Shen Menglu screwed up his brow. It turns out that Xie Yuandong and Ryukyu still have such a source! No wonder he knows so much about colorful hoses, but if it involves the fact that the enemy hates the remnants of this East Ryukyu country, it should be directed at Xie Yuanlai, but Zhu Yinzhen, which is really puzzling.


"Did you catch the remnants of the East Ryukyu Kingdom?" They throw colorful hoses. I wonder if they have a crack.
"Miss Shen doesn’t expect them to use colorful hoses to cure stone spirits, and they haven’t cracked it." East Ryukyu Kingdom can solve this colorful hoses and it won’t be destroyed at the beginning. The prospect is very nai.
"What about people? Did you catch it? Poisoning Zhu Yinzhen "Shen Menglu doesn’t believe that there will be no flaw in this colorful hose.
"If you catch them, you’re all dead." Look gloomy. Anyone who is caught by them is dead.
"Why not leave anyone alive?" Shen Menglu’s face is heavy and the dead are worthless, and information may be found in the living population.
"It’s not that we didn’t leave anyone alive, but that we were caught poisoning ourselves." The prospect is also very naive, isn’t it? Doesn’t he know how important it is to force? The key is the root of others. If they don’t give a chance, they will die if they are caught and don’t interrogate them.
"Looking forward to this, there are many doubts. I want to crack this colorful hose and save your brother. I need your help and cooperation!" Shen Menglu has a serious expression.
It is their common wish to crack colorful hoses. With the help of outlook, they will be able to get half the result with half the effort. She has no one to call to, and the outlook is different.
Looking forward to the smell speech, I was stunned. Is this to make him obey her? "I obey the command of the sovereign" and look forward to the cold mouth.
Shen Menglu evoked the corners of his mouth. "Wait for your prince, even if you wait for the king of hell to accept your life!" When can Zhu Yinzhen’s eyes be ordered?
Looking forward to a stiff back and a dark eye, it’s enough to have an accident. Now the Lord has an accident again. "Save the Lord first!"
"My duty is to cure the plague." Shen Menglu refused without salt or light.
This Shen Menglu seems hopeless. The sovereign intends to look forward to a cool heart! What? He has a feeling that the lives of ordinary people in Shen Menglu’s eyes are more important than those of Wang Ye!
"Save the report first! Otherwise I won’t obey you! " The outlook is tough. If anything happens to the Lord,
"Are you going to ignore thousands of people?" Shen Menglu raised his eyebrows and evoked no smile at the corners of his mouth.
"If you don’t wake up, you won’t be able to solve the colorful hose for a day." The prospect tone is unusually cold. If anything happens to the Lord, he doesn’t mind the whole Jiangbei people filling their lives!
"Are you threatening me?" Shen Menglu smiles without smiling, looking forward to silence.
"Take your brother’s life as a bargaining chip?" Shen Menglu approached the prospect, his eyes flashed, and his lips remained closed. The two brothers vowed to live and die with the Lord since childhood!
Shen Menglu smiled. This time, he really smiled. "What’s good about looking forward to Zhu Yinzhen?"
Looking ahead, I looked up. What woman is Shen Menglu? The main poisoning, she still laughs so pregnant! "The report will naturally be white after you are good!" I hope you can live up to the Lord’s wishes as soon as possible
Shen Menglu pie pie Zhu Yinzhen is good for her! She’s not interested in knowing!
"Go and check the specific composition of the sleeping beauty. I’ll try to save Zhu Yinzhen and the colorful hoses. Don’t delay. You must send someone to find the poisoner. Remember to leave him alive! Miss, don’t die! "
There are colorful hoses in this epidemic area, and all of them died with the death of their hosts. But it is obviously unusual that the remnants of Dongliuguo can dig up the colorful hoses in the snow and breed them. Since there is a way to cultivate them, it means there is a way to kill them.
Shen Menglu doesn’t believe that this colorful hose is really curable.
Hearing her order to look forward to the future, Shen Menglu meant to find a way to detoxify the report, but why did she order him? "I said I was loyal to the sovereign!"
"Stupid loyalty is stupid!" Shen Menglu is not happy. "Miss, you don’t want to be loyal to you. If you want to save your master and brother, just do as Miss says!" Funny! The advantage is that his family still looks like she picked it up cheaply.
Look forward to closing your lips. This woman called him stupid! Also said that it is not rare for him to be loyal! This bitch!
"Sometimes miss condescension is better than taking time to do things!" Shen Menglu sees through the prospect, sleeping beauty or colorful hoses are getting more and more dangerous!
"If you leave, miss is tired." Shen Menglu ignores the prospect of being cool and pats her ass to leave. Who does she have to work hard for? What a shame!