Wang Gan couldn’t help looking at the Pure Yang Temple, which has been turned into a pile of rubble by Shenhan skyshatter. If Jiang Xing is afraid of being dead.


"Old Wang Gan smells pure yang, right over there!" At this time, the voice of the sky sounded in his mind.
Follow that direction indicated, he saw a Jiang Xing who was wear a gray coat and quietly ran away from the crack.
At first, thunder broke out, Wang Ganhua, and a thunder suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Xing, blocking the way.
"Get in my way and sentence you to death!" Jiang Xing lifted the gray coat with a ferocious expression and took out the judge’s pen. He trembled and handwritten a word "death".
He’s scared. He’s scared of Wang Gan.
The most terrible result finally appeared. Wang Ganzhen’s accumulated information during the successful wall-breaking practice period was completely released, and his strength was frightening. Especially that day, the blow simply scared the daylights out of him and made him afraid to the extreme.
Now that you have the pure Yang inkstone, there is no need to provoke this terrible guy to secretly escape with such thoughts.
However, the smell of Chunyang inkstone exposed his intention and was finally discovered by Wang Gan.
The word’ death’ approached rapidly and fell on Wang Gan’s eyebrows. Suddenly he felt that Yuan God seemed to be inhaled into the word’ death’.
"Haha, you have been sentenced to death by me. Yuan Shen has fallen into reincarnation!" Jiang Xing couldn’t help laughing proudly when he saw that his magic weapon was actually effective.
Only then did he remember that the judge’s pen is a precious magic weapon, and its power far exceeds that of the multiplier. Even the monks in the then period are hard to get it. Although their own methods will exert their power, they are much more powerful than the general multiplier.
It made him feel very satisfied and frank to see that his magic weapon could kill such a powerful guy.
"oh? Then what about my dead word? " Suddenly, Wang Gan, who should have lost consciousness, actually recovered his mind, and the word "Death between the eyebrows" gradually evaporated, which obviously failed.
Jiang Xinggen didn’t know that Wang Gan’s Yuan God was ten times stronger than ordinary people because of the mud pill and the elixir, and with the protection of the seven treasures, the Yuan God’s attack on the root method worked.
He wrote ten words of "death" while holding a pen of thunder and punishment, and saw that the thunder burst and beat Jiang Xing scurrying to hide blindly.
"Ladies and gentlemen! The seal here has disappeared, so let your elders come in and win the treasure! " Flustered Jiang Xing got a drink.
Suddenly, this sentence made all the monks wake up and then their eyes flew towards the crack.
They know very well that the strongest suspect here is that Wang Ganre was robbed of the pure Yang inkstone by him, and it is impossible to have a chance. However, if the Yuanying Johnson outside is brought in, the strength will be completely shuffled, and it is not known who will eventually fall into the pure Yang inkstone.
Jiang Xing obviously has the same plan. His best skill is to fish in troubled waters and muddy the river before he can escape.
Seeing that all the monks are really rushing towards the cracks, Wang Gan’s face is getting ugly. If you don’t make a quick decision, your advantage will swing away.
He turned his attention to the figurine Jiang Xingyou’s decision.
"Who is the Tao in the early ancient times?" Wang Gan once again cast out the JIU ge technique.
[ w w w ]
Chapter ninety-two The hermetic device is extraordinary and sacred
Seeing that Wang Gan took out the line written in the sky, Jiang Xing felt a sense of crisis when he asked.
Overhead clouds gathering gas column bursting out from the cloud hole is like the extinction light falling on himself by mistake. This scene can’t help but remind him of the horror of Fengtianhe’s death and a bad cold in his heart.
Jiang Xing hurriedly raised his right hand, and then he saw a huge amount of yellow sand flowing out of the back soil ring, and his head formed a concave circular sand wall.
This sand wall was unexpectedly strong and abnormal, relying on it, the natural atmosphere was slightly blocked for a moment, although it quickly broke through the barrier, but with this short opportunity, he escaped from the attack range.
Jiang Xing blanched and looked at the sky, panting, but before he recovered, he saw that the cave lit up again and there was another air column brewing, which made him cry.
It was only half a quarter of an hour, but it was as long as a century for Jiang Xing. With the help of Houdi, he fled in panic and died again and again. I never thought that the flow rate was so slow
"How endless? !” Jiang Xing gnashed his teeth with anger and has escaped dozens of air columns. Every time Houtu Ring blocks for him, there will be more cracks on the surface. As more and more cracks appear, there are signs of destruction.
Although this Houdi ring is the key to the treasure house of Mo Xiang, it is also a magic weapon. The material of this key is a second-order earth spirit beast Dan, which is also fortunate. Otherwise, it is not qualified to resist the force of heaven.
But it will be unbearable sooner or later if we delay going to Houdi ring like this. This is Jiang Xing’s greatest fear.
Dancing on the edge of death, Jiang Xing was almost tortured to a nervous breakdown. Once again, he avoided an air column and did not find that a figure suddenly appeared behind him.
Invisibility in the evil spirit spell Wang Gan sadly appeared behind him, and his palms poured into the air, giving him a hard pat on the back of his head.
"Poof …"
Jiang Xing vomited blood and flew out, but he was slightly injured and didn’t fall into a coma. It’s not that Wang Gan showed mercy, but that Houdi quit automatically created a barrier and removed most of his strength.
"It’s a wave of your hands." Wang Gan thought that the sixth layer of the meditation device in his mind pointed at the been quit
Then see been quit suddenly spirit mans to tremble from Jiang Xing fingers slowly faded as if to fly in the direction of Wang Gan.
"grab the device!" Jiang Xing eyes a stare I don’t know what thought revealed a very surprised look.
The art of seizing the weapon is a spell. It is said that it can forcibly plunder other people’s instruments, but it has no effect on monks of the same order or magic weapon series instruments
But he didn’t know a thing or two. Although Wang Gan once plundered this spell from Yang Qing, he never used it. After all, he didn’t lack instruments, but when he broke the wall, he got the sixth imperial symbol in the art of chemical devices-the art of seizing devices.
After some comparison, he found that this technique had similar effect, but the effect was significantly improved with the help of Penglai imperial charm, which was not limited to the multiplier layer, but even the magic weapon could affect the hermetic level.