attack and defend. The changes in the swordsmanship of both sides are unexpected to both sides. If Meng Hua takes the lead for the other side, I am afraid it will take a lot of effort to draw a draw.
Meng Hua was so eager to win that he couldn’t wait for anyone to brush his offensive brush. It was another three strokes of quick lunjian attack. The third stroke of white-clothed Han evasion could not be met with "when" hard. But this time it was very different!
Meng Huajiao almost got rid of his sword when he shook his jaws, and he was shocked for a moment. How can this person’s skill be so advanced?
The man shouted, "Be careful!" The posture is graceful and the blade is curled up, but the posture is natural and unrestrained, but the sword potential is extremely sharp and abnormal. Meng Hua can’t fathom the depth of the other side. The horizontal sword is on the defensive first, and the sword potential is like a ring. He responded to the trick of "three rounds of Falun Gong", which seems to be clumsy and skillful. The white man praised the word "good" in an instant, and it was also a brush to attack the three swords. The swords of both sides hit each other one after another, and a piece of gold and iron sounded.
It’s strange to say that these two swords intersect each other, but it turns out that Meng Hua doesn’t feel that the enemy is inseparable, but he can’t swing the other sword like the original move, but he just dissolves each other’s offensive. Meng Hua’s experience is less and he is not confused. By this time, the man’s skill is far better than his, but because he doesn’t know how deep he is, he can transport it to the long sword and make it "just right". At this time, Meng Hua has also vaguely guessed who this white man is.
White Han "don’t worry, you haven’t done your best! So you can’t beat me! " Although the strength of the mouth is not relaxed, the sword is more and more sharp.
Meng Hua, the other side’s sharp sword is pressing. Although we already know who the other side is, we can’t help but deal with it. When we see the confession, we can see the solution. We will display what we have learned all our lives and gradually regain the initiative and become a stalemate.
The two sides have the same skill, but now it’s a real swordsmanship contest.
After fighting for a while, it is necessary to attack the enemy by combining and dividing, and the chances of hitting weapons are getting less and less, but the swordsmanship is getting more and more subtle.
Unconsciously, Meng Hua made 300 strokes, making three strokes of "famous swordsmanship", and every stroke was the opposite of the original swordsmanship key change. That Han Meng Hua Yuto moved and changed his white clothes and fluttered around with the sword when he was in a hurry, just like a group dancing with the wind of the sword. Bai Ying Meng Hua attacked the last stroke and heard "before". A white Han jumped out of three feet, and Meng Hua was unable to hold a hemp sword firmly, but this time he really landed.
Han in white laughed. "Your swordsmanship is really high. I lost a trick to you!" It turned out that this last move cut off a picture of his sleeve to Meng Hua. He was a profound man who waved his sleeve and brushed off Meng Hua’s sword.
Meng Hua quickly accepted his sword and said, "Thank you for your kindness. Is it Tang Jiayuan, a swordsman in Tianshan Mountain?"
White Han dazed Zheng immediately laughed. "It turns out that Meng Shaoxia has seen that I am good at Tianshan swordsmanship. I am Tang Jiayuan. Please don’t take offense at this time." Meng Hua said, "Where is the elder willing to give the younger generation a lot of benefits?"
Tang Jiayuan said, "Don’t mention it. Although I am older than you, I don’t know how many generations you are. You are Zhang Daxia, Zhang Danfeng’s distant brother. You are taller than me! Let’s make friends according to the rules of Wulin, Meng Shaoxia. I’ve already heard that your swordsmanship is a rising star. Now, when I see it, it’s really a hollow reputation. Do I benefit more? "
Meng Hua said, "Tang Daxia praised the younger generation too much, but he can’t afford Tang Daxia. Must have met the cold girl?" His guess is because Tang Jiayuan already knows his origin.
Tang Jiayuan said, "Leng Europe returned to the shepherd’s house last night. Fortunately, I happened to take this mount before she came back, so that she could catch up with you."
Meng Hua said, "Did you take this mount from Duan Jianqing?"
Tang Jiayuan nodded and said, "It’s a pity that I didn’t know it was this small until I met Europe late and told her that I wouldn’t have let it go if I had known it long ago."
It turned out that Tang Jiayuan didn’t know Duan Jianqing, but he knew this horse, which was a mount of Luohai. He lived here for nearly a year and had seen Luohai ride this horse. Once he found Duan Jianqing riding this horse, he immediately blocked his way and questioned him.