He Gu Mengmeng led the woman to Ann’s place to count, and then he moved the fence that had just come to help to restore it.


Gu Mengmeng looked around it’s so noisy that his face turned white and he didn’t say anything.
Later, Conway put her suitcase in her hand.
Later, her hand was gently grasped by him.
He came to pick her up from home and said that he had gone home last night.
Get out of the car
She sat silently in the co-pilot seat Conway looked at her and sighed to tie the safety belt for her.
He didn’t say much about sitting still to start, but suddenly she hugged him from the side.
She buried her face deeply in his chest.
I can’t help crying when I smell her thinking of him all the time.
You big fool, she whined.
His eyes flashed slightly and his jaw dropped to rub against her, and his fingers patted her back and said, well, you tortured him
Why do you believe me when I’m teasing you? No, I also asked Director Liu to spy on me.
He coughed awkwardly, and once he said that, he couldn’t let it go.
If you can’t, you have to
She raised her face and didn’t want to be scalded by his sudden pressure. Her lips were in her mouth.
Uh-huh, she beat harder and harder and gradually turned into a moan. Chapter three hundred and fifteen The Qingfeng Tower
Day returned to normal.
The relationship between the two is also closer.
They assured each other.
Never do stupid things that hurt each other before.
Conway kept his promise to go home every Friday night after work and return to the military region on Sunday evening. Gu Mengmeng also appropriately pushed away the opportunity of long-distance travel, and Conway kept a high degree of consistency as much as possible.
One Friday at the end of November
Conway called before work and said that the class had come to pick her up. She asked why the staff officer surnamed Xu had been transferred to other military regions for some reason, and held a banquet in Qingfeng Building tonight to bid farewell to colleagues and leaders.
Gu Mengmeng put words in my heart but played the drum.
I don’t care if it was once an imaginary enemy. Is she going to dinner in a military uniform or is it a high-profile publicity to completely uproot Xu’s staff?
Seeing that she didn’t talk for a long time, she frowned and thought hard to replace Xiaowen, who was on maternity leave, and the news department newly transferred Yu Dajie to talk.
MengMeng, what’s so difficult? I’m worried about you
Gu Mengmeng, embarrassed to smile, said it’s no big deal. I’m going to accompany my lover to his army colleague’s farewell dinner later, and I don’t know what to wear.
Yu Dajie, a n experienced person, glanced at her state and asked if she was a female colleague.
Gu Mengmeng one leng nodded.
Sister Yu, how did you guess that her face suddenly turned red? Married women are very sensitive.
Sister Yu smiled mysteriously and said, "Sister Yu will give you a piece of advice. Don’t let those flowers bloom and green. You are still the most beautiful in military uniform. Sister Yu has lived for a long time. There are not a few beautiful women who have seen you, but it’s really rare to have a good temperament and meticulous appearance like you. MengMeng will wear a military uniform."
Elder sister’s pertinent suggestion reassured Gu Mengmeng.
Conway came to pick her up in the army car after work, and saw a beautiful woman in military uniform standing in front of the newspaper gate from a distance.
Familiar with the figure, smiling, singing, small appearance, who else
The face is always plain. Gu Mengmeng actually drew a light lip gloss, and her face was brightened by that bright color. Her ponytail was black and shiny, and she started to jilt and scratch his heart behind her.
When she was in the car, she deliberately pouted for him to see.
Is the wife beautiful?