Bastard … How dare you say pheasant water …


"Hey, this is Yuanyang!" I said angrily, "It’s just a duck. It’s actually a pheasant …"
He squinted at me again. "Yuanyang?"
"Yes, it is a mandarin duck!" I said with a thud.
He took the handkerchief from my hand and studied the array. "This pheasant looks a bit like a mandarin duck." He put the handkerchief in his skirt and said, "I’ll take it."
"What? ! Hey, no! " I was busy jumping over and taking it back, but he grabbed me.
He said unhappily, "Do you still want to give it to others?"
I was caught by him and couldn’t catch him. I had to bow my head and say, "Give it back to me. I’ll give you the embroidered piece better … this piece … this mandarin duck …" I swallowed and added, "It’s really a bit like a pheasant …"
It’s really bad that you have to rely on yourself to damage the first needlework in your life to kiss his ass …
I stole a look at him and found that his left eyebrow was raised again.
I bowed my head in shame. If I draw this scene into a cartoon, there will be three black lines and a drop of sweat on his forehead …
"Let’s exchange it when it’s embroidered in a few days," he said, letting me turn my back.
Exchange? ……
It seems that my flattery is to slap his forehead …
I pouted discontentedly and muttered, "sinister … treacherous … bastard … smelly fox …"
"What are you talking about?"
He suddenly turned around and I was busy. I said, "Praise you for your English and SHEN WOO."
He snorted again and ignored my flattery, but those deep eyes stared at me for a long time until my hair stood on end. Then he slowly said, "Now I’m afraid I’m scared, now I’m afraid, and then I’m polite. What are you thinking about?"
I didn’t realize I didn’t know it until I was Zheng, and he started laughing again.
I don’t know when I’m not as afraid of him as I used to be. Sometimes I forget his identity and talk to him unscrupulously.
But he is not an ordinary person after all. How can I forget this?
Yin Zhen is Yin Zhen. His surname is Aisingiorro. He is the future. Yongzheng is a grim brother and an iron emperor …
I wanted to have nothing to do with him, but I didn’t know it …
And Dong Ying … Dong Ying likes him …
Thought of here, an acid swelling flooded my heart, but I stopped smiling. I just looked down and said, "Jin’s son has crossed the fourth master’s pardon."
You!’ He said, but then he turned around and said, "You don’t have to make this gesture."
I didn’t move, but I still looked like an ancient woman.
He sighed in a low voice and said, "Let it be."
Say that finish and turn away.
I was relieved and went back to the back room.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me these days. I’m always suffering from ups and downs.