It’s been three days since they escaped from Lingfengtang’s lair. They came to this reed dng. A waterway meanders and stretches in front of the waterway. It seems that there are pieces of reeds floating like there is no end. The more you look at it, the more nai complains, "Is the monster really here?" I haven’t seen a ghost for a long time. "


The charm said grumpily, "This is it. She told me that she would be here with that Ye Zhiqiu."
"How do you know that nv people have a way to save think evil? Just because she has been hn for hundreds of years and has condensed the entity? "
The charm is a little shaky, but I’m not quite sure. "Except for our charm clan, the life span of his race is short. It took her 400 years to decide to condense the entity. Naturally, she has mastered life. It is inferred that after 400 years of light, yin has definitely mastered more knowledge than people."
"Four hundred years of light yin charm clan is really rich in monsters" Feather crouched down to look at the waterway in a daze.
Cen listened to fidgety, gently pressed his hands on his shoulder, then pressed it hard and pressed it straight, and finally cried out in anger, "It’s all nonsense. Just ask and you’ll know what nng boat is first. Well, here are two trees nng to make canoes."
Just after her words were finished, two strong winds had broken away, and then not far away, two young trees collapsed and feathered, and Cen was startled to look at the side. Muyu was quietly putting the bow back and moving incredibly fast. Her skill seemed to be higher, and she feathered and Cen thought at the same time that the difference was feather and praise, while Cen was simply jealousy.
Even though he lost his martial arts at this time, Cen and Mo Yu didn’t intend to make those two small trees into boats by themselves. In the taunting voice, he succumbed to grief to remove branches and leaves from the small trees. Finally, Cen Xin was good at throwing him a "fantasy blade" as a tool, which made him go. According to the feathering theory, the difference between human beings and moving materials is that people can make tools, but in his concept of poor wealth, this priceless tool has no meaning and is no different from that of ordinary wood cutters.
It was in the mountains that I practiced eclosion. I skillfully cut off the branches of two young trees and tied them together. I tied them up tightly and kicked them hard to ensure that they wouldn’t fall apart. It probably took hua more than an hour for him to finally sit down and breathe out. hu was very vicious and glanced back and forth at two partners who had never started to help.
"What a good boy. Mm-hmm. I need to give you some rewards." Cen jumped up to him and smiled like a fox. "Kiss him for free."
Feather frighten body flash almost slipped to the ground to get red in the face and waved his arms hard to try to stop her from attacking "go away and don’t fish in troubled waters" and stole a look at it. Reed’s silent feather didn’t see the little nv expression, but saw the little nv shoulder trembling slightly.
"It’s almost noon to walk, and my stomach is hungry." Feather urged Cen to mask his embarrassment by the way.
Cen pulled him up and flew up, kicked the boat directly into the water and laughed. "Nothing" talked and pulled him down to the boat.
Feather just arrived at the boat and immediately squatted down to carefully maintain the balance. His hands grabbed the trunk. "Be careful." There is no paddle! "
Mo Yu immediately floated to the end of the boat and said "I’ll come" lightly.
In hu’s eyes, little nv took a bow, stretched a bowstring, pulled a bowstring and sounded crisp, and a bunch of water immediately exploded in the water. hua pushed the boat to slide out a few feet quickly to be as smooth as ice. She sighed in her heart and buried her head in her knees. Cen Leng snorted her arms and silently yn recited something. Her hands suddenly pressed toward the water to detain the wind, which suddenly oppressed the water. hua blossomed and pushed the boat to slide out a few feet forward, of course. So these two little nv competed with each other and the devil was feathered.
The boat’s water surface is quiet for a while, and it moves forward in a violent process. The weak sunshine is slowly floating in the reed dng. Although it is bleak, it is also leisurely. In the distance, a sound suddenly appears. This reed sea is full of joy.
Feather up, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then shout with Cen, Silent Feather and Charm at the same time.
"It’s terrible!" < d Chapter seventy-one See the man again
Text] Chapter seventy-one See the man again-
In the middle of the cloud, Ye’s family is famous for its famous producers, and the military circles in various states are known as "the blood of famous soldiers". It’s amazing that this generation has finally produced a different kind-Zhiqiu!
Ye Zhiqiu, a region in the East, has a reputation of "* * elegance". People who are not familiar with martial arts must be familiar with everything in piano, chess and painting. jing is a noble family, a civilian with a blue y dream lover and a gentle personality. Who can praise a "worldly and beautiful man" without raising his thumb?
Previously, Yu Hua and others thought that according to the general law of the title of "Gong", it was not a "Gong" to see a young man with a long sleeve gown in the street. But if he paced slowly and frowned lightly, it would be not far from "Gong". If this person can gently recite something like "Ask for clothes in cold weather", it would definitely be a regular "Gong". From this point of view, Yu Hua, Cen and Mo Yu have the impression that Ye Zhiqiu undoubtedly belongs to this title. However, when a song very sonorous’s sound hovers over the reed dng, they all think that they have misjudged the wrong person. Yi Hong Yuan embodies the entity spirit, Acacia Moon, and they have already seen it. It is comparable to the sound of nature. Of course, this sound will not be played by her. The murderer has Ye Zhiqiu.
More than a dozen unknown waterfowl fluttered away, and the sharp eyes of feathering and others also saw that the fish swimming in the water also rolled their tails and quickly left the sound field, so they couldn’t help but feel bitter.
Looking up at the sky with a sigh, tears in his eyes were faint. "The piano and chess painting didn’t include playing the harp. This song should be heard in hell."
Cen smiled and stamped his foot, but he was still soft-hearted. "The 50-string instrument is not something that ordinary musicians can play."
Speaking, the voice suddenly cut off the feather and others immediately felt refreshed. God jing lifted his eyes and looked at the reeds everywhere. The lake was green. You could see a small house made of wood and bamboo near the lake. Not far from the water, there was a pavilion with red paint, which was eye-catching like a red hua floating with clear water. There was a bamboo table across from a man and a nv, and there was a simple and elegant yn red big one. The filial piety did not go to the man’s forehand. The nv opposite him was also plain and white, and it seemed to have taken away the world.
"Hey? Someone came before us. "
Cen and Mo Yu paid no attention to feathering, and their eyes shifted from the pavilion to the small wooden bridge outside the pavilion. A slightly thin man dressed in a group of hua silk brocade turned his back on them cleanly.
"This man’s back is familiar." Cen blinked to look for this man’s image in his memory.
Mo Yu simply said, "It’s the five halls of the royal family called Xiaobai."
Feathering and Cen are all in doubt at the same time. I don’t know what the child wants to do when he comes here. Obviously, he has just arrived. Reed dng bends the waterway to the end. From here, he turns into the Great Lakes, and Cen’s feathering arms are mixed with one left and one right. After several ups and downs, he reaches the top of the small house and looks down at the three people with a gesture of eavesdropping on others’ conversation.
Ye Zhiqiu doesn’t have to smile and nod at them. The line of sight has returned to the young man’s small white body. L is puzzled. S acacia stretched out her delicate hands and picked a string to jump out of a low hum. It is an expression of her visit to meet them, but she never looked back.
Male white consciousness looked back at the feather and others had already disappeared from the roof. He suspected hu carefully observed for a while before he was relieved, but unlike his age, he should be vigilant.
Ye Zhiqiu also don’t y he found what mouth asked "five temple is far from easy, please? Know autumn here, please forgive me for being cold and ill-treated. "
Gong Xiaobai took away the suspicion. hu smiled and handed it to him. "Long Gong is too modest. Xiaobai came here to listen to a word from Long Gong."
Acacia month still didn’t turn back, hands lightly touching the string to stir up a dng, wearing a high-pitched voice to detain ji, and several water splashed out of the water nearby. hua Laigong Xiaobai’s heart was surprised, and her cheeks flashed like a beautiful Y, and a cold sweat came out of her temples. She decided that she didn’t turn back by intuition alone, and then she knew her mind. Then he saw this nv Yingying, holding her arms and turning her back, and her eyes were deep and deep, as if she were hiding a jing spirit of all beings.
Gently apply powder and lightly sweep the eyebrows. Elegant as how green was my valley Lanhua, Yan Xiangsi Moon nodded slightly. "I beg your pardon, Xiangsi Moon is not rude when I heard about political topics." She walked slowly to the small house.