1 See the Condor again.


"School sister? Miss Lu? What brings you here? "
Looking at Huang Rong’s baby-smooth skin, it’s hard to imagine that the woman has already given birth to a second child. Yes, the two girls who came to Xiangyang City as mentioned above are Cheng Yingshuang’s two sisters.
"The teacher elder sister …" See Huang Rong this is half a relative elder calm for more than a month, Cheng Ying heart acid almost to tears.
See Cheng Ying sample but not Yang Guo figure is already a n experienced person. Huang Rong naturally knows what happened and shakes his head to hug Younger in front of him. Even if Cong Ru Huang Rong faces Cheng Ying now, it is also from his mouth.
Left the pie mouth and sighed heartlessly, "Cousin, your words are getting less and less these days. When I see Wang Huang, I even say the word" the teacher and sister ".I guess it won’t be long before you become dumb."
Secretly wiped her tears. Cheng Ying left Huang Rong’s "arms" and blushed at the double scold, "The dead girl’s skin itches, doesn’t it?" Then put on a chase posture.
"ouch! Cousin, I am so scared! " She giggled and turned around to run, but before she stepped out, she bumped into a solid object and rubbed her head. When she looked up, she saw that Guo Jingzheng was tall and silly, scratching her head in front of her.
"Uh …" Looking at Guo Jing’s Han Han moving pair for a long time.
"That … miss cheng how do you come? Where are they … "
Jing elder brother!’ Huang Rongnai interrupted Guo Jing’s words. This jing elder brother is really a pot.
"What’s wrong, Rong Er?" Guo Jing was Huang Rong shouted a stupidly scratching his head and stopped his hand, but the back of his head was still and his arm was still … very different …
"Ahem … jing elder brother, you forgot to give tea to your two younger sisters." Suppressing the black line, Huang Rong seems to have given Guo Jing a "unification."
"ah! Yes, yes, yes, how can I forget this code? It’s really a snub to two girls! " Guo Jing bowed his hand and left the room to prepare tea.
See Guo Jing has left the room. Huang Rong will withdraw the teapot from the table with a wry smile and tell the guests that tea is the hostess’s tea table. Where is Guo Jingxian going to prepare tea?
Real Guo Jing also thought about this after he left the room. When he saw his wife driving him out, he could shake his head with a wry smile. He must have said something wrong again.
Listening to Guo Jingqi, Yang Guo Cheng Ying’s mood is also falling. However, seeing Guo Jing’s Han Han sample depressed, his mood instantly improved, and two lovely dimples once again bloomed that beautiful face.
Seeing that Cheng Ying was in a better mood, Huang Rong changed the subject and said, "What are you doing here, martial sister?"
"My cousin came to Xiangyang to make a modest contribution to the people of the Song Dynasty."
"Oh?" Huang Rong’s eyes lit up, no matter what happened to her school sister, her safety will come to the rescue later, so that Song Jun will be in an invincible position in Xiangyang World War I, and then her eyebrows will be wrinkled. If there is any crisis in her school sister, she can’t pass even if she doesn’t say anything like dad, but … Sister, you have brought a big problem to her this time!
Cheng Ying see Huang Rong sullen frown slightly wrinkled the teacher elder sister is what’s the room?
"It’s just that since you are interested in the contribution of Xiangyang people, how can I disagree?" Sigh a Huang Rong nodded with a smile.
Looking at Huang Rong sample Cheng Ying lips micro is nodded and didn’t ask a word.
"ah! Master! Monster! " Sad than call since the ink fly mouth facing the behemoth ink fly is clearly out of line.
"Is this … a monster?" Ouyang muttered in his mouth, but his body couldn’t stop shaking. After all, the coercion of the fairy beast was not something that he could resist in the early days of his birth.
Blinking his eyes, Phillips stopped Mo Fei and shouted, "Wow, what a beautiful bird! Master, I want to fly on that big bird!"
"Hey!" "Uh-huh … Woo-hoo …" Because his mouth was too wide, Murphy dislocated his face. Don’t ask me how "uh-huh" became "woo-hoo". He hurts!
"Boom!" With a wave of his hand, Yang Guo met him in pain, and after he finished, he also attached a sentence, "Look at your ambition!"
"Shout … Shout …" Everyone spoke. A strong storm blew and turned to look, but the statue of God had "landed" behind them.
"You big … you guy!" Yang Guo wanted to sigh "you big bird" but found that the ambiguity was very good. He temporarily changed to "you guy"
"Did you eat something good again recently? It grows so thick and fast! " Yeah, although the former condor had a large wingspan of more than 30 meters, it was about the size of a broken sound 737, but now, boy, the wingspan of 120 meters is really scary and the body is much bigger than that of a warship.
Shake a shake, the golden feather carving is proud and long-ringing, one wing, one fan and two cyclones roll up with the appearance … the number of dismembered bodies …
Eyebrows slightly wrinkled. Yang Guo slapped a whirlwind and suddenly dissipated. Before a palm came to the ground, the dismembered body was blown to dust by golden palm strength.
Patted the palm of your hand. Yang Guo held up his wings and hugged his huge head with a single shot of ink flying and others dumbfounded.
"I don’t know the southeast, northwest, just a little material?" Yang Guo taught elementary school students a tone: "You stupid bird is so big that you still stay in the early days of the fairy beast. You can’t lose it, carve it!"
"Whoops ….." Mourning two big carvings with pathetic eyes means "I’m a koo …"
Nai shook his head and Yang Guo thought with a wry smile, "How did this big carving give birth to such a sex? Before, I didn’t think it is becoming more and more humanized, and this sex is becoming more and more slick. "Actually, this is Yang Guo’s wrong about the condor.