"Yuer" he grabbed the windowsill and stopped me. "What’s the matter?" But he smiled and said, "… it’s okay. Don’t be too frustrating."


I watched the carriage go away and poked it back. The green locust suddenly appeared with a surprised face. "You are distracted," said the green locust. "I’m sorry!"
Too many days didn’t come. Li Wanyi did come that night.
After throwing away the maids, she walked around me twice. I ignored her and still fiddled with her with a pestle. "What a fake!" " I smiled, too. "You know I’m faking it again?" "Isn’t this the peony palace used to play tricks with you when I was a child? I lost that time and couldn’t do anything to make a lantern for you! " She grumpily sat opposite me.
I laughed "ok! You are amazing, "she suddenly leaned in." Are you letting me know on purpose? " I nodded. "What?" I chuckled, "Because I believe you." Suddenly, she felt a little unnatural and returned to her usual coldness. "Thanks a lot."
After a pause, she asked, "What are you going to do? Are you going to pretend like this all the time? "
I shook my head. "In fact, I’m also worried about cheating outsiders, but I can’t cheat with my heart." "What’s intentional?" I whispered in her ear, "A gardener has been sneaking around the door these two days. I suspect someone sent him …" She listened to Zheng, "Is there such a thing? Don’t the girls know? " "It was the girls who invited me," she gasped. "You don’t mean that the girls colluded with outsiders, do you?" "That’s not true," I waved my hand. "I mean, someone couldn’t help spying!" "Get rid of him!" "How to catch? Did I suddenly run out and hit him with a broom? " She glared at me. "Then you are crazy!"
"That’s good!" She suddenly said, "I’ll tell the girls that I hate that gardener and forbid him to come into the house." I agreed, "Well, let’s do it neatly."
Before she left, she turned back and said, "But after leaving this one, maybe there is another one who can handle it?" I worry, "… I wish I had ascended the throne too soon. Maybe I won’t pretend to be there anymore." "But how will it end then? How do you explain your sudden illness to Taitai? " I finally waved my hand in silence. "Let’s talk about it then!"
Fan Yi came soon after Li Wanyi left.
I asked him anxiously, "What’s the news?" Fan Yi poured a bowl of tea ceremony. "The mortuary of the punishment department seems to have been specially told that the body was not abused except for the traces of the neck wringing." I listened to my heart a little more, but I was anxious. "Why didn’t you remove the body?" He is in trouble. "The body has been chained. It seems that it is just to prevent being taken away. There is no way to find a chance another day."
"What about the maid-in-waiting?"
"Prison and maid-in-waiting …"
"What?" I suspected that I heard it wrong. "Li Wanyi said that the guilty maid-in-waiting should be young. Think again?" Fan Yi affirmed that "the prisons in the small prison have searched back and forth for three times and have not seen any ladies-in-waiting. Only two female prisoners are young girls who are about forty or fifty years old!"
I stayed for a long time and didn’t move. Li Wanyi said that the maid-in-waiting would not be very old soon after she entered the palace, but now she can’t find it everywhere in prison. Is she lying to me? I thought about it again and again. Li Wanyi didn’t feel like lying at that time. Otherwise, she was cheated, too. But who will run to lie to her? Besides, what’s the point of lying to her? ……
I slumped on the stool in frustration and couldn’t speak. Fan Yi called me anxiously, "Are you all right, miss …" I waved to him vigorously, "Go back first and try to get the master’s body out these two nights. I have found a piece of land in Dongshan and dragged it there directly."
When the next night approached, Fan Yi knocked on my window. "Miss, the body of your master is parked outside. Do you want to come out?"
I quickly got dressed, pushed the window and jumped out. In the dim light, I could see that he had a lot of colors on his body and several blood stains on his face. My heart ached and caressed his wound and said, "It’s hard for you!" He turned his head slightly and said, "Please come with me if you have nothing to do."
I followed him to the alley outside the side door, where there was a carriage with a mask in it. As soon as I saw the carriage full of gloomy atmosphere, I suddenly trembled and couldn’t help shivering. Fan Yi stopped me halfway. "Let’s go to Dongshan first!"
Half an hour later, we arrived at the foot of the mountain. Fan Yi carried the coffin to the tomb alone and put it next to the dug pit. I watched the coffin closed before my eyes, and my hands and feet became cold before I knew it. I trembled. Fan Yi hesitated and didn’t move. I said again, "Look!" Only then did he pry up the coffin and lift it aside.
Chapter 31 Dongshan Aiyin
"Dad …" At the sight of the coffin, I was shivering and breathing.
Inside the coffin, Guan An lay quietly. His clothes were thin, his feet were bare, his fingers in his left hand were bent as if trying to catch something, and his face-his facial expression was ferocious, his eyes stood out and his neck was covered with purple and black blood …
"Dad …" I finally couldn’t help crying when I touched the body. My heart was sad. It was said that Fan Yi knelt before the coffin and kowtowed several times. "Sir, you can rest assured … I will protect the young lady from being bullied again!"
I stretched out my hand and touched Guan An’s face while I was in tears. The cold didn’t make me feel a little alienated, but it made me want to get close to him, warm him and hug him-I bent down to reach out and hug him and pull him away from the bottom of the coffin-I wanted him to sit up but his muscles were too stiff, but he didn’t listen to me. I cried, "Dad, look at her … look at her …"
Fan Yi came to pull me, and I suddenly pushed me back to one side, but the official settled down and fell into the bottom of the coffin as I let go. I knelt down and climbed all the way in the absence and cried sadly, "Dad, are you okay?" ….. Is her wrong is her careless … Dad, wake up … Dad … "
"Miss!" Fan Yi squatted in front of me anxiously. "You will be restless!" I looked at him with tears in my eyes, and I sobbed violently, which made me unable to say a complete sentence. I knew how to cry constantly, and every time I cried, my hatred for Lv Xintang increased by one point. In the end, it seemed that I had collapsed next to the coffin because I could not bear this great hatred …
Fan Yi took hold of me and slid over to make me lean on him. "Miss, you have to hold on … Master has gone, and now the butler can have you …" After what he said, great sadness emerged in my heart and attacked me again like the tide, and I helped and was vulnerable to show my legacy at this moment.
At this time, I suddenly became lighter, and I suddenly turned into another thick embrace-
Someone whispered "Her …" above my head.
I consciously opened my eyes and looked at the domineering bearer and stopped panicking. "I’m sorry about her …" He said in a low voice that I shook my head with tears and said to him, "You didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t need to say sorry."
Ann thirteen will let me go and tighten my arms a little.