When the time comes, those ghosts and gods will want to go not far even if they can’t restore their original repair.


Heaven and earth are hard to bury, and the immortal body controls 36 ghosts and gods’ aloof and persistent personality, but I don’t know that it will make people lonely, such as Chapter 65 Bodhisattva Tree (1)
The moonlight on the top of Kunwu Mountain is like running water, shining down on the earth, and the sky is full of blue gasification and heavy pressure on Qionglin.
Gray plain clothes covered himself in the blue sky, and the King of Destiny stood alone looking up at the sky.
"Maybe we should really give up Yangling and pin our hopes on the dark night and Bai Lingshen. After all, they are born according to the fate of heaven and earth and are not bound by stars."
Whispering softly, the king of God’s eyebrows stirred up, and suddenly a ru white Guanghua cloud image fell overseas.
Trouble sleeping was lying in bed in the city of tears, but after entering the city of tears, he lost his overseas cloud map and the pearl suddenly flowed out of the bright light. At the same time, a three-foot square aperture suddenly appeared on the roof, and he felt that it was black at the moment and was inhaled before he recovered.
When it came back to god, it was a wonderland with a blue sky and a misty face, and the forehead was slightly sad, and the king of God stood bright and bright.
"Kunwu Mountain? It was the King of God who summoned me? " See the present situation immediately return to absolute being.
Surprise shout just export at that moment, he suddenly realized what eyebrows a wrinkly, "god Wang Zhao, I didn’t come to what happened, is it with Yang Xiaoyou?"
Speaking at the same time, it can’t help but retreat half a step-is it as expected that the extreme personality of Yanglingtian has deviated from those ancient gods and he has arranged the road?
Things will not change because of people’s worries.
The King of Destiny nodded disappointedly. "This time, I asked you to come and do something with Yanglingtian."
"Why? What happened to him? Did you get hurt when you went to Le Sheng Palace? Very serious? "
I don’t know it, but I don’t want to tell my worst guess.
The King of God shook his head. "No, he just left here and should not have arrived at the Le Sheng Palace."
Blink one’s face.
However, it seems that the God King didn’t notice its reaction at all. "He has deviated from the direction, which worries me very much. You have been with him all the time. Now I want you to lead nine people away from him to the night or Bai Ling. At the same time, when he returns to Dayan Holy Land, I hope you can try to get his dead blood spirit or Shao Hao to get the sword and give it to the night or Bai Ling."
"But ten thousand years ago, my master told me to try my best to support him." Blinking my eyes, I was suddenly stunned by despair for a long time before I protested with the last glimmer of hope.
"You didn’t know things would change like this when your master told you! Do as I say!"
As if the cold god of death had pronounced the mandate of heaven, the king shook his head without doubt.
After that, I gently lifted my hand and flashed white light. "Okay, you go back and remember my orders!"
The light door is shining, and it’s dark again before I know it.
Less than half a column of incense touched the old man who claimed to know nothing, but fell into fear. After returning to the city of tears for several days, he walked back and forth in the room but never left the door, because the king of God ordered him to turn against the Jiuzu people outside.
Somewhere off Wan Li.
The weather is surprisingly good, and a little breeze brings the clear blue sea out of the tiny ripples. The sky is also clear and abnormal, like a huge and transparent jasper embedded in the top of the head.
Blue sky, sunny sky, silver hair, fluttering and dancing to the northwest, rushing rapidly, penetrating eyes, looking into the distance, with no expression on their faces. Thirty-six men dressed in rags, as if they had not changed their gray linen clothes for 10 thousand years, followed closely.
"Mom hasn’t had a body for ten thousand years, but now I finally have it. I didn’t expect it to be such a tattered one. Although it was caused by praying for heaven, it was so bad that it was so rigid that it was not free to move." A young man with silver hair complained behind him during the flight.
"Hu Yancheng and you will be satisfied!"
Next to the same dull-faced man, he gave him a disdainful look. "After entering the realm of SHEN WOO, the practice is to be fascinated by the aura of heaven and earth. Before we entered the body, we were fascinated and had no body. Although the fascination was strong enough, it attracted the aura, but we put it in place. Now these body exercises are carried out, but with the strength of our fascination, the speed of attracting the spirit into the body will naturally exceed that of ordinary people by a thousand times. It takes us a short time to recover our understanding of the practice."
"I’m the one who should blame for getting such a body. You are all men, but I’m a woman." Finally, the speaker couldn’t help but complain faintly.
"Ha ha ~ ~ ~" HuYanCheng and glanced at the man next to him with a light smile. "Yeah, I thought you were a beautiful woman in the divine world, and a suitor didn’t count it now."
"You still say!" Nangongyan stamped her feet gently, and the women were unruly and naturally revealed.
"He" stared, "Hum, hurry up and practice. It’s a dangerous trip to Le Sheng Palace. Although we hope that Xinyang Xiao will die so that we will be free again, if we can’t repair it, we are afraid that we will never come back once he dies."
Thirty-seven figures quickly passed by the young people with long silver hair and white clothes, and the vitality of heaven and earth violently oscillated behind them, forming thirty-six cyclones to infuse those people with dull faces.
Ten people’s bodies are covered with light black and red breath, while the other ten people are covered with peaceful white halo 3.
I don’t know if it’s an illusion or the 36-person cube is special, such as the black-red war force and the white force. It seems that there is a subtle connection and mutual circulation.
Thirty-six ghosts and gods in the practice seem to feel this abnormal situation and their eyes are horrified at the same time.
"According to what you said, the island in front is the Lesheng Palace?" The ghost was surprised that the cold sound of Yanglingtian floated up with the wind.
Looking up, I saw the silver-haired young man’s hand gently raised and pointed to a misty and rainy green island not far away.
The whole island is shrouded in thick fog, as if the whole world is surrounded by fog. Even though these people once looked down on the ghosts and gods, they could see the island through the fog. It is really vaguely felt that there is a faint guardian force involved in the clouds.
"Although we know the general direction of the Lesheng Palace, we can be sure that there are also directions that we have traveled all the way, but since we have never been to the Lesheng Palace, we can be sure that it is on this island or beyond."
Staring at the island for a long time, the only "female" in the 36 ghosts and gods finally said cautiously with a full face
"Well, in that case, let’s go to the island first, if not go on."
Yanglingtian nodded his head and lifted his feet to go forward.
Substantial clouds contain thick water vapor.
The sun was blazing in the outer world, but after it entered the fog, the hot but suddenly disappeared, and the coolness seemed to be like the cold ru oil cinnamon juice pouring down, which drenched people with a cool feeling like a lover’s touch.