Liang Qi Jing smiled and his face was not easy. "I was afraid that you would come to ask my uncle about the situation when you were in a hurry. I said hello to him yesterday and just went in and asked him. He said that it is now a crackdown, and many people are still taking records one after another. It is not finished so quickly."


Yu see her expression hesitate to ask "that my uncle he …"
Liang Qi Jing smiled darkly and replied, "He’s a well-known person now, and I don’t even know his name. My uncle certainly doesn’t know his name, but as soon as I went to inquire about the vice-sweeping, I caught him and hit someone during the trial. My uncle immediately knew that it was a stranger. He said that he said it was a big deal, but it was definitely hopeless to get him out in these two days. Go back first and so on. Anyway, it’s not a murder and arson recidivist who can be detained for 15 days at most."
Yu in a hurry "but his situation … really can’t be released as soon as possible? I am willing to pay how many fines. "
Liang Qijing shook his head. "It’s not a fine. It’s that he did it. Don’t worry. I heard that he is fine now. Everything is fine."
How can anyone who is locked up be fine? Yu Baibai couldn’t let go and couldn’t help it. Liang Qijing also said sympathetically, "Don’t think too much, maybe it’s really not as bad as you think. This time, the focus is on cracking down on pornography and illegal publications. It’s really not a big deal in your uncle’s office. It’s just that his personal behavior is out of control. Maybe he can inform you to get someone in a couple of days."
This kind of comfort is of no help to Yu, but Liang Qijing has tried his best. He can answer "I hope so" in frustration.
He didn’t work hard when he got home in a daze. Don’t be lonely enough when they are alone at home at ordinary times. Now he is left alone. This feeling of coldness and desolation is really doubly serious.
Because he hasn’t been able to have a good rest, he sat in his bed for a while and fell asleep involuntarily. Although he was extremely tired and slept, he thought about it every day and night. In Mengmeng, the thin figure in the prison kept appearing and was bullied by the inmates. At the sight of someone holding a strange neck and swearing for a second, it turned into a stranger. He grabbed the bench and waved wildly from side to side in the crowd, but in a blink of an eye, he covered his face and rolled his face painfully, and there were more scars and kept bleeding …
Yu was sweating profusely. It was already evening when Huo Ran sat up. He wiped his face and sweated for a while, and finally decided to get something to eat and then took a bath.
After taking a shower, he sat back at his desk and was in a daze. Usually, he didn’t feel so lost. Now his uncle suddenly lost, and he didn’t know what to do.
At this time, the mobile phone short message showed the sound.
It’s a flat head. "If Yu is still alive, everyone is worried about you."
He lost his mind, and sure enough, QQ flashed happily, and it was full of conversations inside.
"Don’t you?"
"I don’t think so"
"He didn’t come to ask for leave today?"
"Well, I asked Teacher Zhang to ask for sick leave."
"Really sick?"
"Whether to pick up hot chicks? Ha ha ha "
"It’s possible to see that he’s been distracted and lovesick for the past two days, hahahaha."
"What a joke? Yu can also suffer from lovesickness? That’s impossible! Absolutely impossible! He doesn’t have that nerve at all! "
"What’s the situation? Yu is lovesick? True or false? "
"What do you know? It’s not because I gave him the enlightenment textbook. Although Yu is slow to women, he is not stupid. "
"Bah! Thanks to you! Why did you call him yesterday? ! Look at those girls who are crazy. If you do this again, you will be waiting for me to beat you! "
"Come on, you have nothing to blame others? You’ve been chasing a little guy for half a year, and people haven’t given you a hand, and their souls have been taken away to see your bear! "
"yes! Completely despise this kind of person who can’t pull out the dung pit! Flat head, etc. If Li comes back and takes him with him, you three will go out for friendship, and God will kill the Buddha to kill the Buddha. "
"Hum, a few girls are so sour. You call this a friend? I can’t say for sure, I’ll just call Li Re and Yu. We’ll ask whoever you ask. It’s hard to say, but the legendary swordsman, that’s for sure. "
"Well, you said you must remember that if you can take them both, I will give you ten dollars!"
"Ten pieces? I will give twenty! "
"Hehe, it’s not certain that Li Re will come back. People are elites, so it’s not the same as us. But if his dead flat head can drag them both out of the plane ticket-please go abroad!"
"Ha ha ha ha! Can you be any better? "