He immediately shouted, "A company commander’s rocket launcher will hit the shells into the corner for me!"


"Yes, rocket launchers? Give it to me! "
Although the rocket launcher is the standard equipment for the drop-off, there is no full-time rocket launcher in the team. This thing is to throw disposable weapons for fun. People can carry one before leaving if they feel the need. Some people even bring more than one.
Anyway, the weight is armor, and it doesn’t matter if you carry two extra individual rocket launchers.
A few soldiers carrying individual rockets rushed to the back of the bunker to pick up the launch tube and shoulder it, and they didn’t deliberately aim at the main hole.
Ordinary rockets or rocket launchers have a tail flame when they fire. Generally speaking, such weapons have many restrictions, such as how many meters behind the shooter, rooms, tunnels, narrow lanes or obstacles behind them.
However, it is absolutely considered that there are many tunnel battles with aliens. Therefore, the rocket launcher equipped for the detachment is a special model with plastic particles at the end. It can be launched about two meters behind the shooter, and the power armor can also resist the tail flame burning. Even if someone sticks it behind the shooter, it will not hurt anyone.
Three rockets were fired one after another and flew to the corner in a string.
This thing is not very fast, but it is not so easy to get into the corner. After Xiao Yuan ordered three rockets, the soldiers controlled to fly close to the outside of the corner to get the angle needed for turning as much as possible.
It’s also a coincidence that when the rocket is about to fly to the corner, a light bug just pokes its ass out of the corner, and it doesn’t go into the corner. The first rocket hits the end of the channel and suddenly explodes a light, and then the second, third and third attack rockets hit the light bug one after another, immediately blowing up the huge ass of the light bug.
It’s lucky that the spider has the farthest distance to hide near the bend in the explosion wave.
"Come again!" Xiaoyuan knows how many light bugs there are, how dare he give the enemy a break?
Three rockets came out of the chamber again. This time, no light bugs came out to get in the way, but it was not so easy to get into the corner. These three rockets hit the wall one after another, and nothing was gained except blowing up a few gouges where whole pieces were missing.
"Come again!" Xiaoyuan for the third time to "turn a little before …"
After the voice did not fall, a thin light suddenly appeared behind the corner!
Instead of sticking his ass out of the corner, the light bug hid behind the corner, first cutting the wall at the corner and then sweeping it at random in an attempt to achieve results by this blind cat’s death.
Behind the bunker, the soldiers were really startled. Because of the corner obstruction, the thin light failed to hit the bunker for the first time. The soldiers were able to lie down quietly, and then the thin light soldiers swept over their heads and cut off the oblique shoulders of the portable bunker, and slowly turned over and fell like a shadow.
Xiaoyuan immediately worried "where is the rocket launcher!"
A soldier on the ground immediately turned over and jumped up. When he was still floating, he picked his bazooka and pointed it at the corner to pull the trigger.
Then another soldier got up and fired a rocket behind the bunker.
The first soldier was too anxious. The rocket turned when it was more than ten meters away from the bend, and it hit the wall before it reached the bend.
The second rocket turned immediately after flying to the predetermined position, but everyone’s biochip calculated the best turning position. This rocket turned too late and could not fly into the corner as before.
Actually, some people, including Xiao yuan, have calculated the final result according to the rocket performance, that is, it is impossible for a rocket to enter a corner
However, at this time, the soldier suddenly raised his rifle and fired three times.
When the warrior gun was used, the chip fire control system predicted the position of the rocket. One of the three bullets barely hit the tail of the rocket. Just a little deflection, the rocket immediately deflected at a large angle and crashed into the depths of the curve.
Did it work?
The soldier waved his fist with a face of surprise and excitement.
He also suddenly had this idea, but he didn’t expect it to be a success.
Xiaoyuan almost didn’t bite his tongue. How can I do that?
He saw the soldier’s eyes changed so quickly that he could think of such an effective way. What a talent!
Xiaoyuan almost jumped up with excitement. "What are you waiting for? Go on! "
The soldiers woke up like a dream, and one rocket after another was located in the rear, and Xiao Yuan ordered the rockets to be sent to a company.
It’s not difficult for those who are in trouble, but it’s not difficult for everyone to hit a rocket with a biochip. With this method, everyone can hit a rocket into a corner!
However, even with the help of biochip, it is not easy for everyone to hit the rocket. After the rocket is deflected, the direction is even more difficult to control. There are insufficient angles and too large angles to hit the wall. Some of them just fly into the corner and hit the wall.
Good Xiaoyuan’s requirements are not high, and he is very satisfied to be able to shoot some rockets into it.
In order to check the situation behind the bend, the mechanical spider has been hiding behind the body and climbed out a few steps and climbed into the bend.
On the other side of the bend, the enemy is already dead and wounded, and there are still a few light insect bodies on the broken arm surface. The rest of the enemy has withdrawn from dozens of meters. What do you think? What a concerned look.
Xiaoyuan’s heart is full of joy. See if you dare to run out and show off in an ostentatious manner!
His horse controlled the spider to hide and hid in the corner to monitor the enemy’s movements, and then ordered the rocket to serve if the enemy dared to move.