Bai Liyi looked at the fierce market and scolded more than thieves. "They all say that you are a femme fatale, but …"


Is this also with the thief fell to the ground when he cut to dissipate the bellow 15 chapter 15 sweet words to surrender (1)
Wang Po’s feet trembled with fear, but she still held Qin Xiyue’s lost soul tightly in her arms and murmured, "Nothing, Miss, nothing, I will protect you this time."
In the chaos, a group of thieves came at them.
In the chaos, Li Yunqing lifted the cold light sword and reflexively buried his waist sideways to avoid chopping at her, holding several knife holders and shaking his arm with a wave of his hand.
The person who attacked her was thrown by a strong firm but gentle wave and blinked away. The wounds of the thieves who were thrown were waist-high and beautiful, and the blood gushed out.
Bai Liyi flashed towards him, and a broadsword palm was to beat people far away.
A moment ago, it was still full of excitement and laughter, but it became a shura position.
Suddenly footsteps sounded a "get it for me-!" Ring through the sky
A large number of armored soldiers poured into the Qin mansion, surrounded by three floors inside and three floors outside.
Fu Dong Wan budokan challenge ring is surrounded by a packed, the original also rallied against people. He said that he had seized the foot attack in succession, and it was not that he did not attack or attack.
Also, if they are not hidden in the city at ordinary times, how can they be opponents of this group of well-trained soldiers?
However, seeing Yunyong’s figure flash from the corridor, the left side is away from Xuanyi, and the right side is the wind tactic.
From Yun Qing’s sword, she smiled, "Good timing."
Qin Xiao day looking at sudden Tathagata change face upwards self-deprecating smile "ha ha ha! Good is really great, I Qin Xiao day would defeat you this gigolo hand "
I didn’t expect this joke to be a diversion, so that he could relax his guard so that the garrison outside the city could attack the mansion.
Now it’s really between Scylla and Charybdis!
"You lost your beloved daughter’s hand. If she hadn’t robbed us, if she hadn’t seen the wrong people, I would have inferred and acted." From Yun Qing, I smiled and lost my soul.
It’s really pitiful
But this is your revenge for the Wangs.
Bai Liyi gave me a look. "She looked at me, but I didn’t look at her."
From Yun Qing pulled the corner of his mouth and turned to lower the line. "I didn’t say that I saw Qin Xiyue in the temple, and I didn’t pay 320 silver here."
The two men talked, and the traitor had been suppressed and surrendered.
Yun Yong also ordered several soldiers to surround Qin Xiaotian and Qin Xiyue.
See pike surrounded his way Qin Xiao indifferent face is a little cool.
Yun Yong rushed to the ring and glanced at Bai Liyi. Then he turned to Li Yunqing and said, "The public thief has been suppressed. Do you want to be as good as the disposal party?"
"Um … General here?" Li Yunqing asked
The wind tactic just came at this moment, and he saw a sword in a white man’s hand dripping with blood, cold and proud, his face clear and handsome, and his eyes sharp and cold.
"I am" before he bowed down.
He has always been stationed and never heard a laugh, but watching Yunyong and others respectfully face the public is also a little awe-inspiring.
From say that clear eyes slightly narrowed "these people with your disposal but Qin Xiao day but have to leave it to me"
Wind tactic don’t understand "I don’t know these people are made? I am so convicted. "
He also knows Qin Xiaotian naturally. Although he doesn’t know how to say that he wants to attack the general of the village and come to catch Qin Fu people, his military orders are like a mountain. He dare not violate the 153 chapter 153 rhetoric to surrender ()
Li Xuanyi came from behind and knew, "I guess these people are the true faces of Langyue Village?"