Well, this woman is really beautiful, but … her eyes.


The woman noticed that Xu Le’s eyes were slightly disdainful and cold-snorted, and then she picked up her blindfold from a stone and gently took it.
She got up slowly from the rock and jumped in front of Xu Le.
Because of the close distance, Xu Le stepped back.
She is so tall! Xu Le estimates that this woman is at least 176 meters long.
She is barefoot like herself, which means that she has no moisture at all.
Women of this height should be rare in the dark ages.
"I am ugly?"
"ah? No no "
Xu Le bowed his head a little guiltily, and somehow he always had a feeling that he didn’t dare to look at this woman.
But after a while, I didn’t see the woman in red. Xu Le was a little flustered and definitely added.
"No, you’re beautiful."
The woman in red turned away and didn’t let Xu Le see her slightly raise her mouth at this time.
She walked back to the rock and picked up something.
Eyebrow pencil mirror
Xu Le didn’t know that the woman in red just took off her blindfold and turned her back on everyone, giving herself a thrush!
Then Xu Le noticed that she packed her eyebrow pencil and mirror fingers.
That finger is not a normal finger, but a knuckle made up of wooden mechanical joints.
This feeling is like a puppet.
Looking at the woman in front of her, Xu Le’s divination heart burns like a raging fire
What kind of experience and past will make her like this?
But did he dare to ask? Dare not
So he can honestly stay where he is and pretend to be deep.
The woman in red turned and walked past Xu Le.
Xu Lecai slowly turned around after she crossed herself.
But the woman in red suddenly turned her head like a special announcement to Xu Le.
"You will be old seven from today."
Xu Le? ? ?
"Well, didn’t you just …" Xu Le looked at the woman in red and didn’t continue to talk.
This matter has just been said by the fat old four.
But why does this woman have to say it again?