Goethe confirmed that there was no danger and stepped into the middle.


Behind the "door" is not closed.
Looking back, I can see Jerry lying on the sofa.
But the inexplicable strangeness made Goethe spat.
"bad taste"
Goethe said this and went to the most conspicuous desk.
When he approached, an unreal sound rang at once.
"Ha ha ha congratulations, my child"
"You really inherited everything from me!"
"Isn’t it interesting?"
Goethe’s mouth twitched in the frivolous voice with a laugh.
Goethe swore at heart.
For the first time, Goethe did not feel the kindness of his hometown dialect in his heart.
I can’t say how upset I am when I have it.
It’s like seeing shit chocolate
"Jerry, I completed Jay with the help of several roads. She far surpassed the remaining three puppets, or the remaining three puppets were just to cover up Jerry."
"After all, that guy in Kald is getting bigger and bigger."
"So I set something more interesting to beat him."
"I hope he gets lost."
"mad king" continue to say the tone of laughing with a sense of loneliness.
Goethe could not help sighing.
There is no doubt that although the’ mad king’ in the early stage was full of all kinds of bad tastes, he was still a good person with little kindness and abided by the bottom line of conscience.
Even if you have a premonition of’ betrayal’, you still have good intentions.
I hope that more moderate means can save everything.
Unfortunately, at that time, the mad king didn’t know that the more he did this, the more he would be saved.
Because all the guys will think he’s weak.
Even the "mad king" wants to be "a little stricter" and his wife, lover and descendants will not be killed by Kald.
Of course, the "mad king" should know later.
He treats his enemies in all kinds of cruel ways, but … friends.
All have the title of "mad king"
It also makes Goethe alert at the moment.
You know, the mad king has been in and out of here twice less.
The first time was the’ mad king’ in the state of being good and sowing in the early stage.
The second time?
That’s the mad king after the transformation
Now that it’s changed
Maybe just leave something unknown as a precaution.
So Goethe was alert while listening to the illusory sound.
"Are you curious about why my father didn’t show up?"