Li Junwu called me from behind.
"Ah?" I turned around in shock and faced him, but he raised his eyebrows and pointed to the teapot in my hand. "―― All the water has flowed out." I looked down at An Thirteen’s teacup, but the tea was still flowing out from the spout …
I blushed back two steps and called Xinger to "wipe" Ann’s back. I laughed and gave him a warning by gouging out his one eye.
Li Junwu called me to take my hand lovingly and said, "Have you ever burned yourself?" I shook my head and pulled my hand hard, but he suddenly grasped me. I wouldn’t let me pull my hand out. It’s okay. "Why are you still acting like a child when you’re such an adult?" The queen mother asked about you these two days and said that rouge was almost gone and you didn’t send it to her … "
I can’t help but wonder if Li Junwu, who has always behaved well, has ever been so intimate in front of outsiders? So embarrassedly skimming the head and secretly looking at Xinger and Ann Thirteen-Ann Thirteen is still hanging his eyelids and drinking Maojian tea, but he can’t even shake a Xinger. His eyes are staring at me and Li Junwu, and his face is red!
I whispered "emperor! Quick put … "
Li Junwu smiled and let go of his hand, but he brushed it for me in a warm way, which made me avoid it.
Ann thirteen suddenly put the teacup up "It’s getting late on her. I walked first." As soon as I heard it, I was relieved and didn’t care much. What’s wrong with his name? "Well, I’m here … I won’t send it. Let Xinger send you. Xinger-"
"No need," he stopped with a wave as he walked past me. "There’s still plenty of time" and he gave Li Junwu a hand. "See you soon!"
Li Junwu hesitated for a moment. When he looked up, his eyes faintly flashed a tree "… pavilion walking slowly"
Ann thirteen evil gave me a smile and then stepped out of the threshold.
I turned around in fear and trembling and took a glance at Li Junwu’s look. He was positively staring at the disappearance direction of An Thirteen, and his face was uncertain. I smiled strongly. "Nine elder brothers went early today …"
"How do you know him?" Li Junwu interrupted me and asked intently, I was relieved and got up because of his words, but I couldn’t help but bite my teeth and said, "He’s a big brother friend."
"Really?" He frowned at me. "I look familiar with you." I pretended to be angry. "Do you suspect that I am lying?" "no" "what is that?"
He sighed. "This man looks very complicated. I’m worried about you-"I laughed. "He doesn’t eat people. What’s there to worry about? Besides, he just sat down and left. "He got up and walked thoughtfully for two laps and then said," You’d better be careful alone in this house or I won’t rest assured. "
I cuddled up to his arm and said, "I know that Brother Jiu loves her the most …" He scraped my nose and smiled. "Do you know what I came here for today?" I shook my head like a rattle "I don’t know"
"I have ordered to go to the official’s adult. On July 7th, the officials in the DPRK will come with me to offer condolences and still be polite to the Prime Minister ―― this is a little apology for the official. Although it’s nothing, it can be done for the time being. Are you satisfied that I can do this on her?"
He looked at me inquiringly. My heart was slightly astringent, but my face was still calm. "How could the emperor not know about the kindness of her to the butler?" On behalf of her father, Yuer thanked the emperor! " Said to him a worship.
He helped me up and whispered softly in my ear, "Her words are really mine …"
As soon as the season enters late autumn, the weather will get cold, and it has been freezing and raining in recent days. ? There is a bleak scene everywhere.
I was awakened by the girls in the middle of the night the day before yesterday. I stayed in my room for two days and didn’t go out much. At this time, I was drinking tea and smoking with the window open, and I came in with a prescription in my hand. "Miss, when Dr. Lin saw this, he said that he would change it …" I waved my hand impatiently. "What can I change? What can the doctor change even if he can’t give a baby medicine? !”
Smoke low eyebrow not language I slow tone way "according to grasp! Tell Dr. Lin that something will happen to this side and I will be responsible for it. "Liu Yan promised to go out and walk to the door and turned back." Miss, you’d better take some medicine. Don’t make yourself sick because of that girl Xinger. "
"Come on-go quickly" I vaguely tunnel Xinger got up the night before yesterday, and accidentally fell down by the rain, and the child in his stomach almost died. At that time, I was scared that the government was out, and I was not idle when I was awakened by the smoke, and I didn’t even put clothes on the floor. As a result, I caught cold. Now two days have passed and my head is sore all over.
"I’m still sitting in the wind when I’m cold …" Lori quietly came in and muttered that she wanted to close the window. I stretched out my hand slightly. "Don’t just leave it open." She looked back in surprise. "Didn’t you fall asleep?" I moved over in the couch with my silk in my arms, and she came over and tucked me in. "I haven’t eaten early, but are you hungry now?" I shook my head and casually asked, "How is it outside now?"
Laura frowned "said Xinger? It’s much better. I’m resting in the main room! " I closed my eyes. "I mean, what news can you hear outside-in the street?" "Oh, yes!" She stopped to pack her things and said, "It’s not calm outside these days, and there have been troubles. Yesterday, someone was killed at Xicheng Gate. It was Jing Zhaoyin Liu Deer who heard that he was killed by a group of foreign refugees. Now the murderer has escaped."
"oh? What was killed? "
"It is said that Master Liu bullied others, and the gang of bandits couldn’t stand it. They were probably dissatisfied with the official’s heart, so they rose up and attacked the chaos and killed him."
I sighed faintly and said, "This world is chaotic when I see it!"
"Yes!" Luo Yi also sighed, "In addition to this, a young lady from a rich man’s house in the east of the city came back from relatives the other day and was robbed. The young lady lost her body and hung in the Woods on the spot. Some of them were robbed and bullied by men and women. Nowadays, the ladies in all the houses outside are afraid to go out easily, for fear of meeting an accident-but in the past two days, the handmaiden has heard a news that there has been a truce ahead and the two countries are discussing reconciliation! "
"Reconciliation?" I frowned anxiously. "Who wants to settle?"
"I don’t know this handmaiden. I heard from those people yesterday when I went to buy a needle and thread that the Eastern European countries have sent envoys to come over and are negotiating with the emperor these days!"
"Oh …"
As I spoke, my head ached again, rubbed my forehead point and asked Luo Yi to take some medicine. "Miss, why don’t you go to the back room and have a rest? It’s not good to always sit here and blow!" "Might as well" I waved my hand. "Why don’t you go and see if the smoke is back?"
But as soon as she turned around, I remembered, "Why haven’t you seen the sun these days?" Luo Yi said, "The monarch seems to have gone to Ganlanyuan." "Again? !” "Well, I pray that your majesty moved to the Royal Villa of Ganlanyuan to recuperate because he was seriously ill. It’s been a few days, but-""But what?" I looked up at her. "But yesterday, a strange thing happened to the handmaiden …"
"talk about it"
"Yesterday was also the time when the handmaiden bought the needle line and quickly went to Qi Wangfu. Suddenly, Li Shang went out of the house alone in plain clothes."
"What’s so strange about this? !” I gave her a grumpily white look. She said, "Listen to the handmaiden ―― Li Shang left the house alone and walked not far in front of me. He came out for a walk. Who knows, before he came to an alley, he suddenly stopped and looked around, turned around and quickly entered a small courtyard in the alley, looking familiar. He gave the door as soon as he entered."
I sat up straight while listening. "Are you sure it’s Li Shang?"