He smiled and floated to the ice pupil and said, "With such a heavy injury, most of the immortal power was temporarily removed, and such an attack still wants to hurt me?" Qin Yang now is not the Qin Yang who was left to be ravaged by someone in the past. I will ask you for revenge when you are well, so you should get better soon. "


"You … can I take this as a concern?" Ice pupil, who was about to get angry, suddenly became gentle in tone, and his face was flushed with his head down.
"I find you a fool. Do you still want to destroy the Infinite Hall by yourself?"
"I don’t care if you die anyway, and I’m not the only one. The other two are also working hard."
"Two people?"
It’s easy for him to guess a person. According to the ice house elder, Kouxun must have been secluded for years.
After all, he doesn’t have the cultivation of scattered immortals in six robberies like Bing Pupil. With his initial state of Mahayana, it’s no different to find trouble in the infinite temple and die. Now it’s a joke to take revenge, so he must improve his cultivation as soon as possible. It’s no use saying anything without enough strength.
But the ice pupil said that the other two people, who else will avenge themselves in this Taiyi Xianmen?
Chapter 378 Affectionate Boxing
"Don’t ask, I’ll know when I see you later."
Has always been as cold as ice’s face, with more sly smile, see Chen cold a trance.
When you hate someone, the cold experience doesn’t care how beautiful she is. No matter how beautiful a woman is, it’s just as disgusting, just like the red pearl who keeps looking for trouble. On the other hand, this dislike is gradually replaced by goodwill. The so-called beauty is in the eye of the lover, and the ice pupil becomes a landscape in his eyes.
See each other silly looking at yourself, ice pupil heart seems to be stuffed with a whole can of honey, even if bound by vows can’t be together, the in the mind is sweet.
Chen cold grabbed her wrist, is immersed in the sweet ice pupil loomed, then return to absolute being quickly will withdraw your hand.
"no! Let go, you made an oath, so no … "Ice pupil was frightened by his actions, and was afraid that something would happen to him.
"What line not line? Let me see how your injury is. What are you thinking? "
Helpless to turn over a supercilious look, Chen Han put consciousness into her body, and saw a scene that even he was horrified: the injury on the meat was nothing. For the master of this level of ice pupil, the most important injury came from Yuan Shen and Yuan Ying, which were covered with countless dense cracks.
Chen Han couldn’t help but frown and asked, "Even if my master doesn’t give you Dan medicine, the ice family doesn’t care if you live or die?"
Sighed softly, Bing Pupil couldn’t shake his head: "I can’t blame them. Everyone is doing it for my own good. I have used up all the pills on myself for so many years. My master knows that I have trouble finding the Wuji Temple. All the pills used to treat scattered fairy injuries were deducted from the previous annual quota of pills. The family also doesn’t want me to have an accident. I am afraid that my injury will recover and I will go to the Wuji Temple for revenge. Without Dan medicine, this injury will recover very slowly. "
The Xuan Yin, flashing with seven colors, broke on her head, and the difference between the peak in the late Mahayana and the scattered fairy in the six robberies was less than a big realm, so it was still in the restoration category of the fairy seal.
Feeling the mysterious airflow constantly nourishing Yuan Ying, Bing Yan smiled gently: "Anyway, you are all right now, and I won’t go to the Wuji Temple for trouble. Go back to the family and ask for some Dan medicine. This injury is nothing."
"Take this."
Chen Han’s palm is the size of a few fingernails, like duckweed-like plants, emitting a faint fragrance and extremely rich aura.
Seeing the beautiful eyes of these duckweed ice pupils, I stared at them without blinking, and shouted: "Inch-hearted algae … this is an inch-hearted algae that is almost extinct in the field of repair. It can be repaired in a very short time under the damage of the Yuan God. Where did you get such a treasure?"
Holding her chin with my hand, I forced a few pieces of algae into her small mouth, but Bing Pupil resisted hard: "Are you crazy? This is enough to refine three pills with the same effect. You let me eat them directly, so you are not afraid of thunder and lightning? You black sheep, I won’t eat! Stop it for me! "
"Aunt, you don’t resist, from the big ye line not? There are plenty of natural materials and treasures on you, and it’s no problem to eat for you. "
"You …"
Look at the situation also ao however him, ice pupil thought he was from a concern to say so, in order to live up to his kindness as a luxury, will be enough to refine three pieces of Dan medicine inch heart algae to swallow.
A cool air current quickly circulated, which failed to be repaired for two consecutive years. Yuan Shen’s injury, which was only slightly improved, was repaired at an incredible speed.
Chen Han casually gave him a storage ring and said without care: "In order to wait for my possible revenge at any time, live a good life for my uncle, understand? Baby, we don’t lack it. Don’t think I’m joking with you, but these things can’t be seen by others. Even if those elders in your family knew, they would come to me for the first time to kill and win the treasure. After the uncle died, no one bullied you, understand? "
It’s a very common top-grade horcrux storage ring, and the space is not very big. However, when the ice pupil pokes the spirit into it, it can’t help but exclaim.
What did you see?
Tens of thousands of first-class fairy stones, thousands of middle-class fairy stones and nearly 100 top-class fairy stones are neatly packed. This is not a hard currency lingshi circulating in the realm of repairing the truth, but a fairy stone used by scattered immortals for cultivation. Its value is far from comparable to lingshi, and there is no exchange ratio between the two.
Even if it is stronger than a super power like Taiyi Xianmen, the number of fairy stones is extremely limited. In a world full of aura of heaven and earth but no fairy power, scattered immortals must rely on fairy stones to improve, and how difficult is it for such a low-level world to be conceived in fairy stones?
Therefore, in the position of Bingtong as a master, there is only a quota of 100 pieces of first-grade fairy stones every year, and there is no middle-grade fairy stone, let alone top-grade fairy stones.
Medicinal materials!
The lowest is also the first-class medicinal materials, from supplementing immortal strength to treating Yuan Shen’s injury, among which there are many middle-class medicinal materials and precious medicinal materials with magical efficacy that have long been extinct in the field of repairing truth. Even if one plant is taken out, it can make people break their heads and compete for it.
Except for fairy stones and medicinal materials, the materials used in the refiner are very few, only enough to refine two or three magic weapons at most, but all of them are top-grade fairy materials.
She almost didn’t believe what she saw. According to Kouxun, in order to keep the vein, Chen Han led away the master of scattered immortals in the Wuji Temple alone. To be sure, there are more masters after the Wuji Temple. It is rare that he can escape from the birth. How can he get so many treasures?
Of course, KouXun didn’t tell her about the underground vein, and it’s even more impossible for Bing Pupil to know that the precious car he got in the original core area of the sunset was loaded with buckets.
What happened to him in 180?
Not to mention that there must be more treasures on himself, just these natural treasures for her, even if all the masters of Taiyi Xianmen are exhausted and all venture into the central area, I am afraid I can’t get so much in 180 years, and there will definitely be a lot of masters falling.
In ice pupil’s view, these treasures have definitely experienced a narrow escape, which was bought by Chen Han’s life, but he gave them to himself without care.
That is, when she was scared by the baby in the storage ring, a figure flew in the air, and the fiery murder locked Chen Han unabashedly: "Qin Yang’s child was rude to Sister Bing, and we will let you know how to write the dead word today!"
The murderous look came from the sky, and he thought that the screaming of the ice pupil was bullied by Chen Han. When is this time still not showing?
However, the ice pupil, who is as cold as water, immediately looked cold when he saw him, and said with a heavy voice, "Brother, Jiuqu Fairy Garden is a place where I practice. I can’t enter it without notice. What do you mean? I still want to attack my subordinates in my Tianxuan Peak. Does the senior really ignore my ice pupil? !”
Elegance extraordinary ChengTian like a statue of god, standing not far from two people staring at the cold, hear ice pupil murderous look suddenly dissipated seven points.
He secretly thought that he was too impulsive. With Bing Pupil’s character and cultivation, did a mere disciple dare to do anything to her?
"This … school sister, for brother thought you …"
"What can I do?"
"For the elder brother just came over and heard the pool exclaimed, so just …"
"Although there is no need to explain the housework of Tianxuan Peak, it is no big deal."
Bing Yan had an extra storage ring in his hand and said faintly, "I was surprised that Qin Yang survived and got a lot of treasures. He was undoubtedly the first person to be honed by the Five Peaks."
Qin Yang’s life or death and what baby he gets are meaningless to Chengtian. His eyes are only ice pupils, and the purpose of this visit remains the same.
There was an extra jade bottle in his hand out of thin air. He came over and said softly, "Sister, after you take this Dan medicine, Yuan Shen’s injury will soon recover. There is only one request for my brother, don’t bother with the infinite temple again. Before we cultivated the skill of mastering the Yuan God, we were no match for those elders. "
"Thanks for your kindness, brother. Naturally, I won’t have a hard time with the Wuji Temple again, but I don’t need this pill. My injury has healed."