She knew that Bai Liyi had hidden herself too deeply, and he was more than that, even higher than Qin Xiaotian.


So she also likes to hide herself deeply.
"You digress the topic ….." The lights are different, the red prints are hundreds of miles, and the ink eyes are full of magnificent colors. "You haven’t told me that Qin Xiyue is Miss Wang and what do you want?"
The well-maintained jade hand points to the viewing platform and laughs like a spring breeze. The low-pitched audio and video of people leaving Yun Qing is a provocation. "It’s too early to continue guessing?"
In a word, Bai Liyi was blocked and teased with a bitter face. "Guess! Anyway, I didn’t guess your mind once or twice. I really don’t know if you have me in your heart? "
From yun-ching coldly looked up at the familiar face in front of her and smiled at her. She really shivered and then turned away from words.
Bai Liyi stared at her back and lamented whether this reaction was there?
The glass outside the city gate of Fengyi is dressed in a green pleated skirt, which looks graceful and colorful. It is a little cold in the dark, and she walks back and forth uneasily at the gate of the city gate.
Holding a pair of eyes that came from Yun Qing and gave her a snow soul knife, I looked forward to it from time to time.
Suddenly, a flurry of hoofs started from a smoke dust not far away.
Two figures are looming in the dark. At the front of the horse is a quiet man with exquisite facial features and long dark hair, which has its own charm.
Followed by a man dressed in heroic spirit, his brow has a dashing posture.
At the sight of the arrival, Coloured glaze stopped people from coming and raised their hands. Snow Soul Knife hurried and said, "Coloured glaze welcomes General Yun to return from adults."
A steed neigh front hoof kick 144 Chapter 144 From Yun Qing aggressive (5)
Take the lead, stay away from Xuanyi and tighten the reins. The horse just recovered from the shock and paced in place.
Yun Yong behind him then slowly mounted the horse and came to the side of Xuanyi. When he saw the bearer, he was surprised to set his eyebrows. "Coloured glaze? How did you get here? "
Coloured glaze didn’t look up and respectfully replied, "My husband estimated that when these two adults returned, he asked Coloured glaze to wait and give the snow soul knife to the adults, saying that he had something to ask two people to do it for him."
Li Xuanyi raised his eyebrows. "You said something?"
"The public prepares to attack Langyue Village tonight, and also invites adults to take the snow soul knife to deploy troops outside the city." Coloured glaze just looked up and looked different, but it spit out a sentence before two people were horrified.
"What? Laughter really said that? " Yunyong’s mouth was wide enough to put an egg in it.
He always feels that he can’t understand the words and deeds of a smiling man, and now he is still boasting that he will attack Langyue Village, which even the imperial court can’t get. Is this a fantasy?
"Gong personally said" coloured glaze back is also puzzled.
Imperial concubine, are you trying to make everyone die? If it’s a misunderstanding to transfer soldiers privately to besiege the Qin government, can you get a dead word? However, she firmly believes that there must be a plan to let the army enter the city from Yun Qing.
A faint sigh from sylphy made him suddenly silent. He was only a few days away. He hasn’t seen Sanmei yet, but she got into a cold sweat first. What great event did she make?
Now he is a white emperor to let her travel seems to want her to be a sharp edge.
….. But it happened that he chose his third sister?
It’s true that she rarely meets Yun Qing from Xuanyi. It can be said that she has seen it once or twice since she was injured and stupid when she was a child.
But at least he is also a sibling, and he is also distressed by this poor third sister.
I didn’t expect that when I saw her again, she was not only a princess, but also a favorite and became cruel.
I think it may be caused by being left out from childhood, and I feel even more guilty in my heart.
He gently kicked the horse’s belly and took a few steps forward. He took the snow soul knife and turned to Yunyong. "I walked to the garrison camp ten miles away. I remember guarding the general here, but your father’s protege, you and I can still order him."
General Zhenbei, who is stationed here, is also Yunyong’s father, Yunyan’s protege, although he belongs to the Zhou Dynasty. It depends on whether he knows well or not.
Yun Yong was almost frightened to disgrace. "This is not the case of Jingzhou, which is under our jurisdiction. It’s beyond the limit of Zhou Wang. This time, I’m so afraid of the emperor’s bad account. If you blame me, it’s you. I don’t want to see you suffer together …"