"I sang it."


"Then you should have heard the song, singing and singing the lyrics. Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ~ wait a thousand years … this is … Daniel is expressing his feelings."
"Oh" is at a loss.
If you’re not crazy, you’re probably not far from crazy.
What’s this and what’s that? Why didn’t I understand what it meant?
Why didn’t I hear that Daniel liked my manor?
"This is not obvious?" Zhuang not far shook his head and explained, "This poem means that the rattan in your manor is so beautiful that Daniel feels sad and worried that he doesn’t deserve her …"
Daniel Cleisthenes cried again.
"Daniel says he doesn’t deserve your manor yet, but I hope you can give him a chance to show himself …"
Daniel nodded desperately beside him and looked at him sincerely.
Just like a hairy son-in-law looking at his father-in-law.
I think it’s a bit ridiculous.
How can a plowman like his own manor?
"This is not nonsense? Brother Zhuang, don’t you stop him quickly? Find him a good date now and don’t think about it all day. "
But not far from Zhuang, I understand Daniel very well.
Cultivated oxen and banyan are in the shape of oxen entangled with vines, and the Magic Rattan Manor is also a huge rattan.
There is nothing wrong with rattan loving rattan!
And I can see that Daniel has been hurt by his feelings with shota since he was a little girl, and now he has turned to his brother and sister.
Hearing this, Daniel looked up gloomily at the rattan above his head and then Cleisthenes cried loudly.
"What is Daniel talking about?" What’s the matter, hurriedly asked
"Daniel said that even if he doesn’t deserve your manor now, one day he will become a stronger rattan and a rattan worthy of her …" Zhuang said not far away.
"Don’t, don’t, don’t be ridiculous! Too nonsense! " Shake your head.
Daniel called Cleisthenes again.
"Daniel said that he has made up his mind that he will come to marry your manor no matter what difficulties he meets … he has in his heart that she will never move on …"
Daniel bowed his head.
A gust of wind blew yellow flowers all over the world.
He spent half a year in the first place, and the yellow flowers were rapidly fading and drifting, and the ox horn was gradually changed from iron gray to light gold, and the color of the rattan was changed from dark green to brown green, and the figure of the ox was also rapidly expanding and swollen like blowing.
"This … this is …" What’s wrong with Daniel? How did it become like this? "
Zhuang looked at it carefully for a long time. "If I am not mistaken … Daniel, is this advanced?"
Daniel entered the fifth stage when he was a flower. It was the lonely flower and pollen that failed to find an object after all. A single Daniel broke through his own success and advanced to the sixth stage.
Is this the power of love? Even not far from Zhuang, I have to sigh with emotion.
Sure enough, love makes cows grow.
Daniel Cleisthenes called and turned away.
"Daniel said he would work hard to hone himself and will come back to marry your manor soon …" Zhuang said not far away.
Don’t take your time. You’d better never marry my manor!
You are angry, you are not nai, you are not funny, you are not there, you shake your head, sigh and want to laugh.
Chapter 1165 Well concrete for help
The next day, Zhuang came to see Miao again not far away.
"We’re leaving the Magic Rattan Manor today," said Zhuang. "Daniel said he wanted to go to a wider world to hone himself and improve himself. I’ll take him somewhere else …"
The era of exile is not far away, and I don’t intend to stay here.
"Are you leaving now?" Although Daniel made me laugh and cry, I was a little reluctant to let Zhuang stay away from "when will I come back again?"