The high crab slapped him in the past. At this time, he really wished he had Laura’s strength


Kill ya!
"Didn’t I say that? I’m not supported by a rich woman! You see where there are women’s things in this room! " High crab roars
A few little brothers who were eating suddenly thought of something and suddenly looked up.
"Don’t …"
"Sure enough …"
"Impossible …"
"Otherwise? Brother crab, you … "
"You were not kept by a rich woman …"
"Is kept by the rich …"
"The elder brother of the crab you are really too hard blare blare …"
Several brothers shed tears of sympathy.
Tearing his hair out about the high crab, pointing to a few people, "the big tiger bit them!" Bite them to death Bite me hard! "
"Huh?" Great tiger came to lie down beside him and ate wildly in his rice bowl. At this time, he looked up and took a blank look at the high crab.
Who are you going to bite?
Ugh, tiger hands itch and bite hands! Bite hands!
I don’t know what to say when I look at my neck and chase my hand and bite the tiger and the crab.
I’m not mad at Big Boy, but I’ll be mad at you fools sooner or later!
How miserable I was when I was a tall crab! What brothers are more stupid than one!
Even if you go out, you will die faster than anyone else!
After dinner, the high crab took them downstairs and pushed the door door to door. "Come on, choose one for yourself. You will live here with Brother Crab today. Be quiet and don’t make noise!"
"Since … choose?"
"You can have this room after you choose it yourself," said Gao Xie.
He is going to go to the landlord and ask for some farm workers’ cards to give these brothers a place to live and let them freely enter and leave the manor.
After the domestication room is upgraded, you always need help.
The brothers each chose several rooms, and the cricket chose the high crab, but recently it was too late to go in.
"Why don’t you go in?" Gao Xie wondered.