Anyway, since Zhu Yinzhen is a villain, it’s just a tit for tat that he used Shen Menglu as a shield first!


Zhu Yinzhen and Yan Yiyi screamed at the same time. Zhu Yinzhen has been paying attention to the situation. His original Shen Menglu has been hiding behind him. He did not find that Shen Menglu had quietly pulled himself away. You can see that Shen Menglu was hijacked by Yan Qingtang. Zhu Yinzhen was so nervous that his heart almost jumped out of his chest.
This arrogance of Yan Qingtang is not without resources. One moment he was surrounded by the dark guards and moved properly. One moment he broke through the encirclement and even hijacked Shen Menglu … This skill is superb.
"Yan Qingtang let my mother go!" Zhu Yinzhen drank a pair of eyes firmly staring at Shen Menglu for fear that Yan Qingtang would hurt her.
"Dad, what are you doing? Let the Queen Mu Fei go! " Yan Yi also anxiously shouted that he expected Yan Qingtang to be outnumbered, but he didn’t expect this Yan Yi to hold Shen Menglu in turn.
Release? Yan Qingtang grumpily stared at Yan Yiyi with a cold hum. The heartless baiwenhang looked at his father and didn’t know how to help him. Now another woman is yelling at him!
"I will send your mother back when you find my wife!" Yan Qingtang ignored Yan Yiyi and said to Zhu Yinzhen with a smile. Yan Qingtang didn’t believe Zhu Yinzhen and he didn’t believe that he would really help find Yan Hong’s jade. Zhu Yinzhen obviously needed motivation. Although this method was a bit shameful, Yan Qingtang believed that Shen Menglu’s life was exchanged for saving Yan Hong’s jade. This Zhu Yinzhen will definitely work harder and harder!
"You …" Zhu Yinzhen gas knot this Yan Qingtang isn’t he so will be intimidated by him? Threats. Who wouldn’t?
"Yan Qingtang, if you dare to hurt my mother, I swear that you will never see your wife or your daughter in this life!" Zhu Yinzhen was completely angry. He couldn’t care less about Shen Menglu at the moment. There was no way to respect Yan Qingtang’s comity.
"Don’t you dare threaten me!" Yan Qingtang increased his strength and Shen Menglu stumbled a step.
Do these two men understand the art of speaking? Shen Menglu’s bowl carefully adjusted his posture to protect his lower abdomen.
"Yan Qingtang, let my mother go!" See Yan Qingtang move Zhu Yinzhen all kinds of courage are cracked, see Shen Menglu carefully laugh and move Zhu Yinzhen, but he broke out in a cold sweat and couldn’t wait to jump forward and split this Yan Qingtang with a palm, but he couldn’t. Zhu Yinzhen in Yan Qingtang’s hands dared not make a move.
"If you want your mother, you can come and grab it yourself!" Yan Qingtang also noticed Shen Menglu moving, and he quickly frowned and consciously lowered his gesture.
Oh, hey, I forgot that this girl is pregnant at the moment! Yan Qingtang was annoyed, but this is what happened. If he is obedient, Shen Menglu will not let outsiders laugh that he is afraid of Zhu Yinzhen, which is small!
"You …" Zhu Yinzhen was in a dilemma and bitterly ordered "Looking forward to bringing that girl Yan Qingluo to the king!" Zhu Yinzhen can’t wait for the missing Yan Hong Shuyu to exchange for Shen Menglu, but he has another chip!
At the same time, Yan Qingtang and Yan Yi were stunned when they heard the names of Yan Qingluo.
"Luo Er, has she come to Beijing?" Yan Yiyi was surprised and asked, but Yan Qingtang said that Yan Qingluo thinks that Ya is good at practicing … Don’t … Yan Yiyi’s face is a little pale. Obviously, that girl is sneaking out again!
Yan Qingtang frowned. "Mu Wangye, if you and I are so easy to fool, then you are wrong!" Yan Qingtang has a very bad feeling in his heart, but beware of fraud. Yan Qingtang still snorted with a straight face.
"You will know when Yan Qingluo brings it!" Zhu Yinzhen waved his hand to indicate that the prospect should go quickly and return quickly, and he should fly away.
Yan Qingtang sat in Shen Menglu’s chair. "Well, I’ll give you a chance to see what you can bring!"
See Shen Menglu takes a seat Zhu Yinzhen slightly relieved, but see Yan Qingtang still muzzle Shen Menglu Zhu Yinzhen and very annoyed. "Yan Qingtang, you should ask your baby daughter this sentence! If it weren’t for your daughter’s arrogance like you, Mrs. Fatianyan wouldn’t have disappeared! It’ s a waste of my mother’ s respect for your elders to treat you as a guest. Your family is trying to save your daughter. You don’ t know how to repay it, and you still hold my mother! "
Zhu Yinzhen thought of the hardships and efforts made by Shen Menglu to save Yan Yan Shuyu, and then looked at Yan Qingtang’s unappreciative appearance. He felt that it was not worthwhile to be annoyed by all kinds of his own mothers.
Is the disappearance of Wan Yan Shuyu related to Yan Qingluo? Yan Qingtang knotted the eyebrows. "You’d better put the words in plain English for me! Luo Er, what did she do? " Yan Qingtang’s heart couldn’t help speeding up the beating rhythm. Is it because Yan Qingluo already knows about Yan Yan Shuyu?
"What did you do?" Zhu Yinzhen sneered at a "trespassing on the palace, trespassing on the dungeon, and committing a gross mistake."
Shen Menglu’s heart thumped to stop Zhu Yinzhen from "Shiro, stop it". If Zhu Yinzhen shook out Yan Qingluo and sneaked into the palace at this time, he would not be beaten by Yan Qingtang!
Can anger toward Zhu Yinzhen at the moment but leisure Gu Yan light winding field "niang paper can’t wrap fire Yan light winding mistakes you can hide for her at that time also can’t hide for a lifetime! What’s worse, mother, you are so painstaking, but not everyone will appreciate it! "
"Yan Qingtang, you repeatedly pushed the sin of Mrs. Yan’s disappearance to my mother, and the king told you that the real culprit of Mrs. Yan’s disappearance was your precious daughter! If Yan Qingluo had not been caught breaking into a dark prison, Mrs. Yan would not have been transferred rashly, and she would not have been replaced on the way! It’s a waste of my mother’s efforts to save your daughter from trouble. Who ever wanted to open the door of Yan’s family? It’s like this! " Zhu Yinzhen’s knuckles rattled. That girl who is afraid of chaos is really annoying!
"You said Luo Er was arrested for breaking into the palace?" Yan Qingtang’s eyes suddenly sank, and his words were much more than deep panic and anxiety. He hated iron and gnashed his teeth. "Is it true that Princess Mu said it?" Where is Luo Er now? "
Shen Menglu sighed naively. Come on, she still wants to cover up the crime for my little girl. That girl is waiting to be beaten! "Don’t worry that the main network of Yan Men has left the palace."
That is to say, what Zhu Yinzhen said is true! Yan Qingtang’s eyes are getting darker and darker, and Shen Menglu’s hand can’t help but increase the strength. This little dead girl doesn’t seem to be able to teach her a lesson!
Shen Menglu drew a mouthful of air conditioning, and her shoulder was hurt by Yan Qingtang’s buckle. She suspected that Yan Qingtang would pinch off her scapula again, but Shen Menglu silently gritted her teeth in order not to make things worse.
Whether Jing Xuan’s name is vindicated or Zhu Yinqi’s abstinence from Xuan Cao’s life is renewed for Dezong, it is absolutely not wise for Yan Men to help Yan Qingtang’s war. The most important thing is that Shen Menglu doesn’t want Yan Yi to deepen their father’s contradiction.
Shen Menglu’s face flashed with pain, which made Zhu Yinzhen and Yan Yi’s heart pull at the same time. If you go there again, you will be deadlocked. Zhu Yinzhen secretly bit his teeth and tried to rush forward regardless of everything, but was robbed by Yan Yiyi.
Yan Yiyi knows his father too well, knowing that he is notoriously stubborn and overbearing. Now Yan Qingtang’s righteous head can’t listen to good words, let alone Zhu Yinzhen’s threat. Yan Yiyi also noticed Shen Menglu’s painful expression and noticed Zhu Yinzhen’s quiet gathering of palm qi, so Yan Yiyi decided to jump at Yan Qingtang first.
Yan Qingtang’s kung fu is far away from Zhu Yinzhen. Zhu Yinzhen rushed over and suffered death! Yan Yiyi, like Shen Menglu, doesn’t want to deepen the contradiction between Yan and the royal family.
Aware that someone is approaching Yan Qingtang, who has not yet seen the bearer, has consciously backhand sent out a palm, Yan Yiyi was hit in the chest and flew out.
"Yan Gong!" Shen Menglu turned to see the corners of his mouth bleeding lying on the ground. Yan Yi exclaimed, What’s going on with these men?
Shen Menglu exclaimed and distracted Yan Qingtang’s attention. Yan Qingyi Yan Qingtang was angry and anxious. "What are you doing?" He’s as good as Yan Yi, and he knows that a sneak attack will make him suffer. Isn’t this little guy killing himself?
"Auntie, I want you to release Empress Mufei!" Yan yiyi coughed and vomited an one mouthful blood. Yan Qingtang’s palm has at least one layer of skill, and ordinary people will even die.
"Fucking thing! Did you kill this woman even for her life? " Yan Qingtang was flustered, and Yan Yiyi was infatuated with Shen Menglu, a couple who were emotional, which made Yan Qingtang very unhappy. Now he even took the risk of this woman, which made Yan Qingtang feel a little disgusted with Shen Menglu.
Beauty is a disaster! Absolute beauty is a disaster! Yan Qingtang didn’t intend to do anything to Shen Menglu, but Yan Yiyi’s noise really made him kill his heart. Today, besides this, Shen Menglu is doing justice for heaven!
Yan Qingtang tightened Shen Menglu more and more. "Will she be grateful to you for mixing you with this woman’s brains?" I told you not to be so naive! Don’t say that you were slapped by her today. Even if you lost her life, she wouldn’t be your woman! "
Yan Qingtang hates all kinds of iron and does not produce. He holds Shen Menglu in one hand and points to Zhu Yinzhen in the other. He bitterly scolds, "You can see clearly that this Shen Menglu is a woman of Zhu Yinzhen. He didn’t take the lead when he was a" xianggong ".What kind of hero are you trying to be brave? Shame on people! "
Yan Qingtang’s words made Shen Menglu feel embarrassed. Is this koo lying down? What’s the matter with three men fighting her? The story of Yan hong Shu Yu has turned her into a disaster for the country and the people!
While Zhu Yinzhen’s face turned directly into a pig liver color. He looked at Yan Yiyi in exasperation. At this point, he also wanted to scold Yan Yiyi for saying that the dog was minding its own business! Stealing his thunder, not to mention that the worst thing is that instead of saving Shen Menglu, it has put her in a more dangerous situation.
A disgrace? He never wanted Shen Menglu to respond to his love and never wanted to have Shen Menglu to protect his beloved daughter in other ways. What’s the shame? Yan Yiyi chuckled and staggered up holding his chest, step by step towards Yan Qingtang and Shen Menglu.
"Is it you or me who is embarrassing?" Yan Yiyi stood transfixed in front of Yan Qingtang and looked transfixed at Yan Qingtang. His eyes were full of accusations like a cold star.