Collins nodded. "I’ll send someone to pay special attention to this aspect, but the Royal Guards feel a little understaffed recently. I wonder if some people will be transferred from Ping An Island."


"But when selecting personnel, you must pay attention to the fact that those guys in your hand have few good things and don’t get into trouble."
Collins’s face showed a confident look. "They dare not be presumptuous with me, and even worse, my uncle is here."
Szelesi nodded in agreement, but somehow, Liu Yue’s disappearance can’t help but flush a trace of worry. Now most of the island forces are controlled by the weismann family. Fortunately, if it is difficult for a long time, there will be a big worry.
"djinn Roddick’s search for Lord Lucifer will be handed over to you. I will transfer the mage department who is good at predicting spells to you. If you must find him as soon as possible."
Chapter 27 The Secret Island Blood Sacrifice
"This is … what place?"
When Liu Yuejue woke up from his lethargy, he had a splitting headache, and he examined his own physical condition. He couldn’t help laughing bitterly. It turned out that the vitality of heaven and earth had come to occupy the nest and his body wouldn’t leave. Speaking of it, his body, which was completely reshaped by chaotic forces, was able to accept so many attributes and different forces and changed to others, and he died at the first time.
He looked at the surrounding environment. It was a quiet beach. The golden morning light sprinkled on the silvery white beach reflected brilliant colors. The blue sea was refreshing and so on. The blue sea?
As we all know, the Golden Sea has such a name because of the large amount of sediment deposited by rivers such as the Yumanshu River, and the whole sea area is full of turbid waves. Where can there be such clear water?
Suddenly, there was a noise in the distance, and Liu Yue’s expression changed and he quickly hid his body. Soon he saw a group of half-man, half-fish soldiers coming along.
These soldiers are similar in appearance to the mermaid’s head, but they look very ferocious like Naga. Their way of marching is also quite interesting. The tail end of the half-length fish shows a kind of liquidization rather than walking, which gives people the feeling that they will disappear in a moment.
The fisherman who walked in the front was slightly thinner than he was, half dressed in a leather breastplate and holding a short wand. He seemed to be a caster.
"What person?" The caster shouted in a vague and strange language, and the soldiers reacted at the same time, keeping the caster on guard around the central government.
Liu Yue’s mind was shocked, and he couldn’t believe that his whereabouts were discovered so quickly. Although those heterogeneous energies are still entrenched in other ways, it is not ordinary people who can see through the Wu Men’s stealth and invisibility method alone. Is this half-man, half-fish guy actually a hidden master?
But soon his doubts were dispelled. There was a crash, and several shadows jumped out of the blue water. The sun was faintly visible, and the blades of their weapons were blue, which was obviously highly toxic.
"Hey, it turned out that it was the shadow thief who wondered when they reached out to the sea?" Liu Yue is not surprised.
Those mermaid soldiers are not weak, and those shadows haven’t come near yet. Listen to those soldiers. When they shout a dozen tridents, they almost stab those shadows into a skewer. If they don’t dodge quickly, they will die on the spot. If so, one of them is still stabbed and his arm falls to the ground with a snort of blood spatter.
At the same time, the caster read a few spells, and a spider web spread his head and face towards them.
Spider-web technique is not a high-skill spell, but the key is to cast it accurately. Those shadow thieves are caught off guard, and the fisherman soldiers seem to be all well-trained, and they are going to kill them with vicious hands. At this time, the caster said, "Don’t send these blasphemers to the temple yet and let God judge their sins."
Seeing these fishmen dragging the shadow thieves away, Liu Yue showed his shape. He was also curious about this strange island. But at this time, he didn’t mean to rock the boat. After all, no one knows when Usgar will launch the second wave of attacks. Presumably, the gray wasteland is already littered with corpses. The head of the crow tribe in Shenen Island was wiped out by Liu Yue. Perhaps he hasn’t heard this sentence, but it doesn’t prevent him from doing so.
Liu Yue knows very well that he and Usgar will have a battle. This time, it is just to test his own strength. It must be thunderous to come again. The main material world is also a strong soldier. Ma Zhuang, but Usgar is at least a regional god of war. The accumulated strength in ten thousand years can be said to be unfathomable. In the face of him, Liu Yue has to play a very strong spirit.
Liu Yue identified a direction and was about to leave here when he suddenly felt strongly inappropriate. After a while, he opened his eyes and detected the vicinity.
At this time, he found that the island is not large, about five square kilometers, and the whole island is surrounded by an invisible arcane mystery lock, which is a permanent magical enchantment created by strange spells. Simply speaking, it can also be regarded as a small field.
The most interesting thing is that this "island" is moving slowly. Although it is very slow, Liu Yue can still feel a flash of light in his mind. "Is this …"
It turns out that there is an old saying in the Golden Sea that some people have seen a moving island and some shipwrecked sailors will miraculously survive. They insist that they have been to a magical island, but if they really want to find it, it often takes a long time, and people will gradually forget about it. If djinn didn’t read a lot of ancient books that day, Liu Yue really couldn’t figure out what was going on.
Liu Yue’s intuition tells him that he can’t just leave the island to hide secrets. It seems that he has some kind of connection. Although it is impossible for him to know the degree of 500 years before and after with a pinch of his fingers, he will never be suspicious end to end. For this subtle sign, ordinary people may think it is just an illusion, but for him, it cannot be taken lightly.
After a moment’s hesitation, Liu Yue followed the group of fishermen away from the direction, and the blood left by the injured shadow thief was the best target to track.
Soon he entered a jungle. It was winter, but the jungle was full of spring and he didn’t feel the chill at all. Liu Yue knew that this was the mystery outside, and he was even more curious about the so-called "God".
As far as he knows, there are not many religious gods who own the ocean. Except for the shark-shaped fisherman created by Ambry, few gods accept the fisherman’s service. This is probably because the fisherman is not intelligent. In fact, except for the mermaid family, most fishermen are still in a state of ignorance, and many people still don’t recognize them as intelligent races. Some nobles are greedy for novelty and regard the fisherman as delicious.
Soon he came to the center of the jungle, and he met several patrol teams all the way, and he easily escaped. It can be seen that there is something wrong with the atmosphere here, and the expressions of those fish people are faintly nervous.
"Is it because of the shadow thief?" Liu Yue secretly thought.
The largest thieves’ union in East China is quite powerful. It is said that it can mobilize 3,000 fighters at any time. This is not a small number. At the beginning, the total population of Truth Gate was 100,000, and the standing army was only 2,000. This is already a quite powerful armed force in the subcontinent.
Of course, the most troublesome thing about the Shadow Thieves’ Union is their secret organizational form. They often adopt the single-line joint mode, and everyone knows very little. Once there is a problem, they will immediately abandon or transfer the members of this line like geckos. This is their terrible place, because no one knows whether their relatives and friends are hiding their members.
Fish people say that the temple is bigger than expected, and many of them are made of huge whale bones. What attracts Liu Yue’s attention most is that there is really a trace of divinity in the temple, although it is extremely weak, but it can’t be hidden from Liu Yue’s induction.
In the square in front of the temple stands a statue with a base five meters high. The appearance of this statue is very similar to that of those fish people. Most of them are taller, with six arms and various weapons, and their feet are stepping on a dragon turtle, which looks quite powerful.
Hundreds of fishermen were afraid to make a sound on their faces, and the shadow thieves seemed to have been in a coma. In the past, there was a stone altar in front of them, perhaps often offering blood sacrifices. It was covered with purple and black blood, which made people feel cold.
An old-looking fishman walked trembling on the stone steps in front of the temple and danced a strange dance. A dozen lean fishmen were wearing masks and waving weapons in their hands, which seemed strange and inexplicable as if he were dancing with them.
After a while, the old fisherman took out a bone dagger from his waist and walked up to a shadow thief. He held it high and plunged it into his chest. Blood gushed out and splashed all over his face. The old fisherman seemed to be excited, and his voice became louder and louder. The most incredible thing was that his body was slack and wrinkled because of old age, and his skin slowly recovered to youth.
The old fisherman took out the dying shadow thief’s still beating heart with one hand, raised his hand and raised his hand. Those fishermen also cheered from time to time when they saw it, and their eyes were staring at the dead shadow thief closely. It was strange that people could not help but think of hungry beasts.
Liu yuejin frowned. He is not the shadow thief who cares about life and death. Anyway, these guys are not good things. If they die, maybe the world will not get better, but it will not get worse. I just hate this scene, but I can see from this scene that this so-called "god" will probably not be a good man and a woman.
Chapter 20 Thunder strike
The bloody breath hides the fish people in their hearts, and the scene is suddenly a little chaotic. The old fish people put the heart that is still slightly beating in the center of the altar, and the blood spreads along the carved lines of the altar to give people a rare feeling.
The earth trembled slightly. It seems that the "God" was very satisfied with the sacrifice. Instead of stopping beating, the heart altar jumped faster and faster, and the blood flowed out like a spring. The old fisherman became more and more excited. He turned and walked towards his shadow thieves, who were controlled by magic. Their faces were not frightened at all.