"Empress might as well dig!" Ning Shuang said it very naturally, as if she said not to dig people’s eyes, but to dig sweet potatoes and potatoes.


"Is that good? Will it be too wicked? " Shen Menglu eyebrows looking at the frost.
Frankly speaking, the idea of frosting makes Shen Menglu feel very good. It’s really not enough to make Shen Menglu Japanese, but considering that Shen Menglu, the fetus in the womb, feels that she shouldn’t be so cruel. After all, she doesn’t want to get the good fortune of the fetus in the womb.
Frost understand Shen Menglu meaning she shook her head "to dig is handmaiden wicked handmaiden with empress! Empress needs to worry! " What’s more, for a wicked person like Wei Xinyan, punishing her is definitely not a wicked thing but a virtuous thing!
Frost sincerely moved Shen Menglu once again, but she was somewhat hesitant.
"Empress think JingXuanShi received hurt! Think about the injury to the Niangniang family! " Ning Shuang wanted to teach Wei Xinyan a long time ago. She couldn’t wait for her hand blade Wei Xinyan to vent her anger on Shen Menglu. Unfortunately, Shen Menglu was too tolerant!
The hesitation in Shen Menglu’s eyes disappeared. She cast a cold glance at Wei Xinyan. "Well, if it’s such an eyesore, dig it!"
"It’s empress! You avoid one! " Frost will Shen Menglu into the hands of Yan Ruyi and Mo Yu and signal them to stop Shen Menglu’s sight and dig people’s eyes. This scene is too bloody to let Shen Menglu see her eyes.
"Frost you … be gentle!" Turn my back Shen Menglu hesitated for a moment or confessed the frost sentence.
"It’s the Empress!" As the frost replied, her hands and feet quickly stopped at Weixinyan’s ue road and her dumb hole, and her hands fell quietly. Lieutenant Xinyan’s eyes were out of the eye socket and there were two blood holes left.
WeiXinYan leng where still not response, she has become a blind WeiXinYan passed out.
In order not to scare Shen Menglu, she pulled a piece of cloth neatly from her robe and wrapped it around Wei Xinyan’s eyes and carefully wiped away the residual blood on her face.
After all this, it took only a few minutes to make sure that in case of frost loss, Shen Menglu was gently called "Empress is ready! You can turn around! "
"hmm!" Shen Menglu should turn a head and cast a glance. Wei Xinyan, who was bandaged very appropriately, gave me a satisfied smile. She seemed to be more and more interested in frost!
Watching the whole process, Zhu Yinzhen’s eyebrows tied into a fast knot. The dialogue between Shen Menglu and Ning Shuang, the master and servant, seems to have a special meaning. They seem to have some skeletons in their closet!
After cleaning up, Wei Xinyan and Shen Menglu put their eyes on the ground and looked pale. "What do you want to find in the palace theory?"
What’s the theory? Who dares to theory! Witnessing the process of Wei Xinyan’s eyes being gouged out, the concubines turned pale one by one, and it was like a long century for them in just a few minutes
Shen Menglu seems gentle and biting, and has completely recruited these concubines. They already know that it is very stupid to find Shen Menglu’s theory. They want to save their lives by other means.
No one dares to resist Shen Menglu again, and it’s a foregone conclusion that they will enter the capital city government.
However, Shen Menglu didn’t try so hard to send them to prison, but she gave them a lot of preparations for three days to make it easier for them to complain to their parents for help.
However, I haven’t arrived at the capital city government for three days, but something happened.
Mrs gyeonggi’s office and the prefect’s adult Li Mu have lost their heads! The fact is that Li Mu’s family were all hacked to death!
I stayed up all night to come out with 9 thousand words! Ow ~ ~ ~ ~
In the next few days, Light Light will go to Chengdu Participants’ Annual Meeting to ensure that it will be updated by 3,000 every day! Dear friends, forgive me
When light light blue Chengdu comes back, will you work hard to be more young? I like girls!
It turns out that Li Mu was immediately paralyzed by the news that Shen Menglu was going to send Muwangfu Shi concubine to the prison of Gyeonggi government office. Those Shi concubines in Muwangfu haven’t been sent to those Shi concubines’ family, and they have been greeted by Gyeonggi government office! And Li Mu has already made preparations to resign.
Does this Princess Mu really regard the capital city government as the backyard of Mu Wangfu? Everyone sends it to him! She’s playing dead without paying for her life!
How dare he challenge those ministers as a little sesame official! Anyone who is bigger than him can kill Li Mu, let alone a group!